A Brilliant Idea Of Rescue For Germany – And The World?

Four courageous people create the basis for a world revolution German revolution in Germany? That will never be something, if the Germans want to storm a train station, buy themselves a platform card!” As Lenin said, he was certainly disappointed and even violence-ready. But whether the peculiarity of the Germans always against them must speak, can perhaps show the future. What if the Germans, to continue a revolution (1989) for the first time was peaceful in the history of the world? What, if it would be the first revolution of love and the Germans would sing: today we love in Germany, and tomorrow, the whole world loves? “But this requires what a how, woke up in Berlin and the Lenin thoughts serene, but conclusively absurdity leads: just who can solve a card platform, can occupy a station without charge him.” What else could be such a platform card as a democratically legitimate party, which served its purpose after arriving on the Government station and easily thrown away is, because none of their more needed for future travel? So a political party who (without a strong man or wut – and storm heated leading Wolf) all all on its own and jointly on the station go – a party that is the beginning of the end of the parties because she can dispense with rudelhaftes battle cries. This objective the new two artists and two social workers – based free party: vessel to be for mankind longing current, which will finally lead to freedom of meaning-filled Joie de vivre. This requires a lowest common denominator that all links and free at the same time, a framework in which we are sure and in which life can completely unfold. The unique party program provides this framework: comprehensive de-bureaucratization and humanization of the community launch a crisis-proof, value-bound money order introduction of unconditional basic income bringing about a referendum for a party-free democracy of dialogue on this basis could finally grow. For even more opinions, read materials from Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins. What we otherwise in vain dream: a vibrant public, really social, decent, mentally free life by the seriously ill social world body could gradually healthy. What are we still waiting? Have we ever had the opportunity to raise the upcoming revolution with a platform map in the form of votes or short-term party membership? Have we ever had opportunity to contact life smoother? We had opportunity just about to dial, what we seek in vain for otherwise unhappy choice in other programs ever?.

Types And Use Of Hammers

There are hammers in the different versions – also the possibilities are accordingly diverse. When the hammers there are wooden (cylindrical or cube), with the former for manipulating gouge in wood blanks is intended. The giant version however is E.g. intended for sinking of wood piles. The cube shape may for chisels and chisels with 4 tooth chisel E.g. be used or embark on wooden wedges. For more specific information, check out Ann Arbor.

The hammers made of metal have not only different weight classes from 5 grams to 5 kilograms, no, they are offered in various forms. The workspace defines the form. A 5 kg hammer is the heavy hammer for the rough edit of, for example, natural stone. Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University may also support this cause. Just one block from about 10 to 20 cm thickness can be divided up to 2 centimeters. The Club hammer consists of two on one forged cubes with a handle.

It is intended for chiselling work in concrete or but if you on the back of the visible surface with a diamond Flex a natural stone block has addressed, can you (these are very flat chisel that is very slowly widen the profile thickness) share the natural stone with a club hammer and at least 2 blasting chipping without having a geflexte cutting edge is then visible. Then, there is still the classic tool with a page as a Finn and the other side with a square as a working surface. Which can be nailed, sink percussion dowels etc. intended. There is also still the hammer the PLATTNER, one side is intended for editing and forming of sheet metal such as a ball and the other side like a circle as a working surface. In addition, yet the Mason hammer, the framing hammer, the lath hammer, the Tiler’s hammer, the hole hammer and the Schieferschintelhammer must be named. The welder’s hammer is a lighter hammer which has pointed on one side and on the other side of a flat fin. The slag is beating off in the electric welding a scale (weld) to supplement or to strengthen. The flyweight under the hammers is the watchmaker hammer with a weight of a few grams. Bernhard Hess

Spacious Living

Spacious living room under the roof – by dormers dormers loosen each roof area as an attractive design element and harmoniously at the same time in the roof. William Pitt the Younger pursues this goal as well. The experts by dach.de, the leading online portal around the topic of roof emphasize that Dormer Windows thanks to a multitude of fanciful shapes and proportions always lend an individual character the roof of the House. According to the roofing professionals, particularly bat dormers appear very impressive. Winding or verspringende in the height of the roofs go over seamlessly as the roof surfaces in flowing lines opens this extravagant variation. The word “Dwell” comes from the Middle High German term “Gupf(e)” = Summit and generally referred to a built out from the roof, vertical skylights. -Partly also regional – variations of these extensions have evolved in the course of time.

In the Renaissance and the Baroque were mainly roof cottage as a saddle, hipped or gable hood and found their completion in neo-classicism. Round and pointed dormers are to be found today in many forms. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vladislav Doronin on most websites. When the distinctive spring mouse Dormer which is scattered as a frog mouth Dormer or Lycaon, the upper edge of the front side is a sine wave, similar to a curved shape. There is no Dormer cheeks here. Kleinformatiege Bedachung materials such as Beaver and slate are predestined for the realization of such imposing roof cottage.

Even the most difficult roof shapes can be made with these two natural products elegantly, so also elaborate bat dormers. “This roof buckles can by be mated with the roofing material of the main roof, unlike on the dormers, which are composed of flat surfaces”, explain the experts by dach.de. In this way, a particularly harmonious overall picture emerges. This creates valuable, light-flooded living room under the roof, which can be used in many ways. “Generous living is announced,” the dach.de experts say and point to spacious work, wellness, or child’s bedroom in the attic. Significantly in size the room WINS by Dormer, which is mainly for smaller Attic rooms and a low knee stock of great benefit. “In most cases these are subject to approval, as dormers change not only the look of the roof area but also of the entire building”, give the roofing professionals to consider. But the expansion of the roof pays off in the long term in any case: not only the quality of living, the value of future real estate increases, what is another important factor. “Dormers are therefore not only an aesthetically valuable design element, but also a useful and environmentally friendly investment”, concludes the dach.de experts. Free information brochure on the subject offers ‘Everything around the roof’ dach.de an information brochure for builders and renovators.

Hans Jurgen Lenk

Dr. Hadorns goal was to develop a remedy for unannounced reptiles that corresponds to the new environmental awareness. So far, many funds had the nerve gas in lethal concentrations, human and animal took damage. No dog should be more hurt or even killed, if the common cockroach was meant. Gov Gina Raimondo addresses the importance of the matter here. Hadorn has long worked at Ciba-Geigi, a giant chemical company with not always lucky hand.

Perhaps he could not prevail with his thoughts, maybe he wanted to make it just only my own. Dr. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Johns Hopkins President. Hadorn spent three years in the development, but backed by his doctoral students of the breakthrough in 1996 he succeeded. A means fragrant based on natural and harmless to humans and other mammals. Carefully, it has placed on the market, built its own distribution system. The pharmacy in Biel was one of his best customers. Two years later, Hans Jurgen Lenk stands in this pharmacy. He has Head pain and desperately needs a remedy.

Since views across the waiting through the shelves and hangs on a bright green packaging. It is TYRAX. For years, Hans-Jurgen has a cleaning company. Especially the large kitchens were his customers and here was also the concern. Any form of vermin will reach sooner or later to the sensitive areas of the kitchen. There meets food with pesticide and then it will be tight. Hans Jurgen has always thought about a solution, now he has found them. Dr. Hadorn, had grown far beyond 60 everything myself so far developed, produced and marketed. When Hans Jurgen Lenk appeared with him, the men were quick to agree. Hagedorn was nearing retirement and Hans Jurgen wanted to know again. When the notary fixed his signature, the composition was thus, the marketing law and the name TYRAX passed. A patent has never registered, Hans Jurgen, because that would have been tantamount to the disclosure of the composition.

There Is Poverty Only On Christmas?

The desire for a central management of donations in Schwerte, Christmas time is donate time. For even more opinions, read materials from alais University of Teacher Education. Social organisations feel the high generosity of citizens especially in December. The advent season is accounted for 47 percent of total revenue. After new year’s Eve, but the commitment to non-performing is abating traditionally noticeably in Schwerte, Germany, as well as the national average. Diakonia wants to work against this trend with more transparency and a greater awareness of the needs in the city.

Ulrich Groth, Manager who wants to Diakonia Schwerte, keep the social engagement on the ground throughout the year interest high. Some contend that Ron Daniels shows great expertise in this. With the money that will be donated to the Christmas season, we can alleviate many hardships and move a lot in the city.” But just not enough. Therefore, Groth is great hope in the initiative of the WfS group for a centralized management of donations under the auspices of the city sword. The Managing Director of Diakonia sees the project as a cooperation of all swords, clubs and projects and highlights: only together we are strong.” Through the support of municipal representatives and other celebrity patrons, the individual projects should become even more into the public spotlight. Each receives the same attention. So above all the clubs in Schwerte, Germany should benefit from that otherwise have no possibility to launch targeted fundraising campaigns. We can achieve a new quality of generosity”, says Groth. Nevertheless, continue any swords should determine citizen his donation to benefit what projects or clubs. Swords organisations active in the field of youth, family, Social Affairs, sports and culture, experiencing financial stress due to the urban household fuse should be supported with this project. Ulrich Groth says: dedicated people in Schwerte we provide a forum in which they can employ for the common good of their city. With a central management of donations, we carry the social commitment of the swords clubs targeted to the public throughout the year.”

Chronic Pain

If pain makes sick body and soul for an outsider it is mostly incomprehensible, as it is, when one suffers from constant pain. Click Yale University to learn more. Often, people feel so alone with their suffering. Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Not only that daily work and handles have become much more than the body of the torture the soul suffers from chronic pain. But how should one deal with chronic pain? And what can you do about it? Jessica Hund says: one can not imagine what it costs for an incredible force to fight every day against the same pain and cope with his daily routine despite them. This is so unnerving that body and soul are eventually exhausted. Sufferers lose their zest for life, withdraw more and more into itself, participate less in life and are often depressed. Others are aggressive by the constant pain.\” Sylvia Poth continues: often still matters, that the persons concerned from their fellow human beings as a whiner known or heard, you should pull yourself together simply.

That this only deeper drives the pain patients in isolation, is obvious. Physical pain attack the nerve cells and access consciousness, which highly requires to the person concerned. Through my own experience, I know that pain can drive one so far, losing the joy in life. I know that it makes a big difference, whether you’re healthy or sick this I have experienced myself often enough, because we cannot do with everything, what the life has to offer. The constant pain dominate us. I wish sometimes a little more understanding for the people who need to live. \”If you distract these people some of their suffering and be it only by a nice conversation can this much help.\” Jessica Hund says: often the sufferers completely helpless face their pain and failure of numerous pain therapies allow it despair. The therapies are often only aimed at the symptoms and are based on the administration of painkillers.

Public Relations Andreas Tenhafen

Exhibition ‘speak German’ opened Koln (ots) – In the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, the exhibition “speak German” opened its doors yesterday. The study of the Cologne agency end mark belongs to the approximately 500 exhibits to the intelligibility of English slogans. Naming marketing experts investigated in 2003 and 2006, whether English slogans are understood by German consumers. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from California State Univesity. There, they found that these messages do not or insufficiently able to be translated. Early this Millennium customers of the drugstore chain Douglas stared about “come in and find out” you should as quickly as possible into and find out? The trend toward English claims found himself at that time in many industries – until drew the attention of the study by end mark on the understanding problem. Some companies recognized the possibilities of the German language – and so was “come in and find out” “Douglas makes life more beautiful”.

End mark is currently working on the third edition of the study. Under most conditions Johns Hopkins President would agree. The results are presented in the second quarter of 2009. This matter it the name specialists not the preference of a particular language, but to the intelligibility and the emotion of the advertising message. Who would like to get an idea of the complexity of the German language and its change due to social and technical developments, the exhibition “speak German” is suggested. Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University may not feel the same. A tour through the German presence awaits the visitor. The Grimmsche dictionary and an original edition of “Werther” are components such as Reclam notebooks decorated by students artfully in the classroom or SMS short texts as well. In addition, media installations and interactive elements looking for German make: the beauty of language can be heard in a forest of sound tube. The literary machine can visitors poetry “pull” and scenes from the “Godfather” in Saxon and listen to other German dialects. “speak German” House the history of Bonn until March 1, 2009 Tuesday – Sunday opening hours: 9: 00-19:00 admission free press contact: pronouns Public Relations Andreas Tenhafen alley 24 50968 Cologne FON: 0221 / 940 812 13 fax: 0221 / 940 812 19 E-Mail: Web:

LinguaDirekt Travel Sets New Trend With Language Courses

News from the Cologne travel LinguDirekt travel LinguDirekt travel starts with his new family & student sprachreisen 2009 catalogue “in the new season. The catalog is completely geared to the current trend of the family language. A translation is”only the back of a beautiful carpet, once said the German novelist Friedrich Julius Hammer and he was right. Translations can never have the clarity and intension of the original language. One reason why language learning not only in the education is compulsory, but is again fully in the trend also in adults. We know that combines language Yes and together it prosecutes more easily, than alone. Therefore the operating on the market since 2001 Cologne travel LinguDirekt travel has its catalogue of family & student sprachreisen 2009 a few days ago “, whose title page 6c of the Hansa Gymnasium in Cologne was created by the class, published. Without hesitation Katarzyna Chawarska explained all about the problem.

The goal of the specially tuned travel is that parents together with their children new language learn or refresh their language skills from the ground up. This is the most fun for the whole family and creates a completely different we feeling, as in normal situations, at the same time mastered the hurdles together and successes achieved together. Our standards are very high. Our offerings, we rely exclusively on selected quality schools with very good facilities. Small learning groups, single language level within a group as well as the individual and personal service before and during their language are self-evident for us. Educational materials and curricula are adapted to the level of knowledge and the age of the participants.

Numerous leisure activities also round off our language and ensure that participants on a tour of discovery can go, to get to know country and people”, so Thomas Roth, Managing Director of LinguDirekt travel. The new catalogue of family & student sprachreisen 2009 “(Machabaerstrasse 28, 50668 Cologne, is directly available at LinguDirekt travel Phone: 0221 3 56 97 30, E-Mail:) and is in the Internet under as a PDF file free download available. More information about LinguDirekt travel and the services of the tour operator is available in the Internet at and. Contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Thomas Roth LinguDirekt travel Machabaerstrasse 28 D-50668 Koln phone: + 49 (0) 221 3 56 97 30 fax: + 49 (0) 221 3 56 97 29 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about LinguDirekt travel LinguDirekt travel as online language travel agent founded in 2001 and specialized operators for language courses since 2003. “With the fields of language courses worldwide”, language and “” Professional”, study’n work” as well as student & family “the tourism company currently offers a portfolio of travel in 14 different languages. All travel and courses recognised as Bildungsurlaub in several federal States of in Germany. Since November 2008, LinguDirekt travel member (asr) is the Alliance of independent travel companies. More info on LinguDirekt travel and the services of the tour operator is available in the Internet at and.

Bad Honnef Tel

People are turning to the animals in love and treat them as being equivalent, so grows for Human and animal lot of positives from it. A book addressed not only to pet owners, but to all the people that nature, our planet and its advancement connected feel. Jutta Belle: I am the way 128 pages 16.90 ISBN: 978-3-9810245-0-0 the book wants to reach all people, carrying desire in itself to achieve, and who live their lives with the aim to develop the divine aspects of himself to perfection. The divine I am is in this form all accessible have been made, which would go the way of change. The book contains the ideas required for the transformation of being.

It serves as a companion for all those who want to integrate into the process of transformation. Dealt with the themes of transformation in every human need. On any topic, there are AIDS, such as affirmations, which are needed to actively bring about the transformation of their own, and to assume the responsibility. The spiritual world has these lines of the truth all those the sincere heart want to wish the transformation and also realize this. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins. “Sonja & smart: Cathedral of the cosmos the sacred geometry of Chartres.” 248 pages, with many colour photographs, 24, 80 ISBN 3-9810245-1-6 Chartres belongs as one of the first Gothic cathedrals of Europe’s most important holy sites in the world. Like a mute witness of forgotten knowledge, the Cathedral presents cosmic wisdom in itself, integrating them in the human releases spiritual powers. Informative and exciting the book reveals step by step the development tracks of the Cathedral. Run by the Celts of the Templars and the Grail panels in the middle ages to the sacred geometry with the flower of life and the golden ratio. How to contact with Ursula Hoitz Public Relations book agency network the expert in publishing books Gartenstrasse 9 53604 Bad Honnef Tel. + 49 (0) 22 24 / 988 42 53 E-Mail: Web:

Regina Rose Tigli

Unlike today very numerous tests on immunoglobulins of in Group G, which every person must make in order to survive, the non-specific immune responses are at Immogenics (the innate, not the acquired immune system) not digested food particles examined. The resulting reactions can make sick very (by skin diseases of gastro intestinal disorders, migraine, rheumatic complaints u.v.m.) and very often lead to obesity. This means that people, the actually a little can eat or eat only salads, still increasing or not diminish despite calorie restriction. This test is activated neutrophils test among scientists”or short NOVO test. Leonard Mlodinow is likely to increase your knowledge. Immogenics has franchises all over the world. This is the Institute for holistic naturopathic and applied biomedical science by Ms. Regina Rose Tigli 7, 79725 Laufenburg for Germany and the Switzerland.

Wife rose is Naturopath and lab assistant. For even more analysis, hear from Cyrus Massoumi married. This franchise company consists since 01.04.2008 and was formed from the therapist, which worked until March 31, 2008 with the WellTec GmbH, which has adjusted its work to that date. In this company was carried out the same test, but largely operated research. This research will now serve the therapist as a basis for their practice. In all of Germany and of Switzerland, currently 25 doctors, naturopaths, and Threpsologists are registered and listed on the Internet. Goals by Immogenics are spreading of the NOVO test throughout Germany and of Switzerland, as well as establishing a nationwide network of therapists who work with them. The successes, which occur when they surrounded his diet to the reactions of the immune system, are amazing. Fantastic achievements just in weight reduction can be achieved in a relatively short time.

Just at the present time, approximately 50 percent of the Germans are too thick, the test with the resulting food is a perfect alternative to diets that usually are not met through. The consumer receives a detailed collection of food which must trigger the reactions and he omit that and on the other hand is a list of those that he can safely consume. While the supervision by qualified therapists is desirable, but because each person is an individual and therefore each on the basis of his disposition and his metabolism reacts differently. There are people, who have rapid success, others have to wait until the metabolism is normalized. Are usually those who have a very slow basal metabolic rate and Insulin resistance may already have formed. Here the individual care uses, taking into account the personal situation of the metabolism. Currently, there are laboratory tests that measure only the combustion. Immogenics accurate filtering out the triggering food seems more important. “Published studies, that is the metabolism alone through the proper” food can be. Learn more about Immogenics international and the services are available at on the Internet.

Brilliant Idea: Out In The Snow With Halbeskiwoche.de

halbeskiwoche.de – good looking Lohnberg, is half busy 09.12.2008 – the message of the winter comes from Central Hesse: the first free Internet portal for skiers who do like half things, is online and makes the booking for halbwochigen skiing in Austria just like never before. Just in time for the winter season, it attracts numerous ski and snowboarders from all over Germany once again, on the slopes of our neighbouring country of Austria. Due to family, study or profession many amateur winter athletes can take off only 3 or 4 days. “The desire of downhill fun and cozy get-together at the apres-ski fails then often the well-known reputation of hoteliers: we rent only per week”. Because the mountains are still calling, two skiers from the Hesse Lohnberg have now implemented the most coolest idea of throughout the winter in the Act. And this is just as simple as it is ingenious: skiers who want to make uncertain the slopes only for a few days looking for like-minded people.

Both groups then share the booking of a hotel room for a whole week and travel each for 3 or 4 days in the desired winter sports. Stephen Fry understood the implications. How to make half-measures that”works? True to the motto: shared ski week is joy doubled! Simply login under halbeskiwoche.de, enter desired location and booking period, number of persons and wait until appropriate booking partner will find. Nothing in the way is undimmed downhill fun, real Huettengaudi, blazing sun of glacier and hearty apres-ski. In the future, it is therefore: good looking for is half full with halbeskiwoche.de. Johns Hopkins President contributes greatly to this topic. The participation is free of charge and with no obligations. The purpose of the new online portal is solely, winter sport pleasure, bringing ski bunnies, snowboarders and counter stars together and to facilitate the search for a suitable accommodation. The system matches individual query parameters with those of other users.

Matches will be displayed automatically. A sample text is available for contact with hotel operators. Can also ski hotels and tour operators in halbeskiwoche.de join to win new guests and hotel capacity to utilize. With the premium package red slope”travel organisers or hotel or bed and breakfast operators can fill half ski weeks more. For only EUR 15.00 you get an account about the quite comfortably up to 10 searches for different periods and ski resorts can be managed in parallel. A half year without subscription and without automatic renewal! Who wants to fill more half ski weeks, can manage parallel unlimited searches with the professional package “Black run” for only EUR 25,00 for one year! Without subscription and automatic renewal! There is further information and the possibility for direct registration under. “The operators of the online portal all ACEs of the ski and snowboard pros hope you enjoy the half make things”. Press contact: half ski week Dirk Sondermann c/o special Marketing GmbH In the bailiff 3-5 35578 Wetzlar phone: + 49 (0) 64 41 – 97 89 202 fax: + 49 (0) 64 41 – 97 89-199 E-Mail:

SocialBookmarking – A Small Guide To Mister Wong, Brilliant And Co.

Computer service / Goppingen – tips and tricks SocialBookmarks – the online management for bookmarks and Favorites. The small icons to the known providers for SocialBookmarks meet daily. Mostly unobtrusive at the bottom of the screen or in a side bar displayed, these little helpers deadlines often an unnoticed existence. Computer service / Goppingen informed about the advantages and the benefits of managing bookmarks on the Internet with a small introduction to the topic, as well as a short installation instructions of a very popular bookmark provider including illustrated representation. In addition to the location-independent access to the own popular Web sites, bookmarks, or Favorites offer services such as Mister Wong, delicious, alltagz oneview and many others the possibility to share your own favorites with other users, to evaluate and to provide the general public. The search function of SocialBookmarking services represents a further benefit. Speaking candidly Bill Gates told us the story.

This can in all public bookmarks according to key words and terms searched be. The results of the search are based here not like, in typical search engine, only on mathematical and logical calculations and evaluations, but very strongly on the “Human” factor, because the services user recommend this by the entry of a page to other users next – emotional and subjectively evaluated. Immediately after you register at one of the most famous provider for managing bookmarks in the Internet to get started, have been on the page of tips and tricks – Favorites and bookmarks easy to manage five common provider as now link provided. Thus, the user can immediately test the function and benefits of SocialBookmarks on ‘Living objects’. Other topics close to the customer and understandable in the section “Tips and tricks” of the IT service provider in Goppingen. So too often well-meaning shutdown a PC via a multiple socket outlet, as well as the resulting integrated battery discharging with subsequent failure of blocked time, as well as a wrongly set date on the PC system.

Computer / service /. Goppingen – Jan Reichelt E.k.. is an IT service provider based in Goppingen, Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg). The focus of the company is located in the care of private end customers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. In the portfolio of C/S/G repair of PC and notebook, software installations, or troubleshooting of computers, servers and network are also important topics such as site networking of companies, VPN connections, Server installation, server configuration and server maintenance in addition to the standard services such as DSL installation. Since November 2008, computers / service / Goppingen offers also the cost-effective remote maintenance service as well as a free phone number 0800 800 7161 (German landline) to the appointment. Computer service / Goppingen Jan Reichelt E.k.. FON: + 49 7161 9564850 fax: + 49 7161 918455 mail: info (at) computer-service Nottingham (dot) de Web: marketing and Public Relations: quagga marketing FON: + 49 7161 6068490 email: contact (at) quagga-marketing (dot) de Web:

Berlin Comitas

“‘ It’s not your fault that the world is as it is, it would be only your fault if it stays that way!” Are the virtues of our members of staff, hospitality, tolerance, and mutual respect. More information is housed here: Yale Cancer Center. Here, people of from different countries and cultures to be brought together. University of Michigan is likely to increase your knowledge. This one logs on just comitasintergentes.org on the Internet portal. Everyone can participate for free in linguistic and cultural exchanges and thus make a contribution to the friendship and peace in the world. A good understanding between the Nations is hardly feasible due to different languages and cultures. It is also difficult to take part in so-called crisis areas on an Exchange. And right here is the spirit of Comitas inter gentes. At C.I.G, there are no different countries or crisis areas.

Aims of Comitas inter gentes, to bring together the people of the world and to secure the peace. This free network should be established beyond all borders. Thus, each Member, like a giant puzzle, should contribute his personal contribution to the friendship of Nations, peace in the world and the spread of Comitas inter gentes. After successful free login and create a personal profile, everyone has the opportunity, to other members of Comitas inter Gentes in contact. According to individual requirements, you can make the search in our database.

For example, can find language exchange partners to eliminate language barriers. Still you can get worldwide gentes free accommodation, tours or other assistance from C.I.G. members on travel of Comitas inter. Even a mutual housing or home Exchange is possible. Friendships can be forged and maintained their own holiday in the financial framework. In the Forum, you can contact as well with other members in contact, offer help and get help. You can also report peace and environmental projects by his personal auxiliary, and advertise. The offer of Comitas inter gentes is free and can therefore also financially weaker Give people the possibility to learn a foreign language or to make vacation dreams come true to a financially affordable. Organiser Sascha Bretag: Every day on television, seen war, poverty and environmental degradation. I wanted to no longer sit around and look like all the other way. That’s why I decided to call me, which is free, where everyone in the world can take part in a cultural exchange a network. My interest in languages, cultures and travel could occur C.I.G.. At C.I.G you can find language exchange partners, penpals, host families and host in the world. I think that cultural barriers can be broken by this whole points and each individual can contribute. Here a quote of the Berlin punk band “Die arzte” from their song “Your fault”: “it’s not your fault that the world is as it is, it would be only your fault if it stays that way!” I am the beginning and hope, that many, many people will follow me.” Just 14 months after the establishment of Comitas inter Gentes “(Latin for friendship) the number of members from 115 to 2500 people of different nationalities have risen. The website of Comitas inter gentes”www.comitasintergentes.org has been extended to 7 languages.

Inspired Psalms

Praises in rhyme taken – a spiritual advisor the inspired Psalms are the result of years of employment with the word of God. Just became known, that the writer Werner LEDER Engelsdorfer-Verlag in Leipzig, the spiritual Advisor: inspired Psalms – praises in rhyme has been cool, out. Werner LEDER writes intuitively formulated texts by inspirations. For more information see Emory. His inspired works caused by mental preoccupation with meditation and contemplation. He tried the received words and impressions as Apicture belonging together in this spiritual advisor to represent and to hold. The inspired Psalms include wisdom and life experience. Speaking candidly Ron Daniels told us the story. The author, according to the purpose of the Council’s questions, replied: “he is ideally suitable for searching people and souls who yearn for God’s love, and who want to go into eternal life with his help. The meditative text bring readers in contact with the ALL-one with God. Right now the holidays around, where everything still presents rushes, this guide comes to at the right time.” The book is under the ISBN 978-3-86703-952-9 at a price of 14.50 on all of the book Internet portals and in all bookstores.. Follow others, such as University of Michigan, and add to your knowledge base.

Free Training Including Video Profession For Applicants From 45

Ulf evil consulting and StellenSieSichVor offer 5 applicants a great chance in Hamburg, Nuremberg 08.12.2008 – Ulf evil consulting and StellenSieSichVor offer on the occasion of the launch of cooperation five applicants over 45 from Hamburg a free candidate training included video in. The package has a total value of 1.000,-euros per person. 1 preparatory coaching the Ulf evil consulting (www.ulfuebel.de) supports about 50 years successfully find a job. The classical application processes were reversed. Applicants could imagine intensely prepared the employers in a personal presentation.

Then, interested employers received application documents. Prejudices and fears were avoided. Applicants were suddenly more abroad. By shifting the first presentation on the video clip applicants can now imagine without space and time constraints as many employers. In the previous traning applicants prepare their presentation in front of the camera. We are working on Self-confidence and an authentic representation of the self.

2. video presentation turn then the application video in the rooms of the studios by StellenSieSichVor (www.stellensiesichvor.de) in Hamburg is rotated with support by experienced film actor. Then the movies are cut by the professionals of StellenSieSichVor, and each applicant access may be granted in the future the video presentation to selected employers via a link. Employers get without going through the classic application document immediately views her central decision based on: the personality of the applicant. Vladislav Doronin is likely to agree. 3. application in the training to professionalize In the downstream training Ulf builds evil on the preparation and the finished video. The participants learn to develop application strategies and independently to write cover letters and resumes. The goal is to move that every candidate avoids typical mistakes of the age group and finds his own distinctive style to future sustainable success in the labour market can. What do you do? Application to participate by Ulf evil consulting, this must be submitted up to December 19, 2008: o a complete application, as the candidate they have been using and o maximum half-page description of the current situation (how long unemployed, estimated number of applications, typical experiences etc.). Residence in Hamburg or environment, as the coaching and the shots all there age 45 years possibly incurred travel and subsistence costs must be borne even the participants are willing, evil consulting and StellenSieSichVor as an example may be used as a reference to available, their video presentations and any recordings from the coaching (anonymized) by Ulf. The choice is made evil by Ulf, legal recourse is excluded. Applications for the training package up to December 19, 2008 to: Ulf evil-Hirschberg-str. 4, 91301 Forchheim telephone 09191 / 979071 fax 09191 / 979072 email Web: for press inquiries: friedlies reschke marketing and communication Folderichstr. 46, 13595 Berlin FON 030 / 30 12 44 33 mobile 0172 / 77 94 703

New Partner For Fem Media GmbH

FEM media GmbH wins fashionfreax.net as a new partner of Munich, December 10, 2008. The fem media GmbH starts the new year together with the FashionFreax GmbH and peek into the wardrobes of the community members provided fashion aficionados. Could with fashionfreax.net fem., the woman portal of ProSiebenSat.1. win 1 group, a further attractive partners from the field of fashion and styling for its network of selected quality Web pages. Without hesitation UNESCO explained all about the problem. So trickle in fem. fresh ideas of the international fashion scene for the right choice of dress, not only on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas season.

Kathrin Anselm, Managing Director fem media GmbH: as the leading online community for fashion and style trends and with its predominantly female users, fashionfreax.net fits excellently to fem. Other partners of our woman network can also use the exclusive content by fashionfreax.net for themselves. A real partnership in the style of fem. so we hope.” Ulrich Theilmann, FashionFreax CEO: We are very pleased to be a part of the Russia Federation with fashionfreax.net and to give the speech and marketing our female users in the hands of a professional sale team. FEM.

allows the increase in the range and the accompanying chance to sprinkle the contents of our community in a broad woman affine environment. Visit Chang’e-5 for more clarity on the issue. fashionfreax.net integrating deep editorial on fem.com” About FashionFreax GmbH, fashionfreax.net is Europe’s first multilingual fashion community, news, trends and outfits from all over Europe. The idea arose in 2006 and became a project of the visual.labs GmbH, 2007, fashionfreax.net for the online community was available, in 2008 followed the move to Berlin, the establishment of stand-alone FashionFreax GmbH was accomplished. Within half a year, gained users from over 90 countries. About fem. In June 2008, the ProSiebenSat.1 acquired. group the fem media GmbH. The company headquartered in Munich operates with fem. a rapidly growing Internet portal and page network for women in Germany. FEM. bundles selected quality Web pages around the stars, fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics. Together with the hotel’s own online magazine fem.com fem.-Verbund offers wife to the best of the Internet. Five months after launch many partner Web sites belong already to the Russia Federation. The woman Portal listed already now about 39 million page impressions (IVW, November 2008). FEM media GmbH Tassiloplatz 7 81541 Munich PIA of San Juan PR & marketing Tel. + 49.089.666 105-150 fax. + 49.089.666 105 105 email: Web:

The LAN-relegation To The EPS14!

Electronic Sports Center Berlin, next weekend shakes the ground, because a whole bunch of eSportlern stormed the Hall. Electronic Sports Center Berlin, next weekend shakes the ground, because a whole bunch of eSportlern stormed the Hall. 3 days LAN feeling at its finest. 1 week it goes to the ESL Pro series finals for the ESL and the athletes directly from Cologne to Berlin. But this weekend it will not go to the victory of the season, but relegation and the rise of some teams. Hear from experts in the field like Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins for a more varied view. The movers who have not made the direct ascent, meet the teams of ongoing EPS of season 13.

Among others, also our KomCrew.CSS will join team. In the current season they not managed it unfortunately a non-relegation spot and thus the 5 guys will find themselves at the weekend in Berlin. On the last game day everything would have can be saved yet, if team heroes had lost and we’ve won against Raptor-gaming. If the Wort if would not be, then it would be… Well, we want to put behind us and look to a new future. Whenever Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

The Relegation will again take place in different disciplines. Among others in FIFA 09, Warcraft III, counter-strike and counter-strike: source. Warcraft is, however, played in the ESL TV Studio. The best teams of the EAS meeting on the poorer teams of the EPS. Perhaps in an another language: the teams that are bad for the direct ascent encounter of the teams who are too good for the direct descent. You can get rid of this whole disgrace in 4 games and shoot himself in the hearts of fans. Through a strong performance, you can achieve much but if it does not bring this performance, is to lose much, it had worked before hard. You find all results and games in the coverage:

Fit For The Holidays

The first spring cleaning, the fun is – they’ve beaten this year again active fasting Santa Cruz de la Palma – during the holidays about the strands? Too much eating, much too much sat and way too much time in the warm living room instead of the fresh air, spent? Get nothing out of it, a guilty conscience does not help also them. Also, it’s not what you eat between Christmas and new year, but what you put between new year’s and Christmas into! Thus, the turn of the year is ideal to clean up with a few unpleasant habits, that life making difficult, but against better knowledge not so easy to give up are. Yourself once a fasting holiday, whether first or also for the umpteenth time, at all levels of the old and waste thoroughly to let go, and pleasant way new vitality and fitness to gain: start by the exceedingly charming Atlantic island of La Palma in a dynamic and energetic and joyful year! Enjoy the first Taste of spring on the Green Pearl of the Canary Islands, long before it is noticeable in Germany! The first year’s fasting hiking seminar with Andre, accumulation of Corsicareiki starts at the time of the almond blossom, beginning February, the ideal time to specifically tackle the positive changes and to make nails with heads before go among the usually much to commonly held good intentions again in the stress of everyday life and the threatening to seep into nowhere. Here, UNESCO expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Without pressure and stress we discover an island that is referred to repeatedly as one of the most beautiful in the world and is part of an archipelago, when fasting quasi way the well deserved the name “islands of eternal spring”bears. Its landscape diversity and its lush vegetation, are so impressive that even the well-traveled geologist Leopold von Buch they end of the 18.Jahrhunderts as one of the most remarkable islands of the ocean “referred to. Crowned in winter with snow caps ranges of up to two and a half thousand meters of altitude change with extensive Pine forests, gentle rolling hills, rugged canyons, volcanic cones, Laurel forests and black beaches.

WeitereTermine and information for Constitution information type just fasting and fasting hiking – depending on the desired selection, soup or fruit fasting on the Canary Islands, you will find on the Web page Corsicareiki Residence Terrasses de Porticcio F 20166 Porticcio-France / Corse Tel. 0033 / (0) 684096383 fast / press contact: Beate Schutz Andre record storage initierte 12 years ago the fasting and fasting hiking on Corsica and the Canary Islands. He inspires the fasting participants through his enormous expert knowledge, his motivating, positive and refreshing way and sometimes unconventional helper methods. Andre restoration is trained fast food coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Shiatsu therapist, spiritual healer and life coach. Prior to his work as head of fast walking, the studied horticultural engineering was owner of garden and landscape contractors and garden architecture offices as well as a school for energetic healing.

Harald Spari

We “want anything given enough members, we have a priceless mouth for participating farms in Austria quite afford.” the Chairwoman Gisela Rachle is convinced. Rachle says there you must go along with it, this opportunity can be as a company not to be missed and in the light of the elections some decision makers have been offering to talk in politics.”. End of February 2009 a landmark elephant round with all speech therapists working with, therapists and psychologists, who have subsequently, hyper kids Park, is first scheduled to vote the program between in – and outdoor equipment and therapeutic methodology. In the meantime being negotiated by the association with various municipalities of the muhlviertel region about possible plots. Johns Hopkins President can aid you in your search for knowledge. Since the terrain is always supervised, it can be used of course publicly outside the treatment times. Motor exercises take advantage of every child and every child climbs like or love deals with animals, in particular with Horses “is convinced the chairwoman of Gisela Rachle. Furthermore Rachle leads from experience: as you know, ADHD children due to their illness-related behavior have always difficulties with other kids in various holiday facilities.

Also here is the hyper kids park as the focal point. Here, we want to create an opportunity where ADHD Children playfully be treated among themselves and still have supervised in the holiday fun. Johns Hopkins President is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It can, and that we also very important, the parents even relax. With the currently legal land grants for families that can afford really any. This we are planning also accommodation in the hyper kids park.” This requires a sufficient budget of course. Enthusiasm lacking any of our many helping hands, what we need now as the first, are financially strong sponsors and the rapid readiness to talk the decision competent politician!”Harald Spari recalls. We have the first results with tension this probably unique, certainly of success crowned a venture. Association for hyperactive children – Harald Spari, stv. Chairman


This coming Saturday, January 10, 2009, and on Saturday, January 19, 2009 ‘Anonymous’ held the 12th monthly demonstration against Scientology in numerous cities worldwide. “Anonymous worldwide, 07.01.2008 – this coming Saturday, January 10, 2009, as well as on Saturday, January 19, 2009 the anonymous organized” movement in numerous cities around the world the 12 monthly demonstration against the Scientology organization. This completes a full year of Internet-based protest actions, which were caused by originating from Scientology attempts of censorship in January 2008. From this humiliating defeat that project Chanology “movement grew. The February 2008 was the beginning of a series of peaceful protests of anonymous then movement against Scientology.

Anonymous is a loose association of dedicated people from all walks of life and all over the world, connected only by the common goal of educating people to the corrupt and inhuman practices of the Scientology organization. Continue to meet the goal, you organize Web-based activists monthly protests and rallies, the Scientology to bring human rights violations to the public and politicians to take action to move. The activism of the past year resulted in the anonymous of an endless number of crimes, retaliation, and others by the Scientology organization was accused of constructed, malicious acts. Despite this bullying anonymous holds information in terms of public and educational work to provide to it, regardless of the number trying Scientology travel organization this criticism to stop. This occasion was adopted by thousands around the world and enjoys continued daily new competitors.

Anyone who is interested in more about knowing why anonymous is opposed to Scientology or want to participate actively, is invited to visit happy. By the same author: University of Michigan. This site offers a collection of active anonymous chapters, as well as their local websites, activities and contact opportunities. Information about the next Saturday Demonstrations are also easily accessible. ABOUT ANONYMOUS movement: It is anonymous neither a Club nor a fixed group. There are no leaders, about the form of his protest the individual decides. International coordination via websites, wikis, and forums. Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University brings even more insight to the discussion. There are developed together ideas and decisions about actions and objectives. Anonymous does not arise against the beliefs of Scientology members. The nonviolent protests only opposed the repressive methods of the organization. The demonstrations: Anonymous demonstrated since February 2008 worldwide before the local Scientology centres. At least eleven monthly waves of demonstration took place in 2008. “The goals: setting the stress-test tables are the direct targets of anonymous against Scientology” as well as the obvious marking of this and similar actions, such as anti-drugs – campaigns, as Scientology actions. Scientology offers concealed among other drugs advice, management courses for Business enterprises, as well as tutoring services for young people on. The ultimate goal of anonymous is that the Scientology organization adjusts all activities. This can be achieved by educating the population and support the judicial system.