United World Colleges Scholarship

20MINUTOS.es the Foundation Announces 10 scholarships to study with other young people from 80 countries. About 40,000 students in the world, 400 Spaniards, have lived the experience. The call will remain open until January 31, 2013. The aid will allow two pre-university education courses. The Foundation Committee Spanish of of the United World Colleges (United World Colleges UWC) convenes 10 seats with scholarship and many others pay to study the international baccalaureate in any of the 12 centres that has spread over four continents.

Students who finally achieved one of these squares will have the opportunity to study and live for two years with other young people from between 80 and 100 countries. Seats will be awarded according to merit, potential, creativity and social commitment of the candidates. In recent years, Spain has established itself as the number one country in received requests to access the United World colleges. The aid, valued at 47,500 euros each, allow to make the two courses of pre-university education in Canada, United States, Costa Rica, Singapore, China, India, Norway, Swaziland, United Kingdom or Italy. Requirements for applying for one of the seats need to be studying 4 ESO or 1 year of high school, have been born in the years 1996 or 1997, be Spanish or resident in Spain in the last eight years with the nationality pending, have a good academic record and basic knowledge of English. The application form can be downloaded directly on the website and the term will end January 31, 2013. Those boys and girls who do not comply with the requirement of nationality can apply for the scholarship through the National Committee of the United World Colleges of their country of origin.

When selecting candidates, the Committee appreciates, in addition to the notes, potential students and other no less important issues such as his involvement in the problems of the community in which you live, if you develop any creative activity or if they practice some sport. Selection process About 50 students, who must develop a social project will be chosen in the preselection. The selection process will take place in Madrid. Students will have to pass a written test, an interview, a psychological test and exposure of the social project which the student has previously prepared. Half of the students will go to the final phase, which will consist of a group dynamic and another personal interview. Obligations of grantees during their stay in the United World Colleges, these students must devote at least two hours a week to a creative activity; at least two others to the practice of sports, and between three and six hours to the Community assistance programmes. In the latter case, we can examples include teaching English classes to women disadvantaged in La India, collaborate with the service of the United Kingdom coastguard or help in the conservation of a reserve marina in Canada. See more: open request for international baccalaureate at United World Colleges Scholarship

Zen Garden Managed

We must be more interesting man with whom we are trying, for academic learning comes in addition. Since the course of induction until the penultimate session in each of them I had a very pleasant experience and I always come back with my family with practical ideas to make in my life, because thanks to the teachers who give us the topics covered or by the experiences shared during the sessions with my colleagues, but if I have to choose one I would stay with the session of the second half in the cultural hub in the subject of comprehensive policy in which we presented in pairs to one of the leading politicians for their spirituality, and Dr. Ramon we assign to my companion and I to Tich Silvia Naht Hand, with which we identify ourselves when we began to read his biography and his bibliography, we wrapped in the magic of his spirituality and simply let flow through us, managed to convey his message to our colleagues, it was very interesting and touching to know the life and work of their selected by Dr. Ramon and see how each couple by exposing the character given him by his personal touch in the show, he knows each of them and find out everything that had happened, gave me courage not to stop doing what I should and perseverance we managed what I propose. In all sessions the most memorable moments were on Sundays, and forget those moments of practice we were doing yoga with my friends, walks in the Zen garden.

Four Job Interview Mistakes

What are the worst mistakes job hunters make? It turns out that there are four broad. These four mistakes turn up repeatedly when executives responsible for hiring talk about the reasons why someone did not receive a job offer. If you make one of them, you dramatically reduce your chances of being elected. Error Interview # 1: Think Like a job hunter The only reason an employer hires you is because they want you to achieve certain results for them. Or solve specific problems. In other words, you have something of great value to offer the employer. However, most of which turn to a job interview I think the only with something worthwhile to offer is the employer.

Result – they treat a job interview as a one-sided affair where the interviewer has all the power. To succeed in interviews, it is essential that you become a full participant in the session, keeping the same power. Just as the employer has to judge if you're the right person for them to judge if this organization offers the right opportunities for you. Go with clear objectives of what you need to know about them, putting their best foot forward to answer your questions. Obviously, this does not mean being rude or arrogant. It means that you are active in the direction of the conversation and get the information you want. This is very different from the traditional hunter's work culture. It is about developing a strong, confident mindset that you will get results.

A Love Of Art

Are emerging among children, young painters, dancers and poets who know that there are other forms of language, have realized that the world is beautiful, there are more roads that connect with their soul, their essence and that this helps develop spiritual intelligence. When I dance, they sing in the choir, when acting or painting, it's as if transformed. I saw the art simply as a tool, could not explain the bottom of this. Thanks to the expertise now know, is a living and this has put me confidence, confidence. In my daily life, I think much has changed since before defending the values, like honesty or responsibility to me and to others, have been strengthened. I believe and advocate more respect for the families. Reinforce the lead by example. I've noticed that if I act with integrity, with wisdom, love and discernment, the "other" and notes that the seed example, that something will be captured and certainly invited to reflect on everything in this world we all wish we would have more peace and harmony.

Another thing that struck me deeply is my love of poetry, before the master had never written anything and I have to confess that neither my attention, it is as if nothing out of me. Now everything comes easily and from somewhere very deep, it's as if you started and leave the key verses, not my head, I'm sure. But I like and I like a lot, I started to write everything and everyone and I feel that feeds my soul.

Risk Data Loss

How do I prevent that data lost? The only way to prevent the loss of electronic data, is the renunciation of the computer. This is of course not to take seriously that refrain, is nearly impossible in our present time entirely on the computer. So what can you make to your own PC not an expensive data recovery must undergo? Certainly everyone in the framework of the work will have ever heard about data backup with a computer. That’s exactly the answer. No matter, whether it is a business or even a private computer, a regular backup of the data on an external disk can prevent really in doubt, that the device will be necessary for data recovery from an expert in the visor. The data can be stored on various media, so you can take for example a conventional CD, one can assume also a USB stick. This however is typically rewritable, what a total data loss not really prevents. Also a regular backup of the entire computer would be possible.

This not only has the advantage, that all files against loss are protected. With a backup, the PC is returned exactly in the condition in which he found himself at the time of the backup. This helps the user may do this to be able to restore the data. Large companies for example have usually a large central computer, to store all company data. This are usually install special programs that automatically make a backup on a regular basis. But even small companies can prevent major damage by a regular backup. Just here should the backing up of data not be dispensed with, because as mentioned above, a data saviors, i.e. a professional who deals with data recovery, is not very cost effective. You should consider this point in any case if prior to all work, is missing one time for a backup again.