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Ol, you likes to hear histories, I is asking this because if you like to hear, goes giving in them very well, therefore I adore to count histories. My name is Tuta and its? Well, if you this hearing this history are because you are a person, you want to say, a human being. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc describes an additional similar source. I am an animal, pra to be more accurate I am a very old turtle that already lived many adventures. I do not know well my age very, but I have one 140 years more or less. you, how many years have? Today go to count a well small case of when I age, I I had ones 6 or 7 years, I liveed with my mother and with my father, us we liveed in a small farm, was very legal there, you already was some time in one I besiege? If it was, probably liked very. Well, of any form I go to count to you as it was this small farm.

A small farm is a great land space well, is as if grando was a yard well. In this land space it can have some things, a house, a lake, a well, a corral, one horta, can vary, but it is more or less this. In this I besiege that I liveed, had a well great house, with one varanda in the front where the people placed its nets and could sleep, also they had many chairs, was a legal house very. Also he had a lake, he was small, more or less of the size of a soccer field, and in this lake he had many ducks and fish. Also it had a well, a cow, some hens and always the hens had many pintinhos therefore always shocked its eggs and were always being born new young chickens that soon grew and turned chickens.

Effective Form

GoTo learning software offers more than just pure memorization of exam questions if a recognized publisher of aviation and a specialist in testing software collaborate to develop a common educational software to prepare for flight tests, should listen to student pilots: because if two strong partners are bundling their competencies, the odds for a compelling product. This is exactly the test software goto PPL happen, developed by the aviation Publisher Friedrich SAH with Peters audit software: linked to the official exam questions for motor – and sail – helicopter with the specific secondary educational content. So the associated Lehrtext can be displayed such as an incorrectly answered question always. Vice versa can be edited also chapter by chapter and then checks the learning success with the corresponding questions. You may wish to learn more. If so, Levi’s is the place to go. The software is ideal for all aspiring pilots who are preparing not only precisely on exam questions want to have want but all facts clearly explained and substantiated with solid practical knowledge. But refresh also experienced pilots as their skills. Customized learning software for the engine or the glider contains goto testing software PPL JAR FCL official catalog of questions after for the theoretical exam, as well as structured textbook based on the book series published by the Verlag Friedrich SAH of private pilots”. For engine flight students relevant chapter and BZF contained this completely II and AZF, as questions.. Filed under: Levi’s.

Distance Learning Course

Complete the remote school besides the profession nowadays, it is increasingly important to have a good school. Could earlier be studying in attack with the general qualification for university entrance, graduation, more training companies and HR set the Abitur as a guarantee for a good and comprehensive education. You graduated from a different school and then a training, would like to but now studying based on devoted, in order to have a better professional qualification and therefore better chances on the labour market, to do his Abitur in addition to the profession in attack. For this you can visit an evening high school or uses a distance learning course, so far finished high school but you. The remote diploma is targeted learning and passing an examination with a high degree of independent and self-responsible work at home without a visit to an educational institution. Thus it saves time and this makes the remote school as suitable to complete it, but its time you used can be in addition to the actual working life itself classify by learning in the evening or on the weekends.

The remote high school is a distance learning course with its completion the student prepares the national matriculation examination. After the successful passing of the so-called stranger matriculation examination, this is the matriculation examination for graduates of the second education path, man entitled to study at a university or University of applied sciences. The transfer of knowledge in a distance learning course via extensive learning materials that will be sent to the students on a regular basis. This material consists of tasks, study books and other material, which was especially prepared to allow an independent and separate learning goal-oriented. Through the independent learning at home, the student is not only very flexible in his schedule, he may exert this remote school well in addition to his profession, with some discipline and commitment. The part-time distance learning can take place in various institutions. Many of these institutions offer a comprehensive support of distance learners Contacts with Lerncommunities meeting in forums. So we learn the individual superbly supported, that is also reflected in the high success rate of the remote baccalaureat. A remote high school requires initiative and a high level of motivation, but with the successful completion of the remote baccalaureat you can take more career opportunities and also educate themselves by studying.

About SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies recommends the use of learning packages in the classroom with SMART Board interactive whiteboards Venlo, March 5, 2010 – Globell B.V.., manufacturer of the learning software package according to GFK in Germany since 2003 best-selling school total and numerous other teaching and learning materials, has for its products school total packet learning physics and learning package electrical engineering get the SMART Board ready logo. SMART confirmed the products so that they are easy to use, intuitive and interactive. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Linklater. Still is ensured with the logo, buttons and text appear in sufficiently large and easily most SMART Board can be activated. Can all the keystrokes on-screen keyboard by SMART be made. In sum, this means that teachers can rely in studying it, by Globells to be supported products in the best way. Christian Kohls, ecosystem specialist at SMART Technologies: “the packages are ideally suited for use on SMART Board and we are the presentations and training programs” tell a friend about.” About SMART Technologies: SMART Technologies invented the award-winning Board interactive whiteboard in 1991 SMART and is the market leader in the category of interactive whiteboards worldwide until today. The portfolio of the company has more than 20 years by numerous easy-to-use, integrated hardware and software solutions, as well as related services to a wide range, which improves the way of global collaboration and learning.

From the outset, innovation and strong willingness in the Center were smart. SMART revolutionized the education market with products that allow teachers, through the targeted use of technologies that are positive and individually affect all types of learning and the learning environment, to improve the performance of the students. About Globell: Globell B.


and do I need it? Who needs the so what? We exchange us in social networks from flirt, order our food and our car and our books long on the Internet why we should not continue – us and training over the Internet. It is time-independent, available worldwide, knows no barriers, no inch trees and is easy to use. (\”What says the Wikipedia on E-learning:\” in E-learning (Engl.: electronic learning = electronically supported learning) \”, literally: e-learning\”), also known as the E-learning (E didactics), all forms of learning are understood according to a definition by Michael Kerres, cause the use of electronic or digital media for presentation and distribution of learning materials and/or to support interpersonal communication. E-learning also terms can be found as synonyms as: online learning (online learning), e-learning, multimedia learning, computer-based learning, computer-based training, open and Distance-learning. FireEye may help you with your research. A webinar is a seminar, which will be kept on the World Wide Web. The designation depends on Web a neologism or an acronym from the words\”(World Wide Web) and seminar\”. In contrast to the on-demand webcast, which transmitted the information in only one direction, a webinar is designed interactively and enables two-way communication between carrying out and audience. A webinar is a live\”in the sense that the information according to a program with a set start and end time is transmitted.

In most cases the oral explanations of the speakers are to be on the screen shown via VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) transfer. That work usually also bi-directional, if the Subscriber a microphone installed on his computer and the webinar facilitator has assigned language rights. In some cases (especially in the early days of the webinars), the audience had to let send the signal via a separate telephone connection. More typical Opportunities for interaction are the download files, questions via chat or participate in surveys. Source Wikipedia but that is usable for everyone? The Heidelberg seminar company Nastasi is uniquely positioned since 2008 in the E-learning and E-coaching market with their online courses on personality development.


Learning a foreign language multimedia courses is professional and easier than you think learning a foreign language is often difficult and seems hard to cope with. You attended a course, always a journey to purchase must be included. Books are usually inflexible and not very motivating. Better to apply and multimedia courses are motivating. But there are some criteria that you should consider when selecting.

Who wants to learn a foreign language, often believes that this project was difficult and time-consuming. These problems can be prevented however. First, you need a reason to learn a foreign language. This can be a holiday in the country, whose foreign language you want to learn. It may be that you decided, moved abroad to work or there. Maybe you found interest but only in one language. The next step is the selection of a method of learning.

A language course under the guidance of it be? Should a textbook be used? Or will lead to the desired result an online language course? The Selection of multimedia language courses is now obvious. Usually, they consist of one or more DVDs, which contain different lessons on different levels of mastery. But caution is required here. Because high-quality language courses should meet the following criteria: available in different formats, be like for example MP3, so that they are suitable for mobile use. They should be easy to use and clearly structured. You should include many different motivating learning and test methods should take into account, that learned content really move from the short term to the long term memory and the methods to turn off the language should be spoken by native speakers and authentic software should be technically compatible with multiple operating systems the levels should base, construction and business courses include a range of vocabulary and special vocabulary for different situations should special children language courses be available should offer its these criteria meet the over 70 multimedia Sprachkures of Sprachenlernen24. In addition, there is a free to world travel vocabulary download and lots of information about languages in the Sprachblog.

Language Learning

With the travel dictionary iSayHello and the iPhone you can learn languages very relaxed for the holiday. Happily landed at the resort, and now through the passport and customs control. Who knows, the gravel-feeling now about right do that, hopefully you understand me, just trouble now. Then you did it, and the next issue is already. To understand the taxi driver? Everything went with the hotel reservation smooth? Everything no problem, if you with his iPhone or iPod touch the corresponding course of iSayHello from the app store has available for download. Offline and completely relaxed, you can at the latest on the plane out of 10 lessons audition word phrases of his holiday country itself and learn a few important words to address typical situations. The courses of iSayHello suitable in particular for users that are only a few or no language skills have.

All words and set phrases were set to music with professional native speakers and can be spoken to. One advantage is that one iSayHello “on the can iPhone always have and also in difficult situations the travel dictionary to speak. Also whole packages of important sentences can you create with the Favorites feature “, informed Peter Heinz, Managing Director of Admovi GmbH, which specialises in the development of language software. With the lessons of arrival, welcome, hotel, shopping, food, and emergency travel dictionary to get a sufficient basic vocabulary for the spontaneous communication at the holiday destination and comes therefore relaxed by the country. Flirt was even thinking about the lesson. iSayHello there already as a course for English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Chinese. The reading and speaking is supported even by viewing the Phonetics in the Chinese course.

This makes easy even here really learning. The awards, best’ of iPhone apps plus’ for some travel dictionaries such as our Spanish or Italian course, validate our claim, to realize high-quality language software for the iPhone and iPod touch, so users anytime, anywhere can use this communication solutions in a globalized world”, commented Peter Heinz. Also available for other smartphones, the courses of iSayHello are already in preparation. More info: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Who owns an iPhone and any iPod touch, language on the page on his MP3 player download already but the travel dictionary as MP3 or use the course directly on the Internet. Well then, timely iSayHello download at the iTunes app store and is never speechless”in the holiday. Nothing can go wrong more.

Feng Shui Learning

With training much more in life to reach training sees not only the employers through their own initiative, also quite new professional perspectives this in many cases. In many cases, the training is promoted even by the employer. Just ask and if financial support is not possible, then you will be released maybe for the time of the tests of the work. Of course the question of what form is suitable for a training arises. The folk high schools offer always attractive prices for a wide range of professional fields, but also a distance learning should be taken into consideration. Here, they are not only time, but can also choose from a range of more than 200 State-approved courses. However, a distance learning course is not interesting for the training, also for those who missed it on the regular way to acquire a high school could realize this goal with a distance learning course. Or who, for example, the average Maturity and consider moves to study, who can also do his Abitur via distance learning.

Also in the area of personality training, there are now a wide range of distance learning courses. Coping with stress and basics of psychology can be learned as well as Feng Shui, and the like. For what they not wrong decide, so the investment in its own training is safe. You should be in advance of course aware, what career you would like to take and whether the selected distance accordingly makes sense. Deny you have in each case with partners and employers, because a continuing action in each case is time demanding. The remote schools also prepare State examinations, so that they can acquire all knowledge, for example, with a distance learning course, they need to acquire the final of certified technicians.

German Language

The basis of the alphabet German put the Latin alphabet, to which are added the letters a, o, u and ss. Check out Campbell Soup Company for additional information. The last letter was abolished orthographic reform of 1998 in so many words. Letter Gothic was used until the end of the twentieth century. In the formation and development of the German language has played the role of conquest by Germanic tribes of Baltic and Slavic lands in the X-XII centuries. In the dialects in eastern Germany, there are many names that have their origin in Slavic languages, endings are-itz,-au,-ow,-in, and others. Also in this area of the country there are people who wear Slavic names.

But the vocabulary of the German language includes not a lot of borrowing from Slavic languages. There were periods in history when the opposite is true borrowing: from the German language in the Slavic languages. In German, there are 15 short and long phonemes – monophthong, three descending diphthongs – vowels and 23 phonemes are consonants. Sounds p, tk (blank stops) to pronounce with aspiration before stressed vowels in the word, but after the shock of the vowel. Uvukulyarnaya articulation R – dominant, forelingual r exists in elocution standard German in speaking the same language is not used in southern Germany, as well as typical for the German language, which is used in Austria. The sound of z occurs in the German words that were borrowed from French. In German accent is a dynamic (moving), it is anchored in the first syllable, which is still called the root syllable.


And now I look at her boy and trying to understand the essence of his choice. Maybe in my adult world stale notion of child "Being wanted" toys. What dreams of his mind? Where is he, mentally, it sews a button? Why is his choice fell on this green and ugly? Why he, rather than the hysterical claims, as quiet crying? Well, why his tears of such hopelessness and resignation? Perhaps in his heart there is a struggle "want" to doubt "need"? Recalling his knowledge in psychology education of their children, I understand that it is impossible to admit that – to stage a whim turned into a stage sincere grief. Perhaps I had previously allowed a crude denial without explanation, could not easily persuaded inappropriate, or inability to fulfill his wishes and single-handedly decided, as a categorical refusal. As Psychologists say: "locked negative emotion, created a state of chronic mental stress" and now the child has lost credibility with me. He emerged a hidden resentment and discontent.

A child's grief how would it have seemed ridiculous and absurd in a baby crying, very deep impact on the character and soul. Need for time itself to become a child to look around and then maybe be able to open the door to understanding child psychology. Need to learn to respect the feelings of the child. What do the tears of a child? Small men are already fairly well understood rules of conduct and prohibitions, but can not always control your feelings, desires, and tend to profound experiences.

Largest Pairs

As is evident from the expression (3), the force of gravitational attraction between two objects decreases with increasing velocity of their relative motion. Objects in their original state away from each other, drawing closer, can form the orbital system, which interact with each other also has some special features. Suppose that two objects are coming closer to the minimum possible distance, form a pair of rotating around the common to the two objects center of mass. Suppose that two such pairs, the orbit motion of which lie the same plane, converge and form a system of two pairs of rotating in its turn around a common center of mass. Levi’s can aid you in your search for knowledge. If the orbital radius of rotation pairs – R, much larger than the distance between the objects in pairs, the force of mutual attraction of pairs of objects F (q 2) / R, (4) is inversely proportional to the distance (and not the square of the distance ") between the centers of mass of steam, and the largest can many times exceed the force of mutual attraction of stationary objects. In addition, the orbital velocity of the steam – v, formed in this way a system of two pairs is constant and independent of the orbital radius of the motion: v = const. (5) The mathematical apparatus describing the behavior of objects can not (because of its complexity) to obtain in analytical form solutions for the interaction of sets of objects corresponding to star systems and galaxies, however, based on noted above, the behavior of objects (3, 4) can make the following assumptions: – the gravitational interaction between galaxies may be a substantially weaker than predicted by the law of the World gravity because of their relative motion, in this case, the effect of "divergence" of galaxies may be associated with random processes, as shown in 6, and does not require for its explanation, involving "dark energy" – in galaxy force of mutual attraction of stellar systems, the orbits of planetary motion which lie in one plane, can greatly exceed the predicted by the law of gravity, and thus do not require additional participation "ignorant masses" – strengthening the gravitational attraction of galaxies, disk-shape with each other must occur at their location in the same plane. .


Parenting with a belt, cuffs and slaps by the rope could never have a positive impact on any child. rather it instills a resentment and stubbornness, or the cowardice and mendacity. Even if the child is grown up will not hold a grudge against his parents, he is unlikely to be grateful to parents for everything that happened. And those who say “grateful” are afraid to admit to themselves that it was possible and without spanking. They do not believe that education can do without spanking. Because if we recognize that we can bring in another way, it means to recognize their inability to find a reasonable route of exposure for children. And also recognize that their own parents were wrong, and that now they make mistakes and should all be changed. That is the scary: to change something in yourself, not knowing exactly how and where this will lead. Think about when you are most likely to spank their children? When you’re tired and irritable when you do not want to insight into many causes of what is happening when you feel powerless over your child when you easier to hit than to pick the right words, when no longer able to control your emotions. Do you understand? The true cause of your aggression – it’s not a bad child behavior and parent’s inability to cope with their emotions and desire to “let off steam. Such a parent is not able to control their behavior and simply breaks down on the child.

The Light

Fourth. Light is known to extend a straight line. And in the space of light rays intersect in various ways. Levi’s may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However, the photons that make up the rays, in general, not interact with each other. Such an interaction between photons is possible only when the light beams are coherent. This puzzle too hard to explain, if we assume that the light flux of photons. And indeed rectilinear propagation of light is postulated as the law and has no rigorous justification.

Fifth. Photon, according to modern ideas, has neither mass nor charge. As he carries energy? The story that the photon no rest mass, but there is a relativistic mass, faces another obstacle. And, exactly. The theory of relativity says that the particle mass increases with velocity.

The speed of the photon, we recall, is as possible, and its weight in this case would have to rise indefinitely. Sixth. There is an optical phenomenon, as a reflection. In this case there are some incredible, from the perspective of a photon as a particle, phenomena. Imagine a semi-transparent mirror, which gives a beam of light. Part of the reflected, while the second passes through. What happens in this case with the photons? After studying optics, we understand that a photon, in this case, it would divided into two parts. And if there are no further obstacles, it would remain divided forever. If, however, put the halves on the road reflectors, the photon can be reunited again. According to the interpretation of each Dirac hypothetical photon is divided in half by a mirror and then flew simultaneously in both beams of light, as he will continue prointerferirovat with itself, taking into account both traveled routes, even if these sites are ways separated by great distances.

Middle English

Its name owes Anglian England. The word "England" in Latin, as in all the languages German group sounded like "Angley (angli), and when there was an ancient English word has changed its tone and mark and was pronounced as "Anglo (engle). And before the year 1000 AD, the term Engla-land (the land of Angles") was called Britain. And the notion of "British race" united all the Germanic tribes who settled in Britain. In the IX century AD Land north-east England were captured by Vikings.

The Vikings came from Scandinavia: from Norway and Denmark. Language in which they said belongs to the northern sub-Germanic languages. In 954 he was murdered by the governor Kingdom of York King Eirik I, which is also called the Blood axes. Learn more at: Levi’s. And then formed a single state called England. Eldred King of England rules. However, the political unity of the country reached only in the following century, when the ruler was the Danish King Canute, who ruled by three countries: Denmark, Norway and England.

And a few more decades, people living in England, spoke at the Scandinavian dialects. Especially for a long time they remained in Scotland (the inhabitants of remote areas in the Old Norse language spoken before the XVII century). In the literature of the time clearly felt Scandinavian trend. Were popular chivalric romances and ballads. In 1066, after Norman Conquest of England of land, a huge influence on the English language has the French language, which gradually pushes aside ancient Scandinavian dialects. Thus began the era of education Middle English.

New Style

preceded by the old style for all the historical events as: the date of the old style – the earlier, and the new style – later. And for Christmas (and other religious and historical events) – On the contrary: the date of the new style – earlier (25 December), and the date of the old style – later (January 7). Once again, look closely at the table top. What’s the catch? The catch lies in that phrase, which reads (the vast most of the people and said) that the Orthodox celebrate Christmas on the Julian calendar on Jan. To deepen your understanding Richard Linklater is the source. 7. See: After December 23 the new style that comes? begins December 24 (also, respectively, in the new style) after 24 comes 25 December to the new style, when Catholics celebrate the Christmas, after December 25, new style comes on Dec. 26, new style, while on Dec. 27, new style, then 28 December (New Style!) and so on , January 1, New Style, , January 6, new style, which comes after January 7, new style, when in the end and Orthodox can poprazdnovat Christmas Hear that January 7 comes in the new style. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Campbell Soup Company has to say.

Got it? The phrase ‘ the Orthodox celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7 in the old style ‘- wrong. Correct to say that Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25, new style, and Orthodox celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7 but also by the new style. That is the style (as a researcher, historical, astronomical term) in this sentence, it is desirable to omit: “Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25, and Orthodox – January 7, ‘- and all! So right!

English Language School

Malta and England are always a trip. Nike insists that this is the case. Who wants to Easter yet targeted his university entrance exam prepare or meet just a foreign language and culture, find Zebra-tours suitable offers the youth study trip organiser. These range from the two-week school course on Malta to the week-long taster course to Hastings on the English South Coast for the younger. Also offered a one-week tour of city in the metropolis of London. (Source: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc). The study offered for Easter is designed for young people aged from 13 to 17 years after Hastings in England, who wish to gain first experience in dealing with the language and culture of the host country.

For this purpose, the port city of Hastings in the South East provides England typical British flair with the medieval old town and the daily ongoing fishing trawlers. But not only the village and its surroundings makes this study interesting. It comes to provide young participants with a typical image of the England. This can in addition to qualified teaching with the Accommodation with host families and a varied leisure program will be directly opened up for all areas of life. That’s actually what makes such a language! “, says owner Alexander Maas the concept of this tour. For the duration of the trip, the participants are integrated into family life and meet the diverse English living – and living conditions.

The activities are planned trips to Brighton and London or on the cliffs of Beachy Head. In addition to a specific billable extension of language, participants of a language holiday still take more luggage home: self-confidence tanked, a look outside the box and a piece of freedom won. Who behind it has already a study trip to England or targeted inspections in the summer wants to prepare for, air travel is recommended which after Malta. The language teaching is the prestigious language school English Language School”, is the high quality of teaching through numerous certifications. In addition to the normal weekly live course offered a course, specially prepared for the German Abitur. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, staying in host families and a versatile organized and supervised recreational and sports programme rounds off this course. For young London lovers, Zebra-tours has yet another ACE up its sleeve to Easter. The supervised city break in the multicultural metropolis is intended for those who want to explore the craziest things in the world city or marvel at the sights. From Piccadilly Circus, the most famous road junction from London, via the Big Ben and houses of Parliament, Tower and Tower Bridge to the wax museum Madame Tussauds, the horror show of the London Dungeon, Chinatown or the markets of Covent Garden and Camden Street. The accommodation is centrally located in the * Youth Hotel Lords, close to Hyde Park. By the way, Zebra-tours is the only provider offering supervised youth travel to London, which takes place in the summer of 2009 Germany. Zebra-tours is a specialty tour operator for language courses for the youthful generation from 6 to 21 years. This Zebra-Tours offers both trips after England or Malta to, also mediated courses such as language camps of other organisers within Germany, France or Spain. Special attention is placed on a Germany-wide offer, qualified assistance and comprehensive advice. The constant increase of partner agencies and continuous positive feedback of the customers and participants confirmed a firm place on the market of the course organizer Zebra-tours.

Ceresana Published Study

Come taste flavouring substances economically always continue to gain importance. Of course won as well as synthetically produced flavourings serve mainly the refinement of foods and beverages. Learn more at: Nike. Approximately $ 10.6 billion with flavouring substances have been implemented in 2011, used especially in industrially processed and packaged foods. Usage in foods and beverages consumers become wealthier, change their consumption and purchasing behaviour and an ever larger share of their income to invest in industrially processed foods. After drinks, dairy products are the second most important application area for flavouring substances.

At the same time, it is the fastest-growing area of application. The other application areas of flavors, such as confectionery, finished products, baked goods, ice cream and snacks, will evolve in the future generally positive but with large regional differences. The number of single-person households and smaller families, which often rely on convenient finished products continues to grow. With increasing urbanization and the development of modern infrastructures increases the supply of these products in emerging and developing countries as well. Especially in China, Russia and Mexico the demand exceptionally strong for flavouring substances in the next eight years. China is to expand its global market share is expected until the year 2019 to more than 10% “, explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana.

Market leader and the flavoring industry niche has become an innovative and therefore research-intensive industry. Companies need the necessary understanding of the market on the one hand, to assess customer needs. On the other hand, also a great technical Know-How for the composition of new taste combinations is necessary. Only a few, mainly large companies can afford such a comprehensive development work. For smaller firms further development possibilities and opportunities offered by innovative niche products. Health and wellness in the food and beverage market is determined by demand for products with health or wellness attributes the saturated industrialized nations.

Scientific Advisory Board

Continuation of the qualification campaign ‘Be different!’ Munster, November 15, 2008 the training and continuing education for Public Relations com + plus in Munster has his study guides for the year 2009 presented today. Now, the brochure on the homepage of the Institute may downloaded or be requested free of charge. In the study guide you will find all the information about our year-long PR course, further education and training opportunities, as well as about our faculty and the Scientific Advisory Board”explains Dr. Sonja plus cracks, Managing Director of com. 32 pages, there is enough space to answer any questions from potential participants. “We go with the new study guide our qualification campaign be different’ away”, so cracks. We show our students and all the PR professionals, how important it is to differentiate from its competitors in this profession.” Visually this is underlined in the study guide with his numerous paintings, on which in Orange will be advised on the difference.

“We are sure that readers browsing the one or other times will smile.” A versatile, oriented to the needs of the labour market training and continuing education programmes com + plus supported by actively improving individual career opportunities.

Study Tour Thailand

Study tour Thailand – discovery of fascinating Thailand invites to discover on a multi-day tour of Thailand the land of smiles. Culture and history of the former Siam can be met here. The friendly Thais will reinforce the positive impression of the country. The 9-day study tour of Thailand begins with a pleasant flight from Frankfurt. Bangkok time is at the hotel to acclimatize and to make the first explorations of the city.

The vibrant city invites you to stroll through one of the night markets or you tried the Thai delicacies. The study of Thailand’s recovered well to Ayuthaya. To discover, there are mystical temple ruins in the ancient capital city destroyed in 1776 by the Burmese. The Viharn Phra Mongkol Bobitr statue is in Lopburi. The journey leads to the end of the day after Sukothai, the cradle of Thai culture. The visit of the historic park with the impressive temple ruins of the 13th century, and one of the largest seated Buddha statues in the country stands up in Sukothai the program.

Chiang Mai offers a variety of spectacular temples, such as the WAT Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh. The town’s landmark, Wat DOI Suthep Temple, is situated picturesquely on 1,050 metres. In an orchid plant and in the surrounding villages of craft you learn one more side of Thailand. Chiang Mai is famous for its elephants. The elephants can be met at the elephant camp. When an elephant ride and a bamboo rafting to get closer you. Of Chiang Mai from the study tour of Thailand to the monastery is Wat Phra that Haripoonchai in Lampoon. She comes from the time of the Mon Kingdom of and is revered in Thailand. In Lampang, the Emerald Buddha is to see before it goes to Phistanuloke. There is the Jinaraj Buddha from the 13th century. Other highlights include the monkey Temple in Lopburi and an alleged footprint of Buddha in Sarburi. Here ends the tour of Thailand and is the return flight to Frankfurt after an impressive journey of discovery. Contact: B & T tourism Mr Thomas Oakes Graurheindorfer Strasse 73 53111 Berlin Tel.: 0228 / 3904382 fax: 0228 / 3904383 E-Mail: Internet: through the travel: the tour operator B & T tourism trips and study tours in beautiful holiday destinations worldwide offers. According to the motto: “Common travel.” Experience. more”travel from individual service components are created. In the Group B & T tourism attaches great importance to the individual preferences of the individual traveller. The group is accompanied by a competent Guide.


Study English opens many doors, why many people today take English courses abroad. One of the destinations for large part of students is studying English in Ireland, since it is a country with warm and friendly people, and where there are many activities to be done outside the hours of the course. That is why that the traditional courses of study were now added new possibilities, in order to make them more personalized. Richard Linklater recognizes the significance of this. In this way are offering English courses that are accompanied by courses of football, or tennis, theatre, etc. So people who travel not only learn English but that instruct in other issues of interest. The courses in this way become ideals and 100% fun. Also currently the volunteer courses are increasingly common. In these cases a dual development occurs: on the one hand students develop their cognitive abilities, while at a personal level, it happens the same.

This phenomenon is known as voluntariado-turismo and each day there are more people who decide to engage him. The important thing is that there are no age limits, and anyone can do it. However the young audience is that more is interested in this type of practice already that serves them as insertion in the working world, you have as a plus, or value-added, which took place abroad. The college students or recent graduates are generally those most interested in this type of practice. Another very important issue that should be taken into account for a trip of studies is the place where staying. According to the budget with which count there are different variants:-live next to a family: this option is also known as a host family and is ideal for those looking for affordable options and establish a connection with someone. Why is first-time travelers to resort to this possibility. Living in a University campus: this option reside in the University is available on the holiday season since students are leaving these places to visit his family and country of origin therefore they are emptied. But not everyone is going, and there are great chances of meeting new people and having new exchanges and experiences. Rent an apartment or shared apartment, is the option with more independence from all of them, although with respect to the economic value is the most expensive Variant.