EAN Business

Our personality and every thing we do is influenced by various principles and values that we call ethics which is what tells us what is good and bad and what we must do together. We live in a world crowded bad precepts, there is no doubt, the big fish eats the boy and the boy to what can, it is said that no longer is you can rely on no one and this is unfortunately very true; Therefore, our ethics define the class of people that we are, if we are those in which s EAN trust or not. In the business world this is more visible yet, since there are businesses in which are practiced and should practice unfair acts, truths half and other instruments to get to have relative success; However, what as legitimate is this success, which so low we can fall for something material in return for sacrificing our values; so sorry but the vast majority of traders and businessmen has lied when least once to any client in order to obtain a sale, this is very bad.

But even worse is noted that there are entire businesses based on lies and deception, as for example the company office kid, which sold a briefcase containing several articles to make believe your boss and all personnel of your rtabajo that you have a child with the only aim of being able to justifiably missing work when desired; They include birth certificates, certified doctors of disease of your son and other objects to make more real the lie; a bit of ethics would not be bad bnada this business, well, not to mention that it would disappear. However there are other businesses that take as their flag being respectful of the law and people and this gives them economic revenues since more people trust them and therefore they prefer ensus elections; being honest also is business. What kind of person are you? What class of business shalt? two questions with their answers very linked.

The Best

Because as we saw a moment ago, decreasing the prices of the fuels the price of these products will decrease in the same proportion, so while some people say that the time of the forced diet has come the projections say otherwise, that if and as you consume with everything that must be done in moderation. Perhaps the biggest problem that will shed the global crisis will be unemployment affecting mainly workers of large multinationals, SMEs sectors will have the great opportunity of their lives, since the high costs of production and maintenance of labour of their giant competitors will decrease the supply of their products, so it is time to start to compete with quality, with affordable prices thanks to the reduction of that brand positioning. On the other hand, for those who arrived to losing their jobs, all is not lost, the world economy will recover after overcoming its crisis, so in the medium term everything will return to normal. Of course, if they decide to return to their companies, I say this because it is also the perfect opportunity to start own businesses, reasons 1 – the economic slowdown will lead banks to reduce their credit interest rates, so that if we need capital, we will be able to obtain it with low interest. 2 As the importation of manufactured products is declining there will be shortages of some products, if you have a good eye, the new employer may recognize which road to take to meet the demands of the market and begin to position your own company creating jobs and helping gradually to normalize the economic pace. You can also deliver the best in you as Chief, given your experience in your old job you will know that it is what he most likes in terms of treatment and chances of emerging a good worker, you will also learn to appreciate the opportunities and take advantage of them when they appear.