UMDSG Mission

The UMDSG seeks to represent its student body through a variety of means: programs, services, representation and advocacy in both the social and academic life of the student.  The body was established as a spin-off of two other (smaller) organizations when it was clear that establishing such a united body would make more sense and generate more power, ultimately for the students.  Today the UMDSG comprises: the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Over 5,000 students are represented by today’s UMDSG.  Whatever is important and beneficial to students in general, will be addressed.  If a student has a particular issue he or she wants to air, this can be brought up to the UMDSG too.  It is important to this body to work as a cohesive unit between all student-, academic- and social-related bodies that are connected to the university, leading to the best student life from all points of view.


It consists today of several determining factors. Follow others, such as Bureau of Labor Statistics, and add to your knowledge base. The first is called petroleum. Is the effect that would have an airstrike against Iran on its price imaginable? The specialists predict that, minutes after the first bombs explode in Iranian territory, a barrel of crude would reach 200 dollars. The closure of the Strait of Hormuz, through which transports oil from the region, through a simple mining of its waters by the Iranian fleet, would mean another big increase in the price of crude oil. University of Cambridge has plenty of information regarding this issue. That, without the astronomical increase of navigation locks that would pay for the oil companies. Additional information is available at Cyrus Massoumi. Iran is a medium-sized regional power that has ever invaded a neighboring country but has a great capacity for retaliation. The bases of United States in Iraq would become targets for multiplied international terrorism, supported from the neighboring country.

Its vulnerable lines of supply would be at the mercy of the Iranian disruptive actions. The same thing would happen with the offshore areas of other States in the Persian Gulf, easily attacked by Iran or terrorist groups controlled from there. And should not ignore the possibility that Hamas or Hezbollah to extend their action to other territories where they already have enough roots. Some senior U.S. military commanders are aware of all of the above. Even who occupies the top military, Admiral Mullen, has declared that an attack against nuclear facilities in Iran would create some problems for which hardly we are prepared.

Mohamed El Baradei, the Egyptian director of the International Atomic Energy Agency has expressed in the same direction: A military attack, in my opinion, would be the worst of all possible. It would turn the region into a ball of fire. In the past I have already quoted the phrase that circulated by Washington before invading Iraq: everyone wants to go to Baghdad: but the real men yearn to go against Tehran. A faction of enlightened, gathered around Vice President Cheney, advocated this strategy. The influence that such ballpark tahures exercise still on the declining Bush Presidency, will depend on what happens the next few months in that critical region of the globe. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the original book author and source of the article.

Infantile Education

We can find a last plan interior: the motivation of the thought, the motivacional sphere of our conscience, that encloses our inclinations and necessities, our interests and impulses, our affection and emotions. In a question-answer forum Emory was the first to reply. Everything this goes to reflect immensely in ours speaks and our thought. (Vygotsky 1998) Outros interesting aspects of the theory we are displayed the pleasant and ackward reactions in relation to the environment, therefore we do not need lamenting in them or to compromise our auto-they esteem for an eventual lack of adequacy, because it is of the nature of human being to oscillate between antagonistic emotions. If you would like to know more about Cyrus Massoumi, then click here. We must not only understand environment in terms physical, but mainly psychological, when the affinity starts to be a significant element of attraction or repulsion between groups that interact between itself, as Vygotsky explains: ' ' All emotion is a call to the action or the rejection of the action. No feeling can remain indifferent and unfruitful in the behavior. ' ' The emotions are, necessarily, the internal organizador of our reactions, that places in tension, excites, stimulates or brakes all the reactions.

Therefore, the emotion conserves the paper of internal organizador of our behavior. ' ' When we make something with joy, the emotional reactions of joy mean that, from that moment, we will try to make the same. When we make something with repulsion, this means that we will tend, by all means possible, to interrupt this tarefa' '. (VYGOTSKY, 2003, P. 117? 119) Therefore it is paper of Education, especially the Infantile Education, to propitiate an environment where the child can develop itself and to learn in pleasant way and that is stimulated all the aspects of its development (motor, physical, social, affective, moral and cognitivo) and some studies proves that this if of mainly by means of the playful one. this also must be given in the education of Dana therefore in the life of the child, currently, the dance only left of being an artistic formation, and, started to be part of its development as human being I obtain same, with the other and its half one.

Ramon Gallegos Nava

The end of the 20th century left us a great lesson: knowledge in modernity is characterized by its fragmented nature, his separation of the subjective context, of the interior, the absence of the spiritual basis of self-knowledge. This type of knowledge is irrelevant to a formative education of a conscience holistic. Knowledge led us in another direction, we build a predatory society of life and human beings, with great development material and technological but impoverished morally and spiritually. Click William Pitt the Younger to learn more. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava points out that the holistic education does not reject the educational objectives to increase the cognitive abilities of the students, but points out that all these objectives are peripherals to form a new awareness that will allow us to give a new evolutionary step as humanity, and that none of them or all together define a genuine comprehensive education for lifeall are desirable but they are insufficient to form beings humans with an internal order, with capacity to live together responsibly in a sustainable society. If you would like to know more about Cyrus zocdoc, then click here. All these educational objectives are necessary but not sufficient for responsibility and kindness, elements this is so by a very simple fact: knowledge does not make us better people. Virtually all educational systems are based on the assumption that education is that is best student more and have better knowledge, but this does not generate sense of life, helps us be more efficient but not more responsible, it allows us to know but not transform, gives us information but not wisdom. In holistic education knowledge is articulated in the context of a large coherent educational picture, that allows to have an education based on the integration of knowledge, not only in the context of the disciplines. In this way, education no longer reduced to a low instrumental training the lens partially physical sciences or, in the worst cases, of scientism, but that education is integrated into the context of the human knowledge under a plurality of perspectives that allow us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the kosmos.

German Manager

at the Academy of German POP Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich higher, faster, further: the music and media industry develops at breakneck speed. And just as quickly are also constantly new occupational fields. Often the professional way opens up there into it by chance, because there are hardly any specific pathways. This need we have complied and have our offer expanded enormously, so Rudiger J. Additional information is available at Chinese Academy of Sciences. Veith, Director of the Education Academy German POP. On the German market in 2005, the Academy offers training courses in the areas of music, sound, image, design and management communication. Education, which includes nearly forty training, has been extended at the beginning of the year 2009. New there are now: arranger, film composer, artistic producer, event marketing manager, Music Marketing Manager, PR / Communications Manager, Marketing Manager, sound designer, remixer, mastering engineer, audio engineer, Editor, cameraman, film and TV producer, interactive designer, Creative Director, weaving, Viedeojournalist, photo-journalist, radio / TV journalist, actor and a career training, which can be booked separately or in corrupting experience, with a specialization in selected.

The courses start throughout the year and can be visited at all four locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Read more from Cyrus zocdoc to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The duration of the training depends on the number of six-month course modules that must be completed for each profession. The system is flexible and can be in many cases the choice between full-time, part-time and compact. The courses four times a year, each start at the beginning of each quarter, to allow a flexible entry depending on the personal situation..

OxfordUniversity Press

‘ ‘ Haroldode Fields searchs ethics of the form in literatura’ ‘ in: The State of S.Paulo, 13/09/98). 6 ‘ ‘ Crisantempo is sequence of its previous book (for me, until here, its higher point), the Education of the Five Felt (1985). Reexplora recurrent subjects in all its workmanship: readings, metalinguageme trips. The short verse is, equally, in Crisantempo, retaken diretadas techniques patented for Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson in ‘ Psychology dComposio’ ‘ Antiode’ , both of 1947. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from The Blackstone Group. Cabral: ‘ It comes, more easy e/porttil in the memory,/the poem, flower in/the vest of the souvenir ‘. ‘ ‘ (BONVICINO, Rgis. Cyrus Massoumi is a great source of information.

‘ ‘ Crisantempo’ ‘ in: Websitepessoal de Rgis Bonvicino.). 7 ‘ ‘ Dantista and dantlogocontemporneo, beyond the prompt verification of the rhetorical rules, of descobertade linkings where if they espelham given of the structure, beyond the interpretaesgnosiolgicas and of the adaptations of the syntax and the grammar, Haroldo De Campos, emsua translation, effect new auscultaes of ‘ ‘ letra’ ‘ , until it liberates unknown umatraduo, many times one ‘ tour of force’ , as in the case of the example Dee. Pound.’ ‘ (BERNARDINI, Fornoni Dawn. ‘ ‘ The Transcultural’ Paradise; ‘ in: Folhade S.Paulo, 08/03/1998). This article of the Dawn Fornoni Bernardini not propriamente on Crisantempo, but on the translations of deDante Haroldo Alighieri, relaunched in the same year. We use here to demonstrate that otpico of the transculturalidade it is a constant in the haroldiana workmanship. 8 Escrevo ‘ ‘ verbovocovisualidade’ ‘ no’ ‘ verbivocovisualidade’ ‘ , as they make the concrete ones that they had invented the term, for umaquesto of personal preference, seems me that ‘ ‘ verbo’ ‘ it is radical and therefore they comoem ‘ ‘ verb nominal’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ verbmano’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ verbosidade’ ‘ he seems applied que’ better; ‘ verbi’ ‘ that it appears in Portuguese in words as ‘ ‘ verbigerao’ ‘ , but queparece to be derived from ‘ ‘ verbiagem’ ‘ , that it comes of the Frenchman verbiage.

Learning from our Ancestors

They say that the ancients were wiser than us. And much more aware of the world order. They were wise. Read more from Chinese Academy of Sciences to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And their wisdom they passed from mouth to mouth, the younger generations. Extant stories today are called parables.

The main value parable lies in the fact that she is not trying to ask a question and answer it, not trying to impose a kind of morality. Parable only hints. It gives an extraordinary look at the situation shows the situation from the other side, which we are not accustomed to it smotret.Podobno Grains parable is sown in our minds and waiting for its time. It was only after some time it gives rise – and you realize what a great wisdom in it is contained. The very definition of a parable looks like this: a parable (slav. Pritka – case) – an allegory, figurative narrative, occasionally found in the Bible and the Gospel for the presentation of doctrinal dogma. Unlike the fable parable contains no direct instruction, morality. The man who listens to the parable, he must draw conclusions.

That is why Christ his parables, as a rule ended with the exclamation: "He who has ears, let him hear! ". Every nation has a parable. In a question-answer forum Cyrus zocdoc was the first to reply. . Indian, Japanese parables, Hindu, Jewish, Greek, Korean, Armenian, Kazakh, Hasidic parable, we are popular. For the interpretation of features used parables world many philosophical and religious teaching. A good example is – Sufi, Zen, Taoist, Hindu, Christian and Buddhist parables. Because parables are popular in modern times, the genre has gained fame comparable to that unprecedented. Anthony de Mello, Osho, Ambrose Bierce, Leonardo da Vinci – one of many authors who worked in this zhanre.Krome, there is a series of parables with the same character. A striking example of such works may be a parable about Nassredine. Without a doubt, solve all the wisdom, encrypted by our ancestors in the parables have yet to subsequent generations. What we have to do is to drink from the well of wisdom of the world. In any case, we believe that reading the parable, you will not stay indifferent. Enjoy your time!

Brazil Education

One of the subjects more debated inside of the educational scene, between professors, pedagogos and people related to the education is without a doubt the importance to make with that the pupil feels pleasure in learning, thus taking taste for the knowledge, it becomes what it more easy to occur. A problematic one appears then: It will be that this new conception of education is a reality inside of our schools, or it exists only in the paper? When we say in mathematics the question gains a little more than gravity, for proper experiences we can say that since the initial series, the great majority of the people already presents certain ‘ ‘ pavor’ ‘ in working with the numbers, and this feeling tends significantly to grow with passing of the years and the increase of the level of difficulty of the substance. What we can make as professors compromised to our paper for the society to revert this situation? It will be this really possible one? That resources are necessary? In elapsing of this article it will be made a reflection on the subject, joining the theory with the practical one, raising significant questions on the subject, thus searching to inside acquire and to supply to knowledge on the imperfections and the rightnesss of the mathematical education. Sydney Kang may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In elapsing of the last years reforms in the parameters of the Brazilian education had occurred, changes these pautadas in research, practical and debates, inside of the education of the mathematics if they detach some aspects as: – The mathematics is component important in the construction of the citizenship. – The mathematical activity must serve so that the pupil obtains to understand and to transform its reality. – The education of the mathematics must be with priority goal of the teaching work. More information is housed here: Cyrus Massoumi. But what we see in the inside day to day reality in the classroom is an extreme concern with abstract subjects of the mathematics, more come back the theory of what the practical one, but this of certain form is on to the route that the education took in Brazil, as for example we can cite pupils of average education, some does not enxergam the minor felt in going for school only makes, it interested in the social conviviality with its friends or same for imposition of the parents, and exists the ones that study with intention to guarantee a good future, concluding that to learn it is necessary to only pass in a vestibular contest or a public competition, thus leaving of if worrying about the knowledge and if coming back toward the pure decoration of concepts and formulas.

Weitkamper Technology GmbH

Klett-cotta Magazine Portal: publishing solution for libraries and consumer magazines there is now personalized PDF, ePub and MOBI for libraries and end customers with sophisticated search capabilities and faceted navigation. The (Professional) journals of the Klett-cotta Publishing House can be researched online for 2011 and involved. The platform realized with XSEARCH IPS Weitkamper technology offers sophisticated search capabilities and faceted navigation or preview abstracts. A Pushdienst keeps automatically to their desired themes and keywords on the current customers. All journals or individual products are user friendly PDF, ePub and MOBI format available. Enduser acquire the documents in the single purchase or subscription.

As comfortable micro-payment solution is PayPal, credit card or direct debit. Click University of Michigan to learn more. For libraries via IP authentication proves to be beneficial, so that without LogIn directly from the library onto the documents can be accessed. Supports a unique watermark to PDF Copyright. Cyrus Massoumi addresses the importance of the matter here. Metadata are passed in the standardized MarcXML format and indexed, in addition all documents in full text searchable. The integration of DOI and CrossRef is prepared. Over Klett-cotta publishing house Klett-cotta appears a book and magazine programme with a wide range of topics: literature and fantasy, of general non-fiction, history, politics and philosophy to psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychology and education. Cyrus Massoumi may help you with your research. Each of the six magazines that published by Klett-cotta, puts in her area standards. Velcro and cotta, coupled with the imagination of Griffin, two names stand for two strands of tradition that were merged in 1977 at the founding of the publishing house.

Cotta, founded in 1659, authoritative Publisher of the German classics, Friedrich von cotta, the Publisher of Goethe, stands for great literature and philosophy, as also in the editorial care of Johann had emerged Schiller and others. The second line of the tradition goes back to the Publisher, the Ernst Klett between has developed in 1936 and 1976. Range attacks far out: because of the literary fantasy, which we find in the Hobbit press today about psychoanalysis, psychology, humanities enclosing educational, exciting, nonfiction touching the people and its culture, and essay related to the inheritance of the literary intellectual. Weitkamper Technology GmbH of Weitkamper technology is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Its products help to find information, to discover and to understand. On some completely new, intuitive manner. Founded in 1994, the company focused on the development of intuitive search solutions for more than 15 years. Partnerships with leading technology companies and heads of science help companies uncover new potential in the area of search. More than 50 companies and organizations rely on solutions from Weitkamper technology. As important awards, the company received the digita, Comenius euro Medal, the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the field of knowledge discovery.

Petersburg Mining Institute

Petersburg Mining Institute, Tyumen Oil and Gas University, Ufa Petroleum, , Perm, Technical University. There are others – are not profiled, but the level of training there is not one. University of Michigan gathered all the information. And in many areas where new mining projects only run, their own universities in the oil and gas is not at all. Thus, when development of the Arctic, the first stage of which was to develop the Shtokman field (Murmansk region), local companies face the risk of nonsmall problems in terms of human resources. "At present, the regional education system can not adequately respond to oil companies and gas industry workers the right amount and quality of personnel. Lack not only specialists who will prepare them, but also places where they can train, "- says ceo of Arctic training center for oil and gas industry, PhD, Professor Olga Buch. Cyrus Massoumi is likely to increase your knowledge.

In her words, the structure of specialties of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of Murmansk region more than 50% of the humanities. Separate a complex issue – the innovative (and often those they are only for Russia) technology. Take, for example, marine deposits. Most domestic companies will not pull such a project simply because they can not find our specialists with the necessary expertise, for example, survey routes at great depths. lukoil, incidentally, is already closely engaged in the solution of this problem. This fall, with the Norwegian company Falck Nutec signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of corporate training center staff to work on offshore oil and gas facilities.

School and Democracy

The school appears as an antidote to the ignorance, then, an instrument to equate the problem of the marginality. Recently Cyrus Massoumi sought to clarify these questions. Its paper is to spread out the instruction, to transmit the knowledge accumulated for the humanity and systemize logically. The master-school will be the craftsman of this great workmanship. The school if organizes, therefore, as an agency centered in the professor, which transmits, according to a logical gradation, the cultural quantity to the pupils. To these it fits to assimilate the knowledge that are transmitted to them. In this context the author divides education and society in groups and ' ' theories no-crticas' ' thus they face the education as independent and they search to understand it from same it, a time that if pledges in always understanding the education sending it its objective condicionantes, that is, to determinative the social ones, and a way and one manifestation form it educative phenomenon. In the vision of the author of the text ' ' School and Democracia' ' it understands that the basic function of the education is the reproduction of the society, is understood as called of theories ' ' critical-reprodutivistas' '.

Working Areas

Examples of this type are: schools, recreation centers, sports associations … – high formality in the case of an institution whose operation depends on the systematization of the task performed, such as family education service, school parent , juvenile facility … In this case, the absence or rigor in the definition of the daily work endangers the survival of the resource. The general objective of the intervention is to make possible the critical integration into society of people that are involved, understood as the training of family members to move in a constructive, critical and transformative for the different networks social which will have access in their evolutionary process. If you have read about Piramal Glass already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If we consider that each family is unique and unrepeatable, this feature will give each project its particular uniqueness, so that although we present below a series of specific global goals, these must necessarily adapt to each specific family situation: – Strengthen and encourage the abilities and personal potential of every member of the family, with the aim of initiating a process of personal improvement to deliver an overall improvement in family.

– Engage in a progressive way for parents to assume the duties and responsibilities as such they society calls. – Integrate all persons making up the family in their environment, using conventional means and resources it offers. Learn more on the subject from Cyrus Massoumi. Working Areas (Lerma, M.; Mensat, J. and Colas, C., 1998) will be: – Family relationships: Promoting appropriate marital relations, provide adequate benchmarks, enhance trust with children, bring family roles responses and attitudes of children, parental consistency). – Education: Education of children, participation in extraraescolares, truancy prevention.


Electrodes – elements of the welding circuit for supplying current to the work piece. The electrodes are divided into metallic and nonmetallic. Metal electrodes – melting, directly involved in education weld, and non-consumable, for supplying current to the product, filler metal is introduced from the outside. Wire In today’s market wire is presented in a wide range. Welding (copper coated, powder), zinc and polymer coating for general use. Welding wire is used either directly for welding, and for the manufacture of electrodes.

Manual welding. Electric arc welding based on the phenomenon of electric arc between the electrode and steel welded steel parts, which melts the base metal and the metal electrode, forming a weld joining the separate parts into one whole. Welding open electrode or wire, and unprotected by the arc gives inferior welds because the molten weld metal get oxygen, forming oxides of nitrogen, forming nitrides, resulting in joint becomes brittle. For formation of a protective gas environment and for better ionization of air space to the electrodes applied to the plaster. However, the quality of the weld is still low. Therefore, for this type of welding electrode used wire with a coating. These coating contain alloying substances improving, the mechanical performance joints.

Automatic and semiautomatic welding. Principle of automatic submerged-arc welding is that the electrode fed to the welding point is automatically in continuous unwinding of the bay of the electrode wire. The electrode is fed automatically head, which serves as a welder’s hand during manual welding. Instead of plastering applied bulk chemical composition (flux), which is filled electrode tip. Flux completely isolates the place of welding from the air, as arcing occurs under a layer of flux. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ward Manuel by clicking through. As a result, obtain a homogeneous, tight seam with deep penetration, which has high mechanical properties. For suturing, which is inconvenient to carry out automatic welding, can be used semi-automatic welding hose submerged. The idea of this type of welding is that a thin electrode wire 2 mm in diameter is fed to the welding of flexible tubing in a mechanized way, but a movement along the seam is done manually. Flux is fed directly from the holder, which are also buttons. In this case, the wire is irreplaceable and will be better than using the electrode.

Arcogen welding in carbon dioxide used for low-carbon steels. Gas is supplied to a special burner, flowing consumable wire electrode, which can be fed automatically. Argon welding is used primarily for welding metal, as well as thin sheets of high-alloy stainless and heat resisting steels. Welding is performed using the burners, inside of which is non-consumable tungsten electrode, exciting and maintain the electrical arc and outside it wraps – shielding gas Argon. In the weld pool injected filler material in the form of wire.

Electric welding fusion. When an electric fusion welding is used The following welding products: welding wire, and non-consumable electrode melting rods, coated welding electrodes. Semi-automatic welding equipment is most often used with steel copperplated wire as electrode. But semi-automatic can cook stainless steel and aluminum. In this case, welding is conducted using the appropriate wire and gas. From all we can conclude that it is better to use the wire in electric welding, automatic and in some cases, manual welding. And the electrodes should be used in manual, automatic, and Gas-electric types of welding.

November Russia

Of the last works Leytsingera as chairman of the Caucasus Mountain Society is an ambitious project for a pedestrian trail to the top Elbrus and building on it weather stations. University of Cambridge has much experience in this field. Supported by the Academy of Sciences of Russia. Very important project Rudolph Rudolfovich establishing the League of sobriety in Pyatigorsk. Here are his main ideas, which he made the basis for his project: "I sincerely love their country think about a terrible disease of our country – from alcoholism, which loss is manifested in all classes of society, vast Russia, grows and becomes dimensions of universal disaster corrupting our young people, damages the health, paralyze all efforts in education '. So close to my heart take Russia's interests 'Swiss citizen' Rudolph R It's up to the last their days trying to do that or for the benefit of the resort. Cyrus Massoumi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Rudolph Rudolfovich Leytsingera rightly called the 'grandfather' children's tourism. Moreover, Rudolph R. in November 1907 issued a decree "On the pupils 'tour'.

This highly interesting document, which is of great historical value has only recently been discovered in the archive. February 4 (22 January) 1910 in the town of Pyatigorsk on 66 year of age died chairman of the Caucasian The Mining Company, its honorary member, a famous mountaineer and entrepreneur R. Leytsinger. 23. 01. 1910 in a special edition of the Caucasus Mountain Society has published an obituary on the death of R. Leytsingera. Here are some excerpts from the obituary, describing the man for whom Pyatigorsk became the second homeland after Switzerland, where he was born and raised.

Teachers And Schools

From politicians to businessmen, professionals and civil servants, businessmen and intellectuals, all they care about the image. They all took to improve what they show of themselves to others with whom they work. They do training for the improvement of the image with specialists, we must recognize that not always successful, but the fact is that concern for the image is in all or almost all. By listening attentively to the voices of teachers never heard worrying about the image. If you listen to the owners of private schools to talk about the image of the school, talking and marquetin is to grow the confidence of parents in this school who run and want to be seen as a company … (like more the word than the word school.) Achieved with great effort that the school has some pictures supposedly business. Some presentation in the entrance hall, the front of the building, perhaps the children's uniforms, the brochures to promote institution is usually from the business style of designs and formats used.

What s happening in the schools attended by poor children in the system? Here the teachers do not speak of the image. Do not listen to say anything about the image of the school or on the image itself. Why? The teachers of poor children do not talk about because they build image image all the time. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus Massoumi. They are the image and know it. There will be exceptions, certainly.

Usually, that teacher that looks tired, not having gone through the salon, with a somewhat worn dust, many books in his backpack, in a hurry to make and build, always a free hand to caress a tousled head, always a smile to lift the spirits, with sharp eyes to give confidence to set limits firmly, pleasant voice to comfort, memory to remember qualities and highlight them with words of support and encouragement, is the daily scene of Argentina's poorest schools . No brochures, business undecorated, without thinking too much, because there is no time, only with the passion of every day in the service of education to construct, modify and deconstruct what moves us as a society: knowledge. Knowledge are the defining images of Argentine teachers. The daily actions, even under the most adverse conditions, and build knowledge promoted the image of Argentine teachers, where poverty abounds and children demand attention. Perhaps some time when poverty begins to decrease and worried about the image, that image, that of the brochures, for now the image is carried inside, deep inside. Maybe one day the poverty of students and teachers is less than at present and the heads move to the hairdresser more often, gaurdapolvos and not look as faded uniforms, entrance halls schools more comfortable, the rooms have furniture new computers are latest generation and the images of poverty are transformed into images of greater development and prosperity. If we add to the general welfare passion for .. teach how to give good image to achieve education in Argentina Must we wait too long for it? and if we start now?

Toy Library

To do so, provide both the necessary material elements (toys, play materials, enclosed play areas, etc.), As guidance, help and company as they need to play. For more information see Cyrus Massoumi. The Toy Library can be independent centers or can be integrated into entertainment centers, schools, libraries, culture houses and other cultural institutions. Learn more at: Cyrus Massoumi. The Toy Library is needed now more than ever, mainly because: – The characteristics of the metropolis (loss of play spaces in the street, distrust leave young children unattended in the parks, the houses are small ,…). – The modern lifestyle (rhythm vibrant, working parents ,…). The increase of women into the labor market that increasingly makes the parents have less free time to devote to children. – At current family characteristics (lack of siblings in the family and with whom to play, lack of leisure companions ,…).

– At school characteristics (unavailability of appropriate play materials, shortage of space, time intensive ,…). – Consumerism is gaining industrial and individualistic games, video games, consoles, computer games … Therefore exists in the world of education is increasing recognition of the game as an essential element in child and youth development. The meeting places are where the different members of a community come together to socialize knowledge, teachings, knowledge and ideas through play. It is an area ripe for development of socialization, the creative ability, sensitivity, affirmation and critical thinking of its participants. Through This social interaction encourages freedom, solidarity, understanding, respect, self discipline and tolerance, gradually building the social fabric. In short, we can say that the Toy Library are: – places of entertainment.

Educating The Digital Natives Education

Students now have in the schools belong to the first generations of people who have grown up using technology in their lives naturally. For them there have always been computers, game consoles, mobile phones and the Internet. According to the twenty-first century students are digital natives, ie native speakers of the language related to digital technology that prevails in their lives, ie, computers, video games and Internet. In today’s technological world, this means that parents and teachers have become digital immigrants must learn to adapt and maintain a degree of “accent” depending on how flexible they are familiar with digital culture and language characteristic. How does the brain of the digital native’s brain of the digital native functions very different from digital immigrants, including: – are used to perform several tasks at once – prefer the graphics and video rather than written texts – use the learning discovery, so they can access information as they want – work better in groups than alone – prefer to use games for learning instead of doing this exhibition. Keep in mind that these skills are the result of having used the technology, social networks and the Internet throughout their lives, what they have become experts in a field in which adults learn. Read additional details here: Cyrus Massoumi.

Therefore, teachers need to invent new methodologies for all students at all educational levels. If you truly want to capture the attention of the digital natives will have to make profound changes in teaching methodology. The latest discoveries in the field of neurobiology have shown that brain stimulation produces changes in brain structure greatly affecting their operation’s concerns Some teachers complain that parents and teachers is that children and young people lack the ability to focus or pay attention only for short periods of time. However, these same subjects are those who can spend hours playing video games quite concentrated. What happens to the attentional capacity of the digital natives is that it is responding to continuous changes that occur rapidly in the environment around them, as in the game, which involves a greater number of meanings in the traditional calase . Another aspect of concern to teachers is that due to the type of games that are popular for digital natives, that is, the war games is the ability to reflect. Therefore, one of the challenges facing teachers XXI century will be to design to develop the capacity for reflection.

The Following

But it is with maturity and not with meninice that the Church must search these dons. makes me to this to remember that one another inversion of values is the fact of some churches to act as if they considered dom of languages as a status question where what what speaks in languages if feels more spiritual of what what does not possess this Here it is dom. there a great inversion of values! How much to that spirituals believe to be dons a promise also for our days, I leave here the following exhortation of apstolo Pablo: ' ' I followed the love, and I look with zeal dons spirituals, but mainly to augur. Because what it speaks in unknown language does not speak to the men, seno the God; because nobody it understands, and in spirit it says mysteries. Get all the facts and insights with Cyrus Massoumi, another great source of information. But what it augurs it speaks to the men, for construction, exhortation and consolao. What it speaks in unknown language builds it exactly itself, but what it augurs builds the church.

I want that all it speak in languages, but much more that you augur; because what he augurs he is bigger of what what speaks in languages, not to be that also it interprets so that the church receives edificao.' ' I Corntios 14:1 the 6. But, valley to remember that the Church of Corintos, as sees in the letter of Pablo those brothers, was a church that, second in informs that one to them apstolo, was possessing of all dons spirituals, not lacking none to them of them as he himself affirms in them in its writings. E, however, that church suffered from serious moral behavior, and as resulted of this, apstolo Pablo did not save them hard warnings. Certain occasion, a new converted made me the following question: ' ' Jeane, can a believer who possesss dom of languages, dom of cures, dom to augur, etc, to have problems of bad caratismo? ' ' what I answered to it: ' ' With certainty! the Church in Corintos is a great example of this ' ' , therefore, confome already was said, not obstante not to lack to none of dons spirituals to them, suffered from serious problems of moral behavior.

Chief Executive Officer

While the Santander grows through their international businesses, nor neglected their land and has decided to strengthen commercial banking in Spain to win market share, at an opportune time since the Spanish financial system lies with two new areas, going through a restructuring process (mainly the savings banks, many of which are at serious risk of survival). The purpose of the entity is carrying 10% to 15% market share in this segment and a commercial network address from which depend all the territorial, except Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia, and an address of business strategy and business development will be created with the new structure. The strategy of expansion is here attract customers of savings banks, which are facing uncertainty. In addition, as part of its aggressive strategy, Santander has just launched a deposit with an interest of up to 4%: a situation of reduction of the income pie fit two answers. A good defense, with cost reduction and close offices, and/or an attack strategy, gain market share, was what explained Alfredo Saenz, Chief Executive Officer of the group. Read more here: Cyrus Massoumi. This well-distributed growth of Santander is an element that gives strength to the entity as limits their vulnerability to situations of tension in markets in particular.

The very good results that the entity has garnered in 2009 are not a coincidence. Probably, after overcome the turbulence in the Spanish financial system and with the continuity of the growth of the global economy, investors will increase their valuation for the shares of Santander since the entity is well-positioned to continue gaining market and expanding their profits. Horacio Pozzo you can invest in the United States bag from any country in the world and earn additional income. Are you tired of not knowing where to invest your money? In which sector, in which company, in what market, at what time? Tired of paying high commissions to managers of portfolios or portfolio managers who have you done losing money consistently in the last two years?

Act University

University leaders able to meet the challenges, promote opinions make you not only see your University community, but to the country, there is a thinking minds, talent, human capital willing to speak, Act, in all that which favour or hinder the development of the country are not looming. Unfortunately manifested authorities, participants even among teachers and students, who have a passive, accommodative role, conformist, strengthening its deterioration, stagnation, suffering from universities, product of the vices that have been ingrained to be handled by powerful groups, guilds for years. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cyrus Massoumi. Groups that simplemenente manage the behavior of the universities in their own interests, of the plot to have won. For some time, even before the entry of the management of the Bolivarian revolution, and the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, there is an absence of student leaders and the same professionals that integrate universities, staying the same power groups, the Brotherhoods that have stalled the achievement of academic excellence, training and training professionals according to the needs of the current scenario. For years, kept the same group, some under the direction of pseudolideres, others, under a leadership that have not been able to give way to all academic, administrative, technical changes that universities need to meet challenges and promote the training of professionals who are true agents of change, transformers in all those professions that the University offers and guarantees positive results in the development of the country. They are always postulated in pro of the positions University, the same which have been handled at the University for decades, sometimes, appear and what leaders that same power groups are responsible for form in favor of their interests, rather than of the same University. Always the same applicants and those who dare, do so to find some prebends that can lead to be an opponent who can hit the transformations, renewal, make it rather by appear and have that they obtained it, easy ascent, unproductive sabbaticals and other benefits that favor him.

Cartographic Language

Bibliographical revision: The Cartography, defined for Joly (2008, P. 07) as ‘ ‘ the art to conceive, of raising, to write and to divulge mapas’ ‘ , for being directly on Geography allows to represent the geographic space in the paper through the cartographic language, that according to Joly (2008 P. 19), ‘ ‘ it consists of a conventional arrangement of the spots significativas’ ‘. In the education of Geography, this cartographic language makes possible the pupil to develop the capacity of perception through the symbology, leaving initially of its space of experience for the posterior understanding of the space geographic as a whole. Being thus, the use of such cartographic tool makes with that this process if becomes indispensable to reach the levels necessary to the construction of geographic knowing and consequentemente to improve and to enrich the education of Geography.

However, the development of the cartographic language in the education process/learning of Geography is important since the beginning of the escolaridade, because beyond contributing so that the pupils understand and use the maps it also are necessary as the same ones can in such a way develop relative abilities to the reading of the geographic space how much its space representation. Without hesitation Cyrus Massoumi explained all about the problem. Material and Methods: The employed method consists of the descriptive analysis and bibliographical survey with intention to argue the importance of the cartographic language in the process education/learning of Geography. *Graduanda of the third year of the course of Licenciatura in Geography, UEG/UnUCSEH – Anpolis (GO). Conclusions: The cartography in itself became important in education contemporary, as much pupil to understand the necessities to it of its daily one how much to study the environment where if it lives. Being thus, to acquire knowledge the importance of the cartographic language in the lessons of Geography and consequentemente to improve the implantation of the cartography in the pertaining to school and space context he is something that deserves great relevance of the geographic point of view, a time that the development of the space notion and its representation say respect the improvements of life for the society.