School Physical Education

INTRODUCTION Currently, in all the curricular components, if becomes necessary to think about the experiences lived deeply for the pupil. Being thus in it disciplines of Physical Education meets a situation of true questioning on which is the paper of the Pertaining to school Physical Education. It would be really contributing so that the pupil if developed and with this contributing so that this pupil has a healthful life in the future? Leaving of this point of view we send in them to the current days, where everything is automatized, and according to research carried through for the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), great part of the world-wide population is sedentary. When asking to a child: Which is its preferred trick? Its reply to some years it would be: To walk of bicycle, to play soccer among others. In the modern times this reply easily it would be changed by a game of computer, or even though by attending a film in the television. Thus it is given credit to be able, through the establishment of the existing relation between physical activities and of promotion of the health in the pertaining to school scope, to become our pupils capable to organize its lives and to add it more years, or, to these years, more life. The IMPORTANCE OF the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR the DEVELOPMENT OF the HEALTH OF the PUPIL In the current world if observes the presence of a estimuladora reality of the competitiveness between men and, unhappyly, the Physical Education also is fit in this context since nowadays it seems many times to assume a character of training or adestramento of the corporal movement (SANTIN, 1987). In some institutions of education this is not different, and in this manner into these institutions the lesson of Physical Education, that would have to be providing the necessary experiences for the development of the pupil, if transformed into a porting training that only aims at the best ones resulted in the sports and the competitions developed for the institution.