A Love Of Art

Are emerging among children, young painters, dancers and poets who know that there are other forms of language, have realized that the world is beautiful, there are more roads that connect with their soul, their essence and that this helps develop spiritual intelligence. When I dance, they sing in the choir, when acting or painting, it's as if transformed. I saw the art simply as a tool, could not explain the bottom of this. Thanks to the expertise now know, is a living and this has put me confidence, confidence. In my daily life, I think much has changed since before defending the values, like honesty or responsibility to me and to others, have been strengthened. I believe and advocate more respect for the families. Reinforce the lead by example. I've noticed that if I act with integrity, with wisdom, love and discernment, the "other" and notes that the seed example, that something will be captured and certainly invited to reflect on everything in this world we all wish we would have more peace and harmony.

Another thing that struck me deeply is my love of poetry, before the master had never written anything and I have to confess that neither my attention, it is as if nothing out of me. Now everything comes easily and from somewhere very deep, it's as if you started and leave the key verses, not my head, I'm sure. But I like and I like a lot, I started to write everything and everyone and I feel that feeds my soul.