Research Knowledge

How much to informers C and D they use as material didactic the books of infantile histories, what she exerts great importance in the education of the children, as already was cited previously, that is, from the moment where the children enter in> contact with infantile histories, them reality starts to associate them it more, improving each time its knowledge, extracting of same the teaching that it provides to them. Questioning 4: Which its point of view on the importance of literature for the learning formation? Informing citizens Commentaries Informer He extends and he diversifies the vises and interpretations on the world, leading the pupil to form opinions. Informing Awaken B for the art, develops new emotions and leads to search horizontes. Informer C I transmitted information and develops the criticidade.

Informer D Provides knowledge and develops the critical side of the pupils. SOURCE: Research of field (given pertaining to school). It does not have doubt of that literature plays a role of basic importance in the formation of the learning exerting, therefore, great influence on the same ones, since it consists of the main source of knowledge. On importance of literature Alliende and Condemarin (2005, p.182) comments that: Literature plays a critical role in our lives, literature helps understanding in them excessively and, provides different perspectives to examine our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, preconceptions and action; it teaches that it has multiple possibilities and many varieties and no definite solution (…) literature allows the same students to find itself, for if putting in the place of the others, evaluating differences, to solve problems and to learn to explore options for they themselves and the humanity. The importance of literature is related its functions. Thus it pointed out It to the informer that literature extends and diversifies the vises and interpretations on the world and as a whole, developing the imagination and becoming the man in a formador being of opinions.

The Point

Considering that the task of the professor has as characteristic to be an interactive work, the difficulty to work knowing legalized with them thus suggests to contribute for the perfectioning of the practical professor and formation of professores.FRIGOTTO (1991) argues the necessity of that the reorganization of the formation courses is thought about a context of transformation of all the pertaining to school system, so that such courses do not have that to become itself., simply in a space of compensation of deficit left by a different education. Of this form, FRIGOTTO (1991, p.131) it affirms that: … The learning of the professors not starting first day of its formation as professor Starts in its infancy, in the home and when this future professor goes the school. The bad pertaining to school system form not only bad pupils, as bad professors who, in turn, will reproduce I circulate it vicious and will empobrecero each time more the education. Today, it is at last started to also recognize that a deep pertaining to school reform is necessary, of the point of view of the formation of the teaching staff, not only of the point of view of the pupils.

As well as the pertaining to school reform it is not possible without change of the teaching formation, this impossible is abandoned of a pertaining to school reform. Both are interdependent. From the understanding of these processes it will only be possible to rethink the formation courses, in way that can promote them. Ahead of this, if it speaks very in education of quality, and that this to happen is needed the commitment of all so that these changes come to occur in fact. We know that much already moved in the education, mainly related the formation of the educator, where the majority not possua an adequate formation in accordance with the LDB, today already perceives this change.