The Kyoto Protocol

Environmentalists have come to the Crimea decision to turn to international organizations for help on overcoming the consequences of ecological catastrophe. Also, the holiday season can not begin this year and in the Kherson region due to large-scale environmental disasters (oil spills detected in early March), whose consequences are still not completely eliminated. EU discusses climate change, and Australia joined the Kyoto researchers from different countries, including USA, Canada and Germany, came to the conclusion that to stop the dangerous process of global climate change requires much more drastic measures than anticipated earlier. At a summit in Brussels, leaders of 27 European Union states agreed on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to European politicians need to give the EU fight against climate change special value, since this phenomenon has already caused huge problems in many countries around the world.

Europe would like to become a leader in the global fight against climate change. It is expected that a new global climate agreement, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol will be discussed in 2009. By 2020, 27 European countries plan to achieve to reduce the emission of gases causing the greenhouse effect by 20% compared to c 1990. And so time, another significant event last week was the signing of the Kyoto Protocol by Australia. The Kyoto Protocol entered into force in Australia March 11, 2008. From now on greenhouse gas emissions will reduced and closely monitored in Australia. In addition, the signing of the Kyoto Protocol gives the government the opportunity to participate directly in discussions of global environmental problems on the forums international scale.

Mikhail Lomonosov

Thanks to satellite Internet is the opportunity to go into the network from virtually any point on earth – even from the remote villages of the taiga. That is, at the moment you can live without leaving the house, which can be located anywhere, and it does not drop out of active life. Is that the garbage sometimes have to endure. You do not want over the Internet. For you, all these technical innovations are too complex. Then think of his childhood – riding bike also did not seem easy. But after several attempts you are easily pedaled and all your fears and concerns were dispelled. Talk about what you have not tried it difficult or impossible – at least stupidity.

And even more foolish to take the information from other people, most of which have also not tried, but heard somewhere that it is very difficult. If someone and tried and it did not work, it does not means that it is impossible in principle. It only means that this person just did something wrong – that's all. If you still do not lay your soul to the internet – and this happens, then who is stopping you from moving to a more appropriate location. Mikhail Lomonosov was over 1,000 miles to Moscow on foot fish wagon train. If you blame the parents, many successful people grew up at all without them.

In general, you do not say, no matter what the obstacles are not found to prevent your success, you must understand the following – To succeed you need to think about – how to achieve it, not that bothers you. All events and circumstances have never gathered in such a way that would be nothing to prevent your path to success. The only thing that can bring your expectation is when you will regret missed opportunities, but nothing can do about it – THIS OLD AGE. Your chances of success equal to 50 percent – and it is very SERIOUS VALUE for which we should start to act and get a better life. Most of the excuses, fears and limitations are dispersed themselves after the first action and results. Success is worth it for the sake of start wiggling their brains and muscles. And chances are all the same and equal to 50 percent who would do or say or think.