Yarylo Forest

Closing the memory of past lives and understand the purpose is also not a coincidence. Only so the universe can count on new ideas, writings and deeds. But the fact that we do not remember, does not mean that we are thrown into a dark forest full of traps, with their eyes closed. We have been given a lot of insight and tips that will help us avoid the trap, find the trail and get out of the forest, and there look – and the blindfold will be removed for skill and bravery, but rewarded with unusual abilities. The human spirit is part of the spirit beings, in which he lives. Galaxy, in where we live now, our ancestors called Svarga, and spirit beings, that controls the galaxy – Svarog. Of course it is and the smaller bodies such as the solar system – Yarylo and Earth – Gaia.

All this – the great spirits of to us, part of which we are. Our life and mission associated with them and they, and other parts are our guardian angels or spirit guides who lead us through the dark forest. Each man, incarnated on Earth has a few guardian spirits, which we used to call guardian angels. Spirits of these different levels, from small – one of the spirits of relatives of man, to the great – the Svarog or even Rod. Who is the guardian angel of a person – depending on its destination. If the soul is embodied old and she has a great task, then the spirit-guides a person to be powerful.

State University Department

Ivanovski wrote: "This bilingual edition includes reading the translation in parallel with the original, multiple comparison of British and Russian lines, which means a constant search for corresponding row. Dividing the text into stanzas facilitate these searches. " In spite of this, perhaps, to avoid any misunderstandings, it is necessary to bring the first stanza and totally original, and translation. Tired with all these for restful death I cry, Exhausted by all this death call, As to behold Desert a beggar born, How not to get tired of so many difficult years, And needy Nothing trimmed in jollity, when luck is essentially empty, And purest Faith unhappily forsworn, And purest faith Faith is not what is happening in three souls of thousands of readers of this translation, when they tried to "Multiple match" his second row from the second row of the original, is anyone's guess. And one can only guess why I. Ivanovski put these readers in a difficult position. Do not only guess that Ivanovsky definitely know how the second line of the script translated all of his colleagues.

But we can guess that Ivanovsky their translations of this line was not satisfied. But in this article, in fact, it comes to St. Petersburg State University Department of English Philology. Therefore, the difficulties of a crowd of translation of a sonnet, past, present and future can be and leave them. In this speech, and can not go on that staff this department can experience any difficulty in understanding the values of the English word Desert, a beggar, born – respectively, "merit", "beggar, beggar, beggar," and "born." Especially since they can not offend the assumption that any difficulties they may face in determining the meaning of the word as infinitive and to behold.

Boise University

This little preamble allows to quickly begin to admit that a society whose main power needs, rest, health and education are not satisfied, will strongly suffer the consequences in their own behavior, and may also impact on the form of Government and social coexistence. Moreover, in a regime where, at least since the primary and immaculate concept of democracy, all of its members should be free and equal. As mentioned Candido Grzybowski, in his text democracy, civil society and politics in Latin America: notes for discussion (1), referring to the portion of poor populations immersed in a democracy: like all social subjects, these groups need to become democratic in the same process by which become subjects. To situate this analysis in a network containing hypothetical sketches to raise, is they embody the following statistical data about the factor poverty, quantifying an alarming reality that will allow to be anchor for the understanding of the binomial pobreza-desigualdad and its link with democratic stability: there is around 1. 2 billion people living with income less than one dollar per day in the world. Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest proportion of people living below the threshold of poverty.

In the former Soviet bloc, the poverty line rose from 1. 1 million in 1987 to 24 million estimated in 1998. In 2003, Latin America had already 225 million people whose incomes were below the poverty line. In fifteen countries in South America, more than 25% of citizens live below the poverty line, and in seven countries the proportion of poor exceeds 50% of the population. More than half of Latin American countries did not reach even the growth required to reduce the level of extreme poverty. Poverty and democracy the attempt by elucidate the degree of association between these two concepts has been the subject of exploration of various professionals. Michael Lewis-Beck, University of Michigan Distinguished Professor, and Ross Burkhart, departmental Director of the Boise University status, have arrived at interesting conclusions thereon.