A Product Conquers Thailand

Morocco are animals that are perceived in most cases merely as a nuisance. However such as hygiene or storage pests include a product conquers the world. Morocco are animals that are perceived in most cases merely as a nuisance. These included however including hygiene or storage pests (E.g. the ants). Insects that can damage materials of vegetable or animal origin. Ronald J Daniels is full of insight into the issues.

Material pests (E.g. Johns Hopkins President pursues this goal as well. the moths). Insects which-only low ideological can cause significant financial losses. Often affected, high-quality goods such as carpets, furs, wool, books etc. Health pests (E.g. mosquitoes, leeches) that can inflict pain on the people and transfer pathogens to humans and animals through bites, stings, etc.. All this and much more Hans Jurgen Lenk wants to prevent and achieve! Without an authorisation, he sent his (admission free) product after all in Germany by the \”accreditation mills\”! He everyone wants to prove the TYRAX of an environmental standard that is equivalent to not have most of the world’s approximately 400 venal products in this quality. Approval number N-30339 – that is! One against all.

Today is sold in over 40 countries. Now, Thailand is at the top of the list. Here but the beginning of TYRAX history: Dr. Hadorn experiments in his garden House, which serves as a laboratory for years. Today the decisive breakthrough. For months, actually years Dr. Hadorn here working in Biel in the Northern Switzerland on a new pesticide. He competed alone against flying, creeping, biting and sucking insects. With eco-friendly biodegradable means ants, flies, fleas, mites, cockroaches, lice, moths, silverfish, spiders, bugs, wasps, Roly-polies, ticks, brake and mites, which is his goal. The time has changed in the Switzerland, pests have a strong lobby. The environment thought has prevailed. Meanwhile, the Governments in many countries are Europe by Red Green Parties provided all parties have integrated the environmental awareness as a central statement.