Exact Words

It uses different verbs, conjugations and combinations of the same. To use synonymous. To use combinations of the different words changing the order from the elements. To use the most common failures that they take place when writing. To be avoided to use terms or very generic words? It does not abuse to select to words calves of a single I finish, tries combinations Exist several options of agreement of key words, that modifies the possibilities. a) Ample agreement b) Agreement of phrase c) Exact agreement d) Negative agreement a) Ample agreement Is the predetermined configuration of all the key words.

In all the searches realised by means of its key word its announcement would be published. b) Agreement of phrase Delimits the search when demanding that the words appear exactly in their order. for that the quotation marks are used. c) Exact agreement Delimits the reach and would show your announcement when the exact phrase in the search is used, without no other word before, enters later or. To use square brackets d) Negative agreement Eliminates the phrase search for which it does not wish appears his announcement, like cheap, free. He is advisable to make a list of these words and to include them in our campaign. Characteristic of a list of key words: Size this list must of being greatest possible? Variety besides containing obvious words, but also terms related to the subject. Relevance the more related this product to promote with the key words, the more excellent will be the list.

State Education

(Ministry of education (2008) compiled from documents Curriculares, 1st pedagogical meeting) It is based on values established in the political Constitution of the State. Inclusion: in the sense of equality plena integral, students, teachers, administrative, social organizations, parents and the community as a whole participates in all and each one of the processes of the system without restrictions on equal terms. Dignity and respect: multinational system of monitoring, measuring, evaluation and accreditation of the educational quality, carries out its activities within the framework of respect for and enhancement to ideological, cultural, linguistic, legal pluralism, worldview, organization and social administration. Equity and social justice: the multinational system of monitoring, measuring, evaluation and accreditation of the educational quality, is aimed at gathering information that translates into educational policies seeking equality in terms of the quality of education. Reciprocity and complementarity: the follow-up processes, measurement, evaluation and accreditation of the educational quality, face actions in equilibrium, concordance and parity with actors of education complementing knowledge and experiences.

Transparency: because the multinational system of monitoring, measuring, evaluation and accreditation of the educational quality, generates and provides information in a way clear, substantial, with restraint, responsibility, without bias or privileges. Common well-being and harmony: do all the actors and other instances without abuses and authoritarianism and impositions, to achieve a good education which is a condition for living well. The complex thought complex thought is an alternative proposal that can be inscribed within these paradigms, since it helps to understand reality from another point of view (reality as complexus) and opens the range of possibilities of understanding and apprehension of the various realities. Complex thought is not the paradigm but falls within the paradigms others, does not seek to subdue from a controller epistemology and all knowledge, but from its very conception, reductionist knows that there is a plurality of instances, each a decisive each insufficient.

Educational Orientation

As for the vocational orientation, Nrici (1976, p.86) emphasizes: ' ' the vocational orientation must be introduced since early in the pertaining to school life and must be continuous during the time where educating to remain in the school, being aimed at to develop a useful vocation for which it has aptitudes and it has disclosed interesse' '. Corroborating with the author, we understand that the vocational orientation aims at to develop attitudes basic to the exercise of the functions of the inherent educandos to its professional choices. For this it is necessary to know, for example, the characteristics of the economy and its paper in this economy, therefore, it is inside of this vision that appears the vocational person who orientates to help in the accomplishment of these basic functions. It is who goes to plan, to direct, to control and to co-ordinate the knowledge that will be directed for the areas of immediate interest of the educandos. In touching the contributions of the Educational Orientation to the process teach-learning, on the basis of Libneo, Oliveira and Toschi (2007), we saw that it has four elements that it intervenes with the relations between teaching work and pertaining to school organization: the management, the project pedagogical politician, the organization and joint of the resume and the investment in the professional development of the professors and/or professionals of the education. All these areas of performance are determinative factors of pertaining to school effectiveness and of the improvement of the education processes learning. The paper of the educational person who orientates occurs, therefore, inserted in the pedagogical management of the school, where the OE plays a mediating function and of joint of the different members of the pertaining to school team, in favor of a good performance of educating. The integrated action understands a boarding to interdisciplinar and recognizes the school while collective construction.

School And Society

The difficulty to assimilate them grows in the measurement that increases to the diversity and complexity as well as the one of the channels by means of which they are spilled. The level of data available can get to block to us totally. We are speaking of data and of information not to put of relief a very special characteristic of our time: Confusion between data and information and this last and knowledge. The cultural mean level that is required for the compression of a text more and more is elevated. We are in the era of the information and nevertheless the confusion level seems to be growing.

Of there the importance of the paper of the school to contribute to the profit of the change of the information in knowledge and the technology in communication. The students have to find in the school everything what he is present in society and the culture in which they live; the school has to be the revitalising circumstance of the individual life in the own society. In a society of the knowledge and the communication the mission of the school is the one to offer the elements that allow to the development and the capacity to learn: to the school we are going to initiate the learning to learn. The knowledge to learn is the best fruit than it can offer schooling. In this sense, in the school all the means must be present that the society must to offer information: books, newspapers, radio, television, computer nothing can be other people’s to the school because nothing is other people’s to the life of the student. In anyone of the areas in which it is divided the academic panorama does not matter that it is languages, languages, mathematics, physics, ethics or music, in all of them the exercise of training in the search of information or data adapted to the exposition of an assumption or a real context can be realised. This supposes, on the part of the teaching staff, a change in the perspective from the one that contemplates its function; in offering more elements search than previous solutions; in proposing activities than in presenting/displaying descontextualizados and anachronistic scholastic exercises more.

He is not simple, but stimulating, trying the strict and the conventionally academic balance between and these new ways to do. On the other hand developing communicational activities, contacting with other groups in geographically distant schools, is an activity that merits special attention if it is tried that the students and students live and know as something real the virtual presence of different cultures, as can be stated in the programs of all type that indiscriminately offers audio-visual means to us of diffusion. Conscious of these characteristics of our time it is precise to discover new footpaths by which to walk for being able to teach new activities valued with a high potential of learning for the student. And as the poet said: ” He learns to differentiate/the things that are lie/of which things that are verdad”. Francisco Aryan Soli’s rescuing formula is peace, freedom and justice. Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum. URL: Original author and source of the article.

Microsoft Project

When I speak of project, referring to the way how should develop a process of consultative selling with a very well qualified opportunity. Definition: The development of a business opportunity must be faced as a project, which should involve: A determined time, assigned resources, an estimated cost and tangible results. We can add an additional variable as it is the development of the project with quality. If you are acting as a consultant before your prospect or customer, it is necessary to have clear bases on Project management (Project Management) to develop its relationship with the client in a professional manner. Tools: In the type of consultative selling I development, is necessary to append a work schedule in any proposal. Generally solutions that I sell to my clients put in production in a period ranging from 3 months to 18 months. Therefore the development of schedules of work is essential. For this I use Microsoft Project.

To control tasks within the sales process (which may take between 2 to 6 months, sometimes up to 1 year) use the AceProject system (). I use the version in service, entirely by Internet mode. It is very interesting, since it allows me to create projects that I share with the prospect or customer, defining sets schedules for the phase of evaluation and decision. This makes that you can have greater control over the activities of the sales process, share them with the buyer and you may have a clearer vision of the evolution of every business opportunity. Demonstrations of Software inside the sales process I personally do, it is necessary to develop software demonstrations.

We have developed a methodology through which we execute very custom demonstrations with the aim of achieving the prospect or customer to see your business and need reflected in the solution. Definition: Many of the customized presentations and software demos can be filmed or recorded in different formats to be then sent to the client or published on the Internet on the web site, blog or Wiki development opportunities of business objective: provide high quality material recorded with demonstrations and presentations with audio and videoespecially aimed at software demonstrations or similar products tools: I use a tool called Camtasia. This tool is installed in the pc and allows you to capture video and audio. It is very good for purposes of recording demos and presentations. Once recorded presentation, it can produce media for different channels, either to generate a CD or DVD, published in the Web, etc. My dear friends, this is just a set of tools than in practice, I say that I use them, they are very useful and they generate a high productivity in the commercial work. The fundamental point of this is that he saves me time, saves me money (can you imagine what it would cost me in the work of sales staff have to develop everything I do with these tools?) and allows me to run in very professional work with regard to the work of sales I make with my target market and customers. A final message that I want to leave. You can consider that you need to be an expert in computer science to be able to mane

Creative Visualization

It’s funny how the mind works. Although scientists are discovering more and more every day, it is true that it may be the organ in our body that we know least. Despite this, we know that our mind can program it, and have in fact programmed it for much of our lives we see life in a certain way. That reminds you of your education with respect to money, for example?, do you remember about the desire to have a better life?, their parents have educated him about positive thinking, about the right to want to have the best, the responsibility of creating our own destiny and not resign themselves to what others think that life should be? These questions are important to start from a base where we are probably many people in the whole munto, regardless of race, religion, or social status. According to Shakti Gawain, in his book creative visualization of the editorial Sirius, says that it is the art of using mental imagery and claims to produce positive changes in life. This is very true and I couldn’t verify it since I am a teacher of physical education and I could see how this aspect of the mind train athletes of high level of any discipline. I suggest a simple exercise of creative visualization: 1 – think of something that you would like to live, or possess, for example may be an object that you want to have. Something simple.

2. Wear comfortable, reclining in an armchair, lying on a carpet, and starts to relax slowly. If you have not ever, start breathing slowly, breathe and breathe slow and deep and close your eyes while doing so. 3 Let the thoughts that flow and go as well as they come, free the mind and let it blank. Be aware of your body and relax all muscles starting with the feet to the head or vice versa.