Games Promotes Relaxation

Games that promote relaxation of the next three games are borrowed from the book by K. Fopelya 'How to teach children to cooperate' (1998). They will help to create a kindergarten or elementary school and friendly atmosphere of mutual assistance, trust, good will and open communication between children with one another. 'Waterfall' Purpose: This game will help children's imagination to relax. "Sit back and close your eyes. 2-3 times a deep breath and exhale.

Imagine that you standing near the waterfall. But this is no ordinary waterfall. Instead of water, it drops down a soft white light. Now imagine being under that waterfall and feel how this beautiful white light shines on your head .. You feel like relaxing your forehead, then his mouth as relaxing muscles in the neck … White light flowing through your shoulders, neck and helps them to become soft and relaxed. The white light flowing from your back and you will notice, as in the back voltage disappears, and it also becomes soft and relaxed.

The light flows through your chest, stomach. You feel as they relax and you themselves, without any effort, you can inhale and exhale deeply. This allows you to feel very relaxed and pleasant. Let the light flow also on your hands, the palms, on one hand. You notice how his arms and hands become softer and more relaxed. Light is flowing and the legs, down to your feet. You feel that they relax and become tender. This amazing waterfall of white light flows around your body. You feel completely calm and serene, and with each inhalation and exhalation, you deeper and deeper relax and are filled with fresh troops … (30 seconds). Now give thanks to this waterfall of light, because it so wonderfully relaxed you … A little stretch, straighten up and open your eyes. " After this game is to do something calm. 'Dancing hands' goal: if the children are restless or upset, this game will give children (especially distressed, troubled) to clarify their feelings and inner relaxation. 'Put the big sheets of wrapping paper (or old wallpaper) on the floor. Take each of 2 shallow. Select a piece of chalk for each hand you liked the color. Now go back to spread out the paper so that your hands, from wrist to elbow, were on paper. (In other words, so that the children had a room for painting). Close your eyes, and when the music starts, you can draw with both hands on the paper. Move the hands to the music. Then you can see what happened '(2-3 minutes). Game performed to the music. 'Blind dance' Purpose: To develop trust in each other, the removal of excess muscle tension. "Divide into pairs. One of you gets the blindfold, he will be 'blind'. The other will be 'seeing' and be able to drive 'Blind'. Now grab the hand and dance with each other under the light music (1-2 minutes). Then change roles. Help your partner to tie a bandage. " As a preparatory step possible to put children in pairs and ask them to join hands. One who sees, moves his hands to the music, and a child with a blindfold trying to repeat these movements, holding hands, for 1-2 minutes. Then the children switch roles. If the child refuses to wake close your eyes, calm him and do not insist. Let the dancing with their eyes open. As the child get rid of the anxiety disorders can begin to hold the game is not sitting and moving around the room.

Complete Poetries

We choose this poem, because it has in it a language that is not only one instrument, a way of if expressing, but a species of revelation, of descortnio of the importance of the water and the relation of it with the man and the nature. She is one commanded language that it passes, first, for the physical and chemical aspects of the water, it lards for the linking of them with the material world, ‘ ‘ the machine ‘ ‘ , finishes making relation with a daily reality beginning reading it, that is the reality of the frozen water of the water fervente. This denotativa language regarding the water is that one that allows in them to come back to the conception of science as factual truth that can be surveyed. From analyses of these factual truths, we arrive, then, to an analysis of last estrofe of the poem. The language, now, much more intuitiva of what the first one, has the function of comover, awaking the reader for a counterpoint to the properties and the functions of the water, or same, to its hidrolgico cycle: the counterpoint of the tragedies human beings. One notices that, propositalmente, for the semiologia, the proper verbal time if modifies of the three first estrofes for last estrofe with the intention of awaking the reader for the change of the language and to mark the exaggeration between the scientific truths that can be surveyed and the poetical truths that cannot be surveyed as science, but also they are truths, because they have reasons they justify that them. As an example, we examine the potential of the poem in a perspective to interdisciplinar. It is important to stand out here that not yet we are exemplificando the intertextualidade as nuance to interdisciplinar, but are composing an explanation on what we understand regarding what it is a text and on a conception of nuance to interdisciplinar it on the basis of.

Silk Road

The fact that the miracle of water-Iron Mountain known for a long time, no doubt. Discovered the most ancient settlements in the precincts of the modern city, the ruins of fortifications along the Silk Road on the mountain Razvalka, the remnants of an old wooden tub, found when clearing source "Gryaznushka" – all said to use mineral water to treat local people. And when here in 1810, came Dr. FP Haas, water found them in the shared source dripping stone bath. The first written mention of the sources of lead naturalist PS Pallas, seconded to the area Pyatigorje in 1793 by the Russian Academy of Sciences. In his report he mention of mineral springs, located between Beshtau and Iron. About them he had been told by locals and asserted that "between these sources of a mineral hot." In the late XVIII and early XIX century the area was Pyatigorje densely populated Kabardins, abazintsami and Nogais. And, of course, they knew about the existence of Mineral Waters Mountain Gooch-tau, but reluctantly showed them to researchers.

This could see Dr. Haas, who in his first visit in 1809 was not able to find the mysterious mineral keys. And the only immediate assistance in the following year Prince Ismail Bey Atazhukina, who personally led Haas through dense forest to the mountain Gooch-tau, which on its southern slope, and were identified three sources. "We arrived at the place at half past five – wrote Haas in his book" My Journey to Aleksandrov water "- and I immediately determined to taste and form small glandular source, that crossed our path.

The Education With Limits

THE EDUCATION WITH LIMITS How meets the education of our children? It will be that we are vain whom when union exists enters the good examples in the family and the accompaniment of the children next to the school if we will get a good education?In this article we express that the parents cannot leave to impose limits for its children and also they do not have to be constrangidos in saying the word ' ' no' '. The true love to the children does not consist of making everything that the children want, but the full love is when the correct way is pointed. She is necessary to rethink in the form that we are educating the children and, who has this courage helps to make solid the good education and helps the school to exert its true paper. We cannot leave that the children say the last word and to make everything that wants. Many parents finish passing for constaints and shamee when not they take care of to all the order of the children; we need to have the persuation that the true education of the children necessary to always start in the proper house and with the firm pulse of the parents.

Obviously that to proceed from this way it is not easy, but we need used e, we do not have to understand that they are practical obsolete. The children must be educated knowing that nor what he desires yourself immediately must be delivers to the children. A child who grows having everything that asks for to the parents, will not know to value what she earns and always will go to want more.The scholars of this subject affirm: child created without limit and receiving everything what she desires, will be a young without limits and an adult without referencial.

General Education Act

If we believe that all individuals are different and therefore that diversity does that every human being has something valuable, because each one feels, thinks and acts differently, but that even so, equal opportunities, not in the sense of homogeneity (in education) should be since by placing students by age are believed to have the same capacity, so it works with the same curriculum, methodology and at a same pace, this is to transmit knowledge and in no way there will be a learning, it is form similar individuals that respond to the same patterns of behavior, with the same knowledge and ways of thinking. The theory of multiple intelligences of Gardner, mentions the following: Gardner defines intelligence as the set of capabilities that enable us to solve problems or make valuable products in our culture. Gardner defines 8 major types of intelligences, or capabilities according to the context of production (linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, the intelligence body kinesthetic, musical intelligence, spatial intelligence, naturalist intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence). 1 This author is based on the idea that not all learn in the same way, because we develop the eight intelligences, but each of them in different grade. Speaking of equality and attention to diversity, believe in the tenets of article 3.

Constitutional and of the article 41 of the General Education Act, but will provide each student with what you need be equal?, undoubtedly you will need to define, since how Jose Contreras mentions it in your theme educate the eye and the ear: it is as well that the diversity is the collective of which do not fit for some reason, of ethnic minorities, those who have difficulties or delays in learning, the conflict in the classroom, of those who belong to social sectors disadvantaged, the disabled. 2 By which teachers we have the ability to understand, accept and resolve, this perhaps does not solve problems, but if allows us to deal with them in a more humane manner. Likewise, we must not allow that equality be confused with uniformity; because the individual is to be able to face the problems submitted to it and solve them with criteria and analysis, required a training school, a diversified, flexible and comprehensive school where work with a methodology consistent with the rhythms and styles of learning, so that the child acquires the capacity to build with the Guide and orientation of the teacher and in this way will be a school for everyone. The school must have a relationship closely with environment and East toward the school, and teachers work in a collegial manner, because individualism closes the possibility of receiving and giving support, greatly hindering the Organization of the institution and the academic performance of the student. By: B. Maribel Baez Echeverria June 2010 1 Jose Contreras. Educating the eye and ear.

The Teachings Of Abraham

Part of the "Absolute Secret of Wealth." You are a natural extension of what is not physical. All That Is, or God is not finished or waiting for you to find. You are an expert guide thought, looking for more here: more of everything that makes them feel good, most of what is new and glorious and exalted. (They are, in essence, bringing heaven to earth.) Are here in this body because you chose to be here. They wanted to have the opportunity to experience this delicious contrast in time and space, and with great anticipation came to co-create with other people joy seekers, to tune the process of deliberate thought.

(What, how, where and with whom are also your selections.) The basis of life is freedom, the purpose of your life is Joy. You are a creator; create with every thought. Often created with neglect, then get what they focus their attention, whether they like it or not want, but know from the way they feel if they are getting (creating) what they want, or are creating what will not. (Where do you focus your attention?) Can be or do whatever they imagine. When asked why they want it activates the essence of your wishes and the universe begins to bring them. The more intense your positive thoughts are, the faster they get what they want. (It's so easy to create a castle as creating a button.) Choose their creations while they are choosing your thoughts. His love interior people offer guidance in the form of emotion.

Student Direction

In October of 2003, the Statute of the Aged one was approved, contends some chapters on attendance entities, defining requisite, principles, responsibility for the fiscalization and penalties. Already in September of 2005, the Resolution of the Direction Student body? RDC n 283 approves the regulation technician of the ILPI? s. Biscotte (2008) quotation that the SBGG? SP defines the ILPI? s as: Establishments for the institucional integral attendance, whose white public is people of 60 years and more, independent dependents or, who do not make use of conditions to remain with the family or in its domicile. These institutions, known for diverse denominations? shelter, asylum, home, house of rest, geriatrical clinic and ancianato? they must provide services in the social, medical, psychological area, of nursing, fisioterapia, occupational therapy, odontologia, and in other areas, as necessities of this etrio segment. He is well-known that the incorporation of all these requirements is not easy, therefore many times, these institutions do not present adequate physical structure, beyond not making use of number enough of staff and to be precarious its material resources for the attendance of its clientele. The nursing services as integrant part of the health organizations, come perceiving the necessity of education, training and update for its staff due to technological and scientific evolution, in the direction to improve the practical ones of the nursing. An institution to reach its goal and objectives is necessary to have professional able and competent. One of the strategies so that this occurs is the education of the employee in its workstation, that is one of the ways facilitadores for the transformation of the potential of the employee in objective actions, beyond to offer conditions, so that it interprets and it uses the reality that the fence (BUENO and BERNARDES, 2010). Silva and Seiffert (2009), affirm that in the health services, the educative processes aim at to the development of the professionals for a series of activities generically called of qualifications, training and emergenciais or prompt courses, structuralized and continuous.

Psychology and School

A School or a school of Psychology are a discipline that combine elements of clinical psychology and the psychology of the education with the purpose of to help the students to overcome the conduct problems and difficulties of learning that interfere with the educative process. The professionals of this specialty of general psychology, are used in the K-12 schools in the EE.UU and as the equivalent of the educative systems of other countries, and are called scholastic psychologists of school or advisors. Scholastic psychology is a field in expansion due to an increasing number of students who face problems in the school. In addition, the professionals are involved in the intervention in crisis, the efforts of prevention of the violence and to work with personnel of the school to create a positive atmosphere for the learning. The main intention of the specialty of psychology in a school is to help to the children in educative surroundings for the academic, emotional and social success. One of the ways in which this is carried out is by means of diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems and difficulties of learning, thus helping to the students to overcome these barriers for the academic success.

Another aspect of the school psychology includes the advising to the students with emotional difficulties and to help them to process its feelings without interfering with the social or academic operation. In the majority of the configurations, this specialty includes to help to the students with socialization problems and to help them to learn how to sail difficult social situations such as to rise to the pressure or the negotiation with the intimidatory behavior. Professionals in the field of scholastic psychology are called scholastic, advisory or working psychologists social. The minimum formation demanded to enter the profession is a specialist title, level that at least require 60 hours of credit concerning postgraduate, as well as a course that lasts approximately nine months. With the purpose of to be used in the majority of the schools, it is required generally the certification by the competent, regional or local authority. The majority of the scholastic psychologists works in K-12 schools, since they play a vital role with important responsibilities. The field of the psychology of the school is expanding due to a variety of factors, the discipline and now it includes much more that the educative tests.

The psychologists of Madrid do important contributions to the educative atmosphere receiving a greater recognition. An increasing number of students has problems that affect their learning, which brings about a greater necessity of services of scholastic psychology. The students with physical and emotional problems, as well as those with learning incapacities, often are incorporated and frequently they need the support the psychologist of the school to fulfill the academic goals. With the increase of the scholastic violence in many localities, the department of psychology of the school often provides important services of intervention of crisis and directs the efforts of prevention of violence. In many cases, the schools are trying to satisfy the needs that before were of the dominion of the parents, and all the personnel, including the psychologists are involved in the creation of an atmosphere of support for the students.