A House In

The Christmas House in Hoya the Weser and its 400000 bulbs Christmas is almost over and on the 6th, 2010 the 400000 bulbs on the biggest House in Europe in Calle at Hoya on the river Weser, go against 21. Sorry, but the next Christmas season with even more bulbs reach intended. Incidentally, Calle lies roughly 40 km south of Bremen, so almost at the North Sea. It’s Christmas Eve in 2009. The dawn has used. Snow covered the Christmas House. Still, the House looks almost like any other.

But when the power switch is pressed, the House is transformed into a magical world. Interested visitors from all over North Germany come to look on this Christmas dream of light bulbs. All started about 10 years ago. Inspired by a visit to the United States at Christmas time the homeowners with a few hundred lamps started to decorate the House from the outside. There have been fast 10,000 light bulbs, 50,000 light bulbs, now 400,000 light bulbs. At some point in the next few years probably 1 million bulbs. Even on Christmas Eve, interested visitors on the spot were to look at this highlight or to take pictures. Meanwhile, there is also a “parking” and of course “fair”.

My visit worthwhile. I was there again a few days later and was surprised how full the parking lot was. And most of the visitors were of course a camera. The electricity bill for the owner is in the month of December in the thousands. Switched on the lights of approx. 17: 00 until 21: 00. A lighting around the clock would no longer affordable. An electrician ensures the necessary reliability. The most pears are now LED Gluhbrnen (energy-saving). We look forward to the wonderful Christmas House, if at the end of this year the light bulbs are switched on again. It will be then how much? Bodo MICHALSKI