Testing and adjusting component involves evaluation and self-esteem of teachers and students progress. At this stage, to refine and validate certain hypotheses and pilot experienced by comparing them with the experience and experiment. Analysis of experience training of cadets of the military university research shows that at this stage, the validation of the found solution to the problem and determine its importance for the understanding of the object Overall, the definition of the scope of the solutions, the introduction of results into practice. Our experience shows that the phase under consideration is related to the specific features of the military institution. Thus, the structure and function research activities defined by the purpose of preparing students of the university in this direction. They suggest deepening and development of professional theoretical knowledge and its application in practice, grafting all students the skills of setting and conducting independent research, attracting the most talented students to critical problems of education, the ability to make informed choices by students research area in which most clearly could appear their creative abilities, education in the walls of the university pool of scientists, researchers and professionals. On stage, the reflexive analysis and synthesis results of the plan, determine the level of formation of the research skills of students, comparing the results achieved with previous plans, the identification of outstanding issues deficiencies in the implementation of the plan and their causes. At this stage, thought out way of presenting the results of the study practiced forms of representation in the form of articles or abstracts, conceptualized and spells out the possible recommendations for the practical application of the results, ie absorptive phase of the study plan.

Malta Time

Poedte in Valletta – capital of Malta, in the village of artists and fishermen in a blowing factory. Excursion to the island of Gozo will not leave anyone indifferent: a holy place That Pinu (considered the most sacred in Malta at the entrance to the church embraces a feeling of complete peace and tranquility, even here praying Pope), the capital of Gozo – Victoria, Calypso Cave (where the legend of Calypso kept Odysseus), through the mainsail and simply beautiful scenery. Those who want to visit Italy, may day off to visit Sicily, it is 70 km across the sea. This is only a small part of what can be seen. Each time, returning to Malta, you can find many new and unfamiliar.

The school also offers many options recreational sports – it's football, basketball, volleyball, in which the guys play several times a week (in Malta, by the way, a large number of football teams). You can go horse riding, and it is available – cost 15 euros hour. You can go diving, swimming with dolphins. Those who want to relax by the sea, quiet time and to teach the language, shopping, will find magnificent nature, clean sea, fine cuisine and shopping the most famous brands. I think everyone will find here something that previously only dreamed of, and Malta will be able to make that dream come true.

NIGHTLIFE evening in Malta started a completely different life. After a hot day and come chill a desire to eat. Gradually filled the streets and cafes.

Critical Theory

Theory curricular development According to Contreras (1990, p182), the origin of the resume as field of study and inquiry is not fruit of an interest mere academic, but of a social concern and politics for treating and deciding educative necessities and problems; it is an administrative convenience and not an intellectual necessity. This theory of Contreras has bedding with the reality in which we are living, today we can observe, even so of shy form, that has certain concern of the authorities with the resume that is given in the school. Resume: Trends and Philosophy the philosophical trends of the resume invite in them to make and to know its genealogy. From gnese of its concept, searching to verify where contexts and places if had constituted. One searchs to understand that the resume is the result of different discursividades, diverse scienters, of varied representations, nor always shows, in its surface, everything what it can show or mean, in terms of consequences. (MCNEIL, 1995).

The rank of McNeil, comes showing in them that in fact the resume is multicultural even so presents some definitions, but will be always resume, and its adaptations of use will be in accordance with the reality of the involved communities. The resume, of the pedagogical point of view, is seen as a structuralized set of you discipline and activities, organized with the objective to make possible that the goals settled in function of an educative planning are reached. Sociology and Critical Theory of the Resume: an introduction For Tomaz Tadeu, the resume has much time left of to be only one area mere technique, directed toward relative questions the procedures, techniques and methods. According to it already if it can speak today in a critical tradition of the resume, guided for sociological questions, politics, epistemolgicas. (IT HISSES, T.T, 1994). Tomaz Tadeu touched in an important point when mentioning that the resume is guided by sociological questions politics, because in fact it is what it is seen happening in the schools.

Rutto Martinez

You are the rose that adorns my chest I am the illusion that decorate on your deathbed. You are the promise of a cute dawn I am the light that has lived without birth. Thou art the spring already blooming? I am the summer which already perished. Thou art the water purified by fire I am the thirsty that has your post arrived. Thou art the virtue with smile of women I am the adventure with scent of yesterday. You’re the star that shines in the sky I am being that it dwells in your thinking.

Thou art the beauty of heat I am fire its color. Thou art the honeycomb containing honey I am who taste your want to know. You’re one hand sensitive towards cold I am the heat of your body against mine. You’re the hope in my chest has lived I am the tired traveller in your lap to sleep. Thou art the mysterious cell that leads to Dios I am wounded heart that seeks your love. Thou art the prayer that rises to heaven I am a forgotten be forgotten is consumed. Your are the flower that apertuma my life I am the dreamer who cannot forget. You’re the most beautiful of my existence I am victim of your laziness.

You you’re all in the path of my life I am the glamor of a lost hope. Thou art the happiness always elusive I am a faith that is not yet expired. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.


However, in the last hours I had heard with insistence the rumor that the man mysterious and unknown, but endowed with a power without limits, would be preaching at a point not specified, near the sea. The News ran like the wind strong and soon was known by all. By all but the King, and his Court and his generals, knew about the reappearance of the master of the crowds; Comforter of the dispossessed: of the healer of the incurables.Your humble home of the field a family toward plans to attend the most important event of the time-I would like to go, the father said. But the work that I have is an inescapable obligation.- & n bsp; Work which incidentally leaves us well little food scarce at home; the table has been empty often and our clothes has aged – & nbsp; You’re right woman but my strength does not give me for more.In any case, I do not pode go where the Prophet, and you should not go. Stay at home and saving a bit of force, perhaps we need it- & nbsp; Oh father! Mother! His young son interrupted them.

If you are not going to go they should allow me to do it. The Prophet is the largest man that mankind has known and they say that there will never be another deserving even untie the straps of his Sandals – & n bsp; But son! interrupted the mother is very young to go alone, you could get lost in the crowd. They may trample you if there is a stampede.- & nb sp; Let woman! It is necessary that men do now. When he returns he will also us what you learn. And who knows if becomes a friend of the Prophet and helps us to find the way that these impoverished lands give us a little more than food to satiate the hunger that we torture.- & n bsp; Mother, let me go. He says that this time the Prophet will make a miracle larger than the water changed into wine; more impressive than the healing of the leper and the lame; more resonant than the resurrection of the son of the widow; more decisive brake to the mother storm, if something so important is going to happen, I want to be there.- & n bsp; Let that go woman not stop it because seeing our son in this to someone who was born for good don’t know for what, but is for something big.-okay you can go, but te cuidas.-so not so send women.

The Indignation

You can not move from impact, of the abuses of the indignation and it burns us up to self-esteem. In the hellish love There is no room for health. We have to destroy us because we feel so alive. Of course, that abuse addiction is an important factor in this type of relationship. The enjoyment will always tarnish with aggression and violence, cruelty and abuse of substances, sometimes.

Hell is the secret place of the soul of these loves. People and their lives are miserable. They make miserable the life of their partners and those around them. They live in the haste, in fright, in the unexpected, never know when will be on the side of the flames. They may be playing the most beautiful music that is instantaneous and spend with such intensity to the burning and the fire, which is unpredictable behavior. If you find yourself living a hellish love are surely full of doubts and lack of control. You feel that you can’t let your partner though reasonably, you know that you do not agree. All over the world to your around makes what you see, but you do not you can break you of that relationship.

A thousand and one times you’ve promised you not return with him, and the first call there you are as if you didn’t have memory. You’re also awash in shame and suffering. Sometimes, it is not easy to leave a relationship of this nature. I recommend that you seek help, if you can do it on their own, it is not an act of weakness, on the contrary, it is an act of mental health. Remember that there are resources today, that can help you to heal. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life how to regain the trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship. Find out here you subscribe to our newsletter and receive free of charge: the ten commandments of the life partner.

How To Observe The Brand

Beware the mark not related with SEO, Pagerank, or figures of this type. However, it is always necessary to know what is said about our brand or website on social networks, news portals, user forums, and online communities in general. This is because taking control early we can very easily disable any threat to our online reputation and our efforts to promote on the internet, and can reverse associations that they established between defamatory keywords and web site probably it would not you happy that anchor text lousy service see linked to your url on several web sites. For this reason, we must use some monitoring tools that will help us get an idea clear how many times we have been referred, by whom, and whether the comment or mention has been favorable or not. Create a Google alert.

They are very easy to create, and thus ensure that all collected by related Google News with the terms you have selected from reaching you your mailbox. Go to and simply create one alert with your brand or web site to be reminded of every reference that is made to any of them. From this page it is possible to search simultaneously mentions in Blogger, Digg, FriendFeed, Stumbleupon, and Another similar service is. With this tool it will be possible to track mentions in comments of posts, blog postings, and mentions on sites like Flickr and Digg. Worried about possible mentions in discussion forums? With doubt about whether it has been mentioned, and how can be removed.

You know they say you on Twitter?. It is never more to create one or more relevant searches and save them. You can subscribe to the rss of these searches (if so they do not atosiguen it with notices are not too popular), and receive news in your favorite RSS reader. . It will help you with the search by tags. Tweetdeck. It has a feature that will allow you to find out the tweets and mentions according to the criteria that you select (for example #socialmedia) . Know exactly the degree of visibility of your site on social networks. . A revolutionary engine of search that will show in a tag cloud format terms similar to your interest. By positioning the mouse over these terms you may have an idea of the sites that rank first for these associated searches. . It is a search engine specialized in blogs, which also will show you related videos, mentions on Twitter, Myspace, pictures and news. With these tools you can have a picture rather than broad of the mentions of your brand and your page on different supports, and thus have a clear idea of your online visibility, and it may be deducted if your website promotion efforts have yielded the desired fruits. As we have said before to know what is being said about you, your brand and your website is vital to anticipate and rectify any bad association that could suffer. They allow you to be a step more ahead of your competition. Don’t forget that before buying it… the majority of users inquire about you.