Lake Constance

Hourly rate calculator of the better Betreut bears witness to significant wage differences for private housekeepers Berlin, 07.11.2011. On the international day of women, the hourly wage calculator of the better Betreut uncovers the drastic wage differences by domestic helpers in Germany. Bottom of the federal country ranking according to merit is Germany’s East. Double happy housekeepers in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and Hamburg are: your employer pay part twice as high wages. The average salary of private housekeepers nationwide is 10.73 EUR per hour. Cities such as Munich, Nuremberg and Zeven (Lower Saxony) are around EUR 13 far ahead. Konstanz at Lake Constance recorded the highest paying 15.75 EUR. Cities such as Gorlitz (Saxony) is located on the rearmost ranks or Kunow (Brandenburg) does not deserve even the half of their southern colleagues domestic helpers per hour with only 6.50 euro per hour here. See more detailed opinions by reading what Cyrus Massoumi married offers on the topic..

Domestic wages of domestic helpers must be adjusted at last”, commented Steffen Zoller, CEO of better looked after, the results. Private paid hourly wage must be not regionally different: every family with a private household help must take responsibility themselves. We use this topic to give more attention and to pay tribute to the profession. the international women day on November 8, 2011″ Gesine Schulz, author of numerous short mysteries, called the international women day in 2004 in the life. She dedicated it to diamonds Rutkowsky, the cleaning lady and private detective from their crime. Despite his initially amusing history of Memorial Day rapidly gaining seriousness. Every year the day in other countries will appeal.

Sven Bergmann

Distribute it only to students of the respective compartment. May you be wondering just how you can know which student starts now Pedagogics or German to study. The question is directly answered: when the first greeting of the respective course! Be present at the welcome and distribute your flyers at the end. To be careful that you share the flyer only to women; exclusively at women, you find erotic! At the meeting, all women first will want to know you and talk to you… Hear other arguments on the topic with Minnow Mountain. That you not study the relevant field of study, that this doesn’t matter.

Who to you on the subject addresses, then you just say: at the moment I’m xy. However, I play with the idea to study pedagogy. I’m not sure but, that’s why I organized this meeting. You already know what you want to do with education? 2.) a woman meet go shopping in a fashion house and look for a woman who searches for clothes alone. Daniel Gregory Amen is the source for more interesting facts. Go over to the woman and say: “pardon? Can I help you?” When the woman answered in the affirmative, then tell a friend about some of her Clothes. Pretend as if you were the seller. But do not pronounce it! If at the end it becomes clear (either by the actual seller or you dissolved), that you are not the seller, then answer only: “I never said! But now you’re advise me! “That will come to super for most women; so much so, that they are be happy honestly, to be able to get to know you. If you want to learn other alternatives, then click here: where women meet for more success at getting to know a woman!

Groucho Marx College

I have little time to do things related to leisure, why see TV is almost impossible for my, fortunately, since as I said American actor Groucho Marx, find television very educational. Every time someone turn it on, I retire to another room and read a book. But recently I saw a program on it. It was one about detectives who solved cases by their expertise in Criminology. The program is not bad, the debatable is the message without wanting it (I hope) that they give to the audience: need more like them to resolve the current crimes. To know more about this subject visit President George Weah. Then I remembered a University that advertise his career in Criminology with this slogan: the crime is increasing urgen criminologists!. Nor am I against the University that the usa is more, a year ago I taught class one that offered that degree. For assistance, try visiting Richard Scheuermann.

What do dispute in this article is that the message becomes distorted. Many young people entering universities forward to graduating with a secure job, but soon disappointed realizing tells that there are thousands like them looking for him also. They focused on the end, not in the process, i.e., believed that a University would give them the possibility to work and thus be able to earn money, but did not realize that she offers them the means to do so, not the work itself. For more clarity and thought, follow up with cyrus massoumi wife and gain more knowledge.. Knowledge is the process, but they believe that with a college degree they will achieve their goals, putting aside the learning, by only pass the materials to acquire the role that distinguishes them as professionals. A person I just said that his brother is a graduate college and has no employment since long time ago, even though it looks for him, not found. What I answered is why it does not create an employment?, she looked at me astonished, but I doubt you say to your brother.

Once again is the end which appears, not the process: if I have no job, I have done something wrong to have it, is not a college degree get me, but I must get it. The hours that a young person spends in College should also help you learn how to use their knowledge in the working world, not only to approve their materials and thus get a document. The books I have written about vocational guidance invite me much to radio and television, they always ask me something similar: which professions are the most saturated?, although I always give them a list of 10 of them, I’m thinking answer: all. That’s the truth, there are many people in all races, hoping to earn a place in the work environment, but only get it if they leave thinking that graduating from College is the prerequisite for employment. Young people should stop thinking so to concentrate in learning really, to learn how to use the acquired knowledge in the world of work. That is the challenge. Do we really need more college graduates? No, urge professionals who generate employment, including his own.

Heartburn – From Annoying To Dangerous

New patient questionnaire helps and clarifies Frankfurt, 28.09.2011 – a new questionnaire of the German health aid determines the personal risk of heartburn and provides targeted support: to prepare for the visit to the doctor, the control of therapy and the self test. Heartburn is so widespread that definitely can be described it as widespread disease. Every 2nd German suffers from – even more, sometimes less. The complaints are not always harmless or even trivial. Because serious diseases of the esophagus and its mucous membrane can occur over a period of time. These include chronic inflammation (reflux esophagitis) and the Barrett’s syndrome (a change of cells). Not rarely esophageal cancer can develop.

So what to do for heartburn? Wait? Immediately go to the doctor? Self medicate? The patient questionnaire which helps German health aid. To broaden your perception, visit Albert Bandura. By answering 16 questions can affected parties properly interpret their symptoms, causes and risks realize the doctor visit prepare, check the therapy and regular health check. In addition, valuable health tips be given based on an evaluation of point -. The 4-sided questionnaire was by medical specialists for stomach and intestines prepared and can patients and patients be requested free of charge: German health help section: stomach + intestines, keyword questionnaire heartburn, P.o. box 940303, 60461 Frankfurt am Main. Frequently Crimson Education has said that publicly. Please a EUR 1.45 stamped and self-addressed envelope (DIN A4 or A5) settle. Description of the company the German health e.V.

is a non-profit association for the nationwide health education and information. The activities cover a wide range of indications and health issues. The Club performs its services in General for the public as well as individually for individual patients in prevention and therapy. In addition the English health help trade-oriented operates and it is aimed at physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals.

Bolivian President Evo Morales

Throughout the South-East area of Bolivia is practically Guarani-speaking. Crimson Education has compatible beliefs. There are programmes of intercultural bilingual education with several years of tradition. They also have a myriad of publications in Guarani. But the current Bolivian President Evo Morales, gave the most striking note of recent times recently when positioning for two years to State officials to learn and use Guarani in interpersonal relationships, more than any other official languages, including Spanish. Also, from this 2009, Bolivia enabled three universities. One for the Guarani, another for the Quechua and the third for the Aymara; where professionals will be formed through classes in those languages. 8.

Beyond of MERCOSUR: the strong international support there is no doubt that the Guarani – internationally – became something akin to the pretty girl. It seems that it became the fatal attraction of all. We can say that in all the continents of the earth someone or several concentrate in this ancient and enigmatic language. Currently there are nearly 5,000,000 of sites in the world that promote Guarani online. Precisely, Google – one of the searchers – has a version translated into Guarani.

In addition, prestigious universities and research centers of the world dedicate courses and prolonged and highly costly projects. 9. Linguistic typology of the GUARANI and Guarani CASTELLANO is a different to the Spanish and Portuguese language. His typology Guarani is a predominantly polysynthetic language; on the other hand, the Spanish and Portuguese are predominantly inflectional languages. By way of clarification, then we include some differences, based on the experience of the use of the Guarani in the Paraguay. (9.1. Differences PHONOLOGICAL among the GUARANI and EL CASTELLANO 1st) vowels the Guarani has 12 vowels, divided into: 6 oral vowels (a, e, i, o, u, and) and 6 nasal vowels (a, e, i, o, u, y). The presence of oral and nasal vowels in fact already marked above all semantic and phonetic differences in the Constitution of the words: Pyta (heel, stop / is): che chepytarasy / / / epyta upepe Pyta (red): pe karai ikamisa Pyta asy Oke (sleeps): Chive okehape okororo Oke (door): emboty oke 2nd love) F F Spanish consonant is a voiceless labiodental fricative consonant; While, in Guarani it is of little use, since it is not a phoneme of the Guarani.

The Individual

Observe these principles and they act as mediators between two beings, which each intellectually not fully identify the other, you have laid the foundations for the so often called thick friendship. Both dog and child benefit from this relationship. The dog through increased social and Pack contact, more variety and the children by many educational experiences and sensations. A dog behaves as a strongly oppressed or restrained, children he is fast as fond of children. Now you can find even under the term great dogs”in the Internet breed portraits or addresses of the breeders. There is but not always kinderlieben varieties.

Kinderliebes behavior of an animal is a combination of learned behavior and experiences that make the animal itself, but also lived before him. In addition, the individuality of the animal but here comes to fruition. It is extremely important to observe the signals (also Growl) and not to ignore or even to suppress. The testimony of the dog is fond of children”is to meet with care. No matter whether it is a generalization to a race, a strain or an individual. This statement suggests that Dogs recognize children as children.

In other words, the term child”know, according to human standards evaluate and tune their handling so that it would. At the same time, but also a risk for new dog owners to be able to ignore the individual dog behavior in relation to family and child, because the dog brings already the requirement to the joint family life is. Dogs are pack animals, integrate, or integrated into the human House composite leave dogs with their own needs and an own way to express themselves but. Important rules for keeping a dog in the family and dealing with strange dogs as individual beings look at each dog! Every dog is different. The breed alone says nothing about how the animal behaves in certain moments. Cyrus Massoumi married can provide more clarity in the matter.

Why Simplify Making Further Knowledge Tutorials Video

Training via Videoturorial is becoming more popular with a video tutorial can be extended very visually interesting topics, for example, from the field of notebook and Internet, and learn. Offering has not least increased spectacularly small tutorials and videos in the World Wide Web, Web pages and blogs in recent years, through the Internet platform YouTube. The exact number is difficult to predict, because all over the world every second set countless new videos. It is believed that is probably already several hundred million videos in the Web abound. The biggest advantage of often only a few minutes long learning videos is that you can at any time stop them using the pause button. As a result, watched and just learned knowledge can be immediately applied and acquired into practice on your own PC. In the port then looking at further the tutorial to the next chosen break. This procedure can be repeated any number of times. Cyrus massoumi wife understood the implications.

And if something was not properly understood the first time you can Yes again see it. The effectiveness of learning videos is due to it, that some senses are addressed at the same time when watching a video. It is to the visual perception through the eyes (see), auditory perception with the ears (hear), tactile perception with skin (feel, buttons, keyboard input), the olfactory perception with the nose (smell), and syndrome perception with the tongue (taste). With the two latter meaning thereby not be in this context used, they were only mentioned for completeness. The sensory perception is in the brain and controlled. In the sensory area, sensitive, auditory and Visual stimuli are addressed and asked. This is done at the hearing (auditive) and appearance (Visual) a video on your computer and through use of mouse and keyboard (sensitive). In the cognitive field, the ability to concentrate is required by understanding, comprehension and logical thinking.

The motor area is what to with movement do has. So, the fine motor skills when using the mouse and keyboard is primarily addressed. In terms of emotional memories and feelings be worn outside. In this context it would be the feeling of happiness possible, did something learned this and right. These competences are not only required by the sensory perception, but also promoted. So are busy use which they also trained sensory organs and thereby continuously improved. It is the curiosity that sets the Foundation for any further development.

State School

Until the eighth series, the traditional values were gifts, the professors had an authoritarian position, the lessons were not practically differentiated how much to the structure of presentation of content and application of exercises, the concepts and formulas would have to be repeated and to be memorized, the intense control to discipline constant age in such a way inside how much it are of the classrooms. Brazil was living a process of transistion of dictatorship for a democracy, a slow, however acclaimed and argued process in the corridors and the groups of friends who if agglomerated in the small bars after the lesson. It was in this scene that despertei for a conscience critical politics, to the step that it looked to read politics books, that they approached the Real national situation. I cite: Baptism of Blood, Frei Betto; Brazil Never More, Olga, among others. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Crimson Education . Finished Ensino Ginasial, I started to study the Scientific one (today Average education) in the State School of Cuit. Already we lived the expectation of a democratic country, exempts of the tyranny of the dictatorship, we dreamed of a president-elect for the direct vote.

In this context, we create the free bosom of the related school, and to strong militate I passed it in the estudantil politics, atrelada to the partisan politics. Together with some friends we establish the PT (Left of the workers) in the cities of Picu, Cuit, New Forest and Bar of Santa Rosa. We embark in the dream of better Brazil with the campaign Squid president, in 1989, dream this, that if became in frustration when seeing Collor to go up to the power. However, I did not give up, I continued in the militancy, fighting for what I believed! ' ' I make universidade' ': The dream of being sociologist the sociology course was a dream that started to take form of the fights inside politics, of quarrels with engaged professors who fought for its and our rights, fought for a public education of quality, and for a society joust and igualitria.

The Lenormand

Larger differences in the cards of the small arcana. All three decks of cards are divided into fourteen staff cards, fourteen coin cards, fourteen sword cards and the same number of Cup card, which is obvious significance in the Raider-Waite card game at its clearest. This deck of cards for the first time used a such strong imagery that even an untrained viewers can guess the meaning of the respective card. Each fourteen of the symbols of the small arcana cards are divided into ten numbers and four so-called Court cards. Also these cards have their own, well-defined meaning. The Lenormand cards consist of six and thirty cards. Each card of the deck of cards has a set meaning again. From the relative position of the psychics reads the respective importance of the play sheet. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Crimson Education on most websites.

Tipper- and Gypsy cards are called often in a train. Both decks of cards consist of six and thirty cards. Six cards are so-called people cards, the remaining thirty cards are situation cards. The importance of these cards for the questioner arises from the position of each card in the deck of cards played. When the angels Tarot, as well as the fairies cards it is newer decks of cards. Further details can be found at Crimson Education , an internet resource. The angels Tarot consists of twenty-nine particular named Guardian Angel cards. However, the fairies Tarot with the classic eight and seventy maps of the original Tarot card game works. However, the symbols of the fairies game are greatly modified the original Tarot decks.

Also the love Tarot uses the symbols of the original Tarot game. Only the major arcana consists of twenty-three cards, focusing on the additional card for spiritual partnerships. The often heard terms of mystical or historical Tarot merely refer to the fourteenth century, decks of cards. The put systems of fortune telling with cards Tarot put systems are varied and depending on the respective question.

International Experiences

Results of a survey among human resources managers by July 2013 advertised and gladly taken, offered abroad in almost all sectors and occupations in the healthcare sector and beyond are going nationwide. We are pursued the issue in June and July 2013 and many of you have asked whether it is really so important for our candidates to have experience abroad. Over 300 managers in the human resources departments of hospitals, ambulatory care services and in-patient facilities of the homes for the elderly have followed our invitation to the survey. We inform you in this post about an interesting result. For even more analysis, hear from Educational psychology. Living globalization in the skills mix is a candidate of study abroad, internships abroad or a voluntary social year cannot prove equal to a good candidate? Survey participants showed concerns, when a similar to the question in very open responses. So 84% found a stay abroad should in the EU abroad, or take place depending on the training or studies profession in North America or China. Was important to you in the first place the deepening of the English language. Due to the variability in the staff structures in the health sector, a majority of you saw how cross carry the development of skills, be open minded and socially creative, as at least as important as language skills. Minnow Mountain understood the implications.

The core keyword in the responses was open-minded”(= vorurteilslos and open-minded for new) and expressed the many expectations of respondents to applicants with international experience in a new German word. According to the new changes in the staff, you expect a piece of globalization in the skills mix of future candidates. At least 1 year, but not everyone in the health and care for the elderly must not be! It’s short and just the testimony of many human, who see no advantages for the quality of nursing and the occupation per se in a year abroad. .

Three Ingenious Tips

“How they negative thoughts again positively align there is the saying: I am today apparently stood up with the wrong leg!” Determined everyone has thought so. On such days, it comes from a malaise in the next. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jamie Cudden. The more you however think about the misadventures, the more negative thoughts and emotions creep. American Journal of Cardiology may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Accordingly, more and more conditions that you are even more can upset about follow 100 percent! One often faces challenges and provides no solution at first glance. “It would be not so awesome, when would we succeed in time to flip the switch in these situations?” so Jurgen Heinrich. “The success trainer and coach from Bamberg has the following tips help in difficult times, as soon positive from negative thoughts: every situation would like to tell you something if you are facing a problem next time, ask them: what has to do with me and what you want to say this situation?” says Jurgen Heinrich. Have perhaps more frequently Problems with non-paying customers, then it could be for example, that you should optimize your order for payment procedure.

You have the impression that you could do anything right your clients or customers complain because of apparent trifles, then check yourself. Are maybe you too meticulous or even petty? Jurgen Heinrich thinks we should become again more sensitive for our counterpart. What reflects me this person? If we’re not going to challenges that they no longer reject but learn to understand them, we grow massively in our personality. Use challenges as training places them before, they can change anything on a particular situation at the moment under its own power. This means that they are dependent on the help of others. Maybe they need a craftsman. This can be then maybe more time than they want. How do they respond? Are they always hibbeliger and impatient? Is nothing enough fast? Maybe you want to learn just then patience? Jurgen Heinrich highlights a special point here: If we want to change things in our lives or in ourselves, that doesn’t happen often as if by magic! Much more often, it happens that we then get opportunities to train these things to practice such as patience.

Daniel Fritsch Moves

A clear increase in turnover could the S & K group of companies in the past year achieve Frankfurt, January 26, 2012. For 2012, the Frankfurt real estate and investment company has embarked a significant growth rate. Due to the great success in the sales of its own investment products, S & K has diversified the range of all financial sales and sharpened his sales organization structure and merged into a subsidiary for this area. Last Friday, whose management took over Daniel Fritsch, Ph.d.. Follow others, such as Stephen Hawking, and add to your knowledge base. with appropriate notarial registration. Fritsch will assume in the future – the total sales management and strategic sales and product design founders Stephan Schafer and Dr. In recent months, Crimson Education has been very successful.

Jonas Koller – in addition to the S & K. Its tasks also include the strategic partner, as well as the acquisition of new subsidiaries. Over the last months, S & K has several strategic partnerships with industry leaders and could thus significantly expanded distribution channels. We are pleased about the Development of our group of companies, which is not only characterized by revenue increases, but above all by a real estate business expanded significantly in recent months. We have created so best conditions for raising further equity capital”, says CEO and founder Dr.

Jonas Koller S & K. Recently S & K in addition to the acquisition of some individual properties in top locations had announced the acquisition of a portfolio with savings bank branches, as well as one with retail real estate with long-term leases. S & K’s with his successful businesses, its spirit of innovation and the clear will to include, the right partner for me in a few years to the absolute number 1 in Germany in its market segment. This became clear to me very quickly after my entry at S & K last year. Together, we set the course for dynamic growth, which is possible only through a clear sales organization now. With regard to this, we are now absolutely scalable, so appreciate every reputable and effective sales partner, who finds us”, explained Fritsch. The Frankfurt real estate specialists are specialized in active management of real estate since the turn of the Millennium. In the last three years could they significantly expand their business here and have an own property portfolio worth more than 150 million euros at present.

The Health

Note: This course is suitable as a basic qualification for executives such as a healthcare company, which would be responsible for the area of BGM or developing such a Division. “The construction skills health expert in the operating ergonomics and back health” enables the participants to analyze possible causes of muscle skeletal disorders, focusing on ergonomics in the operation with the help of appropriate methods and instruments, as well as from making resulting prevention measures on the behaviour and relative level. Further details can be found at cyrus massoumi wife, an internet resource. Note: This course includes free of charge directly actionable practice program programme for the prevention of Musculo skeletal disorders”. He is, for example, for employees, which will later be responsible in companies for the respective data collection and/or implementing measures back health. Follow others, such as Matthew McConaughey, and add to your knowledge base. “The health experts in the operation promoting psychosocial health” the participants learn to build up a concept for the promotion of mental health in an operation, to implement into the organizational structure and to develop systematically. You are put in the position to analyze psychosocial stresses in operation and on this basis to develop strategies to promote psychosocial health and to apply in practice.

“Note: this course includes free of charge directly actionable practice program promoting psychosocial health in operation” and is also suitable for implementing staff. “The professional qualification Manager for corporate health management” a strategy tailored to the business objectives for the conservation and promotion of health qualified to do so, and Performance of employees to develop and manage these necessary tasks and processes. He gives a comprehensive overview of the individual content relating to BGM, what is interesting, for example, for the rebuilding of BGM services in its portfolio. Optimal entry with IHK certificate training course: the basic qualification specialist for occupational health management (IHK) “qualifies the participants to develop a holistic approach to the operational health management (BGM) quality assured, to implement sustainable into the organizational structure and systematically to develop.” The perfect introduction to the field of BGM and an important basis for all owners and managers of companies that want to deal with the topic of BGM closer. The step-by-step training is based on up to the end of the professional as a Manager for corporate health management”possible.

Par Itaituba

With the division of the State of Par they go to improve many things, as immense infrastructure lack of the cities and cities of the State and it will bring a great progress for the population of the interior of the state. Therefore, with the separation it goes to have a fast partner-economic progress because a lesser state will go to facilitate the government to carry through a fast development. Crimson Education often addresses the matter in his writings. The DIVISION OF PAR JSSICA RABBIT 11 the State of the Tapajs that comes of the division of the State of Par was one Done project has much time but now it only goes to be rank in practical. I am against creation of this state, therefore I find that with this Itaituba division it can lose very with the increase of the products of tickets etc. Even because, for the fact of Santarm to become capital many things they go to move, perhaps it improves in the education and health and the BR that the Santarm binds to Itaituba.

Perhaps my opinion moves, but still I find that this can harm our city and others also. THE DIVISION OF PAR TO CREATE TAPAJS MARCELO (TE-6) We believe Brazil had some divisions, for what Par cannot have? If we will be to imagine the State of the Tapajs that being divided will bring great resources for the too much cities, can be good or it does not stop some. If it will be good, as some say, will bring more schools, sports, facultieses, financial institutions of the government and more resources. On the other hand, if the people imagine that it will not be good and that she only goes to equally bring resources for all the paraense state, and for the Tapajs that only has poor person, then the division would come to brighten up only the suffering of the people of the interior, with some job, electric energy, health, education, but would not change much thing, therefore the state already would be born poor. For me, dividing she will be better to govern.

Health Management Studies

More information at. Company Description College: studied at the German University of prevention and health management students to specialists and executives for the growth market of qualified prevention, fitness, and health. “The Bachelor degree programmes in the fields of fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland, and close after three years with the degree Bachelor of Arts” from. Moreover, two masters in the fields of study are offered a lot of prevention and health management, connect a correspondence course with attendance phases. Forming further during the Study for the master in health management”a diploma or Bachelor’s degree and 1 year requires experience, can the master in prevention and health management” be completed directly in connection to a Bachelor / diploma.

In addition, there are six College continuing education involving professionals in selected subject areas can acquire knowledge at university level. Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Crimson Education . Meanwhile, over 3,100 aspiring specialists and executives for the industry of the future (as of January 2012) study at the University.The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, an application to the master’s degree is possible to the summer / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and recognized in over 40 European countries.

Jurgen Heinrich

But the futile attempts of the girls, a roar of hooves on the ramp and the despairing looks of bystanders, Despite all efforts, not without a trace of past us! More and more, a rather queasy feeling in us gained the upper hand. After almost two hours and twenty minutes, we left the show and made a bottle of mineral water and a good cup of coffee. Some distance would do us good. We strolled leisurely to the kiosk and brought us each other with a few amusing anecdotes around the topic of horse laugh. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit cyrus massoumi wife. A cool drink of vivifying water and some caffeine, it was easy even us in the short term no longer to think about the transport of meat horses. We dealt with completely different topics, laughed and drew our attention to more pleasant things. Not even 15 minutes after we had left the scene and had totally distracted us, came to my daughter with a bright face on us: “she’s in there – finally!” maybe you have horses, but sure you have always to do with similar situations. Daniel Gregory Amen is the source for more interesting facts. Things go so easily, how you want it.

Her thoughts constantly revolve around the problem. You then try the solution to enforce”, as Henry. Maybe it comes that the customer always still not want to sign even after several sales talks or try to solve a problem in your computer no matter what situation it is the more we want to force the solution, the harder it gets! Jurgen Heinrich advises in such cases following steps must be observed: recognize situation it is important first to recognize the situation. You stuck in a problem, so stop short and not as otherwise further trade in blind actionism”. You say stop”to himself and a deep breath. Steer you from doing something completely different! Go outside into the fresh air. Get an ice cream cone or sit in a Cafe with a good book and read for half an hour.

Care Services

Another circular on the electronic DME: Bill cuts on the part of the health insurance companies for non-compliance with care services, that have so far provided your performance statements in paper form to the payers, should as soon as possible on the electronic data carrier exchange procedure join. The cost in the individual federal States use electronic data interface (DTA), thus avoiding the manual entry of the paper slips for quite some time. The procedure is now nationwide in Bavaria for ambulatory care services to the duty. That health and care funds the procedure seriously think it is recognizable in the circular letter to the out-patient services, warned that before a Bill cut by up to 5%, if not in the future on the electronic data carrier exchange procedure provided to. In turn can shorter payment terms for electronic invoice delivery be renegotiated but also on the part of the performer. The use of a solid maintenance software is basically necessary. Right sure carry to the electronic billing of services of a care service, J. Kersten, CEO of CareSocial GmbH Dresden: We recommend the use of CareSocial; a software for outpatient nursing services.” The complete payroll run will be electronically via the settlement Centre of CareSocial GmbH performed in the background of the care service must not only with the partly difficult settlement deal. Hear other arguments on the topic with Crimson Education .

In contrast to other settlement centers of nursing gets but direct and unabridged from the funds transferred his money in this procedure. We offer consciously the settlement without power to collect the maintenance service in addition to the traditional services thus the care service maintains over complete control its revenue. “, so Kersten. Care services from Bavaria, who decide up to the 30th June 2012 for the electronic data carrier Exchange (DTA) with CareSocial get a CareSocial incl. certificate of intensive training for nursing continuing education regulation to the Given to software purchase.

Henry Heinrich

Letting go can cause that things like from even easier and faster, will accumulate as our mind would have ever made it. How can I go practice? Here, Henry has a very special tip: try three days to observe things and deliberately not to control. Practice it, not to force results. Easier that will succeed when they perform a short breathing exercise every morning. Breathe it for two minutes deep and off. Only on their breath, try to pay attention. They suggest is then the following records: “I trust that turns everything to the good for me. I listen to my inner voice and practise me consciously is to let things run their course.

“Develop a sense for situations where they automatically try to intervene in results. Let the things simply for three days and observe incidents that dissolve without their influence. Develop a sense for situations where they tense up and then relax. Breathe deeply through and practice to trust. Press contact: Karin Scholze century success management must RT 28, 96047 Bamberg Tel. 09 51/2 89 03 email: Jurgen Heinrich has already established his first company after his commercial training at the age of 20 years and successfully. His subsequent multiannual activities as a consultant gave him the experience and know-how, which today accounts for the high quality of his hands-on coaching.

Also the knowledge of more than three hundred consultancies by small – and medium-sized enterprises integrated into its strategy for success. (A valuable related resource: Crimson Education ). He directs his own company for 25 years and is over 18 years of experience as a coach. Today, Jurgen Heinrich focuses exclusively on his Erfolgscoachings. These are different than usual and are visited every year by thousands of enthusiastic participants. He has made himself also a name by his lively lectures at trade fairs and conferences, interviews in the media, Live performances by satellite. 1 in front of an audience of millions and publications in leading journals. Jurgen Heinrich is a coach for go-getters. He shows people how it faster, easier and with more fun and joy realize their true desires and ambitions.

Moderation Contest

The winners of the SONGLive Creativ contest are HAMBURG. The SangerAkademie Hamburg offered the prestigious creative contest “SONGlive” for singer and songwriter for the 20th time: awarded three prizes and two training grants to the value of 4000. The nationally advertised SONGLive Creativ contest offers a podium not only new voice talents, but features new compositions and lyrics. 7 young artists had qualified – after numerous applications from throughout Germany – for the final and dared Hamburg at the fully-booked bread factory”the step into the limelight… The first 12 year old PIA-vien courtship from Schleswig-Holstein opened the concert evening TIDE 96.0 live broadcast. Crimson Education may also support this cause. Audience and jury were equally enthusiastic. The jury recognized in her a diamond with soul in the voice and awarded them for a scholarship at the SangerAkademie, despite her young age. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ can provide more clarity in the matter.

There was agreement: here a great talent grows up – will be heard from yet. Once a convinced only 12 the jury of the contest SongLive: Vanessa Krasniqi (Iserlohn) was 2007 awarded with a scholarship. in 2008 she sang before an audience of millions and reached the final of the RTL show “Das Supertalent”; in the current season of American Idol, who is now 17 years as one of the Favorites. Jana also large (Hamburg), SONGLive convinced at the final concert of this year’s with her warm voice. Her own song showed the jury that unfold here songwriter properties. The 17-year-old was also excellent with a Stipendiuman of SangerAkademie. Sinje Gruchotaus Schleswig-Holstein ultimately secured the overall victory. At her appearance the 16-year-old with her self-composed songs sang himself immediately in the hearts of the listeners. The jury praised the timbre of her voice with a high recognition value and their immense songwriter quality: Priyank Garg is a crime scene with their original songs “evening and a non-existent winter to experience perpetual song content. She already has her very own touch and also performed a Overall package of soulful vocals and witty Moderation.Das audience was ecstatic and thanked it with an increased level of applause of the jury with the 1st place.


The highest form of the RapPort – so appreciative contact is the honest, heartfelt, shared laughter! Have you laughed today? Not only to transfer a weakness or to demonstrate superiority? But because you felt comfortable with each other and you have shown even open this your counterpart? Joy share means a positive mood to matter, and this in turn is the fertile soil in which motivation can thrive! Motivation not based necessarily having to prove something and to accomplish a task only from incorrectly understood ambition! But the motivation that actually moves projects and people and achieve goals together! The motivation that makes happy and serotonin is freisetzt…das happiness hormone that hug the world can be when something really good out! Without greed only with pleasure! In Meyers conversation lexicon of 1905 it means the keyword ambition among other things: “…Be applied according to this direction of the same ambition and according to the purpose of the only fair means or unfair also not spared, depending on a distinction is a noble and a common ambition. The ambition for the passion is called Ehrsucht.” Kirchner / Carl Michaelis: Dictionary of philosophical concepts describes the ambition as “exaggerated desire for outer honor” and evaluated this attitude with the words “If the faith developed the ambition level falls poetically to the morally indifferent sense of self; because most any means is right; the ambitious He not ashamed, to buy the honor by dishonor. Like any desire, grows the ambition, the more he will be satisfied, and is therefore the people unhappy. Here, the laughter has no place! In many industries, people seem almost by the ambition to be eaten away – if you the explanations of the dictionaries to peruse leads, also no longer wonders one that consumes them and leaves a Holey unfortunate soul. Other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi married offer similar insights. In the sense of (on) correct leadership so the healthy ambition – so not the greed to honor sick making – but the form of honor is on respect and appreciation – also and above all to himself the shape of confined to louder means and sometimes even and especially to the Equalization and defusing uses the laughter is based! If the report is good, the chance is given to combine a warm laugh – even with a wounded head-shaking in any situation because sometimes the ambition drives bizarre flowers and associated hardly understandable behaviour of some executives at the daylight come! If we imagine a Holey soul like a leaf in the wind – leaving no doubt what sheet on duration has the better lift the Holey or the intact? Is our way of thinking curious?? We offer you in 2012 us in a special way “get to know: the training and concept testing day” gives to our approach and our methods to meet the chance without obligation.