Live the crisis of shortage (for pollution) of the air and water, of scarcity (limits) of minerals and energy, loss of soils (boundaries) that need a time, no minimum, geomorphological (geological), to form, elements (air, water, fire, Earth) that were given and which Western and westernized culture estimated to be able to ignore. The greenhouse effect, the hole in the ozone layer, global climate change, toxic waste, in addition to the garbage that we ourselves generate daily, are the clearest signs of these limits imposed on a global scale. It is not a culture or people who endanger their very existence. The globalization of rationality, driven by the economic logic, leads inexorably to an economy that ignores that it is embedded in the ground, in the air, in the water, on the ground, in the subsoil (minerals), in the life cycles of food chains of carbon, oxygen all humanity, in an unequal manner, is subject to the risks arising from actions decided by some for the benefit of some. The struggle for the appropriation of biodiversity, for the enjoyment of its benefits has clearly pointed out the interests between Nations. The rationality of the market and sustainable development is evident in the re-appropriation to maintain, increase and enjoy greater worldly goods biological and Cultural diversity. Being biodiversity understood as the sum total of living beings that exist on Earth, the result of millions of years of evolution.

Where the human species and their cultures have emerged from its adaptations of his knowledge of their use. Biodiversity has two inseparable dimensions; the biological and cultural. Therefore a property of cultural and living beings which makes them unique and different. 50 To 80% of the world’s biodiversity is located in tropical countries, (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Zaire, Madagascar and Indonesia), those who have suffered in the past 100 years, immense losses of tropical rainforests and the disappearance of its indigenous population to the rhythm of a tribe each year.

Viesgo Enel Equipment

Uriarte Safybox premieres its rate 2011 catalog with significant novelties incorporated this year to its solutions for switchgear, boxes, envelopes and specific equipment for sectors such as photovoltaic, in addition to other many references. New products include items such as breakers of cutting that has been incorporated surge protector for the protection of installations, doors for the closing of rooms of counters in buildings, outgoing metal doors and can be partitioned for closing of niches and a casket for registration covers. They have been additionally introduced in this tariff 2011 catalogue more products for photovoltaic installations, an area of growth where aim is continue completing the offer available so far. For this purpose we have incorporated a few new pictures of protection of strings with monitoring system, both for level 1 (panels protection) and level 2 (protection of investors).Recharge of Vehiculosvista the strength of more transport systems respectful of the environment and the momentum that is being carried out from public administrations by the consolidation of electricity as the new fuel, Uriarte Safybox has taken the publication of this edition of the catalog to present its most outstanding novelty: the line of equipment to recharge electric vehicles, called the charge. This includes all the necessary equipment for both the installation in public places and private.

This range is composed of outside posts of recharging and a series of specific equipment for houses with garage or to private or public parking for one or several simultaneous recharging, with key and with secondary counter reading of supply and without both. In the case that these counters are installed is has also arranged a centralization for them that can group from 3 up to 20 units. As a complement to Uriarte Safybox has also included an accessory to centralize 50 entries of impulses for those cases in which the consumption data are sent via GSM, ethernet or similar.To detail and onlineComo on previous occasions the new rate catalog Uriarte Safybox 2011 can be downloaded directly from. It is an online document never obsolete is because that is updated with each new or change. Thanks to the combination of detailed information of each item, fotorrealidad images that allow you to see detail equipment, rates, diagrams of installation and technical drawings. In addition to the catalog, the web also offers other items of interest such as the regulations applicable to each equipment. And it is one of the stakes of this signature is to facilitate to the maximum the process of selection of materials, why this catalogue serves as a reference manual both installers and specifiers that allows to save time in the selection of the most appropriate material for each installation.Companiasen the same line, Uriarte Safybox manuals also publishes manuals with products that correspond to the criteria of approval of the different electric companies.

Private English Classes

Clearly, everyone knows: the are much more effective than group classes. Private school students enjoy the following benefits in their learning: The benefits of private courses in English A student sets the pace in a class the pace of learning is completely determined by the student individually. Students of group classes often complain of their struggle to keep up with the class either because the pace is too frantic or, on the contrary, they are bored of having to force yourself to be patient with the so-called "student slow. " A particular class progressing always appropriate. Choice of subject for learning A student could feel the personal need of wanting to learn a specific point of language is not usually appear on the agenda.

It could be a grammatical concept, English pronunciation, or practice of learned last week. In one group can do certain requests, but usually students are forced to go beyond the instructional program and study what the teacher has assigned for that day. The private language courses, therefore, offers individual attention that is lacking a group class. Constant Attention students' attention on private tuition is higher because the class focuses on 100% of the time, do not waste a single minute. In a usual class group "disconnect" from the discussion in which other students are immersed or other room area of the classroom. Flexibility of time and date Often offering private classes allow students to begin the course any day. Group courses, simply can not function this way – you specify start and end dates of the language course, the hours are fixed, and so on. The classes provide the most flexibility, because students can schedule a course with a teacher who is always available.

In general, this means starting any day you want and book classes in advance as you like. Always learn from a native speaker courses in the student group always end up infecting the errors and vices of pronunciation and accent of the other students! However this is not possible in learning "one-to-one" of Income under the watchful eyes of a native speaker. The student only hears the perfect native accent and correct use of grammar along its course. The real effectiveness of the classes are How effective are private English courses? There are many criteria and parameters to determine a scientifically accurate measurement, but in general, independent research estimates place it at 4 times more effective. One technique is that a student complete one. After completing a certain period of course, the student completes the test again and the results compared. Sometimes, however, the results are not only metric, are emotional. How can you put a number on the level of joy experienced by a student who can now communicate with millions of new people to succeed and quickly learn English?

Regional Faculty

b-) what kind of movement has on the stretch t2 t4. (c) what kind of movement has on the stretch t4 t5. d-) what kind of movement has on the stretch t6 t8. 2 Mention Newton’s laws. 3. How we calculate the speed of a body of mass 3 kg, is known that it interacts with another body of mass 1.5 kg that comes with constant speed of 3 m/s. 4 – represents the motion of a body that oscillates in a graph of X with respect to t 5 – enter the equation for calculating the electrical resistance in a circuit. Pedagogic test applied to students of 12th grade from ESPA Julio Diaz Gonzalez of the municipality of Artemis and students of 3rd year of the IPI Abel Santamaria square of the municipality of Bauta.

A recitation of Newton’s laws. As we calculate the speed of a body of mass 6 kg, is known that it interacts with another body of mass 3 kg which comes with constant speed of 8 m/s. What law of physics applies in this case. Represents the motion of a body that oscillates in a graph of X with respect to T, and then type the equation describing the motion. What is electrical power.

There are many types of electrical current transformers. What is the operating principle. Diagnostic test applied to students of 2nd year of the school of computer science in the Regional Faculty of the martyrs of Artemis. The table contains values for distance and time. Construct the graph X (t). T (s) X (m) 0 0 1 4 2 8 3 6 4 2 5 2 6 6 7 10.8 8 18.4 a-) what kind of movement has on the stretch t0 t2. b-) what kind of movement has on the stretch t2 t4. (c) what kind of movement has on the stretch t4 t5.

Education Center

In schools increasingly child expression with problems of behaviour or disruptive behavior will listen more to refer to those students who demonstrate problems of adaptability to the Education Center to present challenging behaviors, abuse other children, clashes with teachers, absenteeism, etc. In this article, he will try to explain what is disruptive behavior, what are their characteristics, what motivates bad behavior and what teachers can do to help these students overcome their difficulties. What is the disruptive behavior? It is any conduct that impedes the order and discipline in the school and the educational welfare of students schooled in it. The most common problems that occur are: fights, seeking attention, refusal to work, disobedience and incidents in the courtyard. The most difficult problems are: persistent provocation, distant parents, game sites, abuse and the dumb insolence. In addition there are a number of emotional difficulties that may alter the social relationship that establishes a student with their classmates and teachers: the perception of lack of affection, social isolation, prolonged sadness, the sense of personal failure, feel marginalized or abuse.

We must remember that the pursuit of autonomy and the construction of identity, as opposed to what is established, is one of the characteristics of adolescent development. There are two ways of referring to that student who misbehaves: to) violent students: expression that puts the emphasis on the violent nature of the society; and (b)) students with behavior problems: an expression that puts the emphasis on the students themselves. Experts say that we can find four dimensions that help us to understand what happens in the world of the students at each school:-the participation of the students; -its identification with the educational objectives and the educational institution; -established internal standards; and – the structure of social relations. Why they misbehave students with behavior problems? According to alvaro Marchesi, students with emotional and behavioral are wounded students who try to protect themselves and feel important, that need help: are emotional illiterates.

Glass Ceiling

Because each one asks how it was your day without it, what did they in school with notebooks for each, which will require that will be stacked on the kitchen table without dissimulation and she conscientiously look to sign all the papers releases arriving hand. Verify what was lost or what needs to be reset with haste for tomorrow and with kids or without them, is she, in a coexistence, which will review the agenda of the all and will organize tomorrow. For when you is a free on the desktop while she is using to change and put on some more comfortable slippers and something to release clothing that could not rid so far. Will continue to very carefully the results and sports summaries and there Yes, if she is not too tired to say, may choose to entrench in the p.c. provided an ma, or Meow or bark not alert of some overlooked detail. For example, remember suddenly that he has not yet released the dog, everything will continue as planned and perhaps she can write a posting.

That will never be regular but altered by domestic emergency more indispensable, that usually assumes she and not the companion of shift. To an article of the New York Times of 2008, blogging Glass Ceiling spoke of the existence of a cibertecho glass, which would prevent women reaching the top of the ranking of blogs and against which is organised each year the Conference Blog Her, seeking that women earn notoriety. Another, encouraged women to continue with the blog under the title: affection, don’t bother MOM, I’m busy with the blog on bloggeras and mothers of women. Well, slowly but surely, the women go blocking. Maybe we have to have a little patience and should give men a little of our intuition to suspect to reach and to let them know that we write something more than diets and fads and about the latest trend in hairstyles for our heads, we also illustrate our brains reading and writing or rewriting in two separate blog topics that nourish it.