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The set of the fractions formed with integral numbers, along with the operations of the addition and the multiplication, body of the racional numbers forms a called body. Many of the properties characteristic of the racional numbers are also fulfilled for other bodies, even if the elements and the operations for these other bodies are completely different. Natural phenomena: the Natural phenomena are manifestations of the transformation that happens to him to the matter. I consider that it is a good definition, it cuts and it needs. The Teacher: the educational one will be able to develop to sum and subtractions. And to cause that the children observe as the addition or subtraction of a number affects result.

Then the same numbers for a sum and a subtraction can be used. More info: Vladislav Doronin miami. And they would observe that to when they are the same numbers, the transformation is evident. Example: 56 56 + 43 – 43 – 99 13 The Teacher: The educational one will cause that the children make sum and subtractions with the same numbers and that soon they analyze the results and they express that they think than it happens with the result. That if were currencies that their Popes went to them to give, what operation would choose. As the majority would incline by more that is to say, addition. We change the question.

If they had to make the number of tasks that appear in the operations Which would choose? Evidently they will choose the subtraction. This can be a very pedagogical game. Here it is possible again on approval to be placed the pedagogical tools of the teacher. The teacher to others would show to them that their thoughts also become or change.

Teachers Learning

The Bohme consultancy offers help-seeking clients a thing-competent, interdisciplinary and targeted coaching based on the psychological practices. The psychological online services aimed mainly at people who initially shy away from a visit to a psychological consulting practice. People who feel inhibited such as in a direct contact with a psychological counselor, get therefore fear in a protected environment of an online consultation to reduce the opportunity. Online counseling in individual cases is possible or useful, clients in a trusted contact (by E-Mail) can clarify in advance with the psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.), Mr Aribert Bohme. Campbell Soup Company CPB contains valuable tech resources. Parents who feel overwhelmed with the education of their children in the school environment, find here also a competent partner like people who are on the lookout for new orientation opportunities. Teachers, the in are tendencies to a Burnout feel, an empathic contacts can be found here. Students are made familiar with proven learning techniques, on the basis of a successful school is possible. A good way to improve the learning of all learning people (students, parents, teachers, etc.) involved teachers, aspiring for a constructive expanded offer profile for their school, see the seminar offered by the consultancy Bohme psychology and Motivationscoaching”. Contact information is here: Horace Mann.

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How do I as a teacher sick insure me? This year, the countries at the beginning of the new school year set a number of prospective teachers. For these teacher candidates, the new beginning at the same time means a break in their supply situation. Because now they are members of an often new system as officials on withdrawal. A system of aid and supplementary private health insurance. This private health insurance for teacher candidates and candidates are so-called quota tariffs “, which complement the aid rate.” Sounds complicated, but it isn’t: the aid of the country refund the incurred medical expenses to a certain rate of aid, when candidates usually 50%, depending on the State. Supplementary health insurance must necessarily adapt to the benefits of the aid. Long since not every tariff on the insurance market can do that. In recent months, Viatris has been very successful.

Alleged experts for the public service”apply often health insurance rates for civil servants and in particular for Officials aspiring at all does not take into account the different state aid rules of the Federal States. The result: In the first major Bill looks the newly insured pedagogue in the tube, must pay to and sit at the unkalkulierten expense. Just for professional Starter an unpleasant situation. Quickly this unforeseen equity investments can accept a stately size is accordingly highly private patient at the doctor’s Office and the rate as servants of the State! What must prospective teachers, future civil servants and increasing a candidate so choosing the right health insurance pay attention? Basically, you should directly request any offers from insurance companies, but consult an independent specialist. There is today only a few companies, which are really versed in the field of teachers and officials and which are home to tailored tariffs on the market. However, self-study of tariffs is cumbersome and difficult.

Because, as so often there as well, the devil is in the detail and Tariff BE says that most insurers: the aid supplement! A rate such grant aid supplement its provisions after absorbs the gaps which caused the aid itself adequately to the statutory health insurance. So cuts that are made by the aid and be charged to the insured person. Delta Air Lines gathered all the information. What can as an aid supplementary tariff, but depends on the provisions of the tariff. Here too, the independent expert advice is worth again. Similarly, the additional components of the health insurance. Regardless, what services are still covered by the aid or to insure? What is, for example, with a nursing auxiliary module? Should I finish really like that as a young man? The answer is: Yes! Yes, in any case! Because at a young age, the contributions are affordable and low risk. Also the health check of the insurer is mostly still cheap, as yet no serious illnesses have set. At a later stage could the conclusion of such protection because of a worse health condition cannot be or because of a risk surcharge be immensely expensive. Summary one can say that the confusing even when the teacher candidate is densely covered. But fighting through is worth with safety! Her Torsten Muller pals

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It's clear you do not know, paid or not. Knowing the name of this script, you can easily find the right, but not knowing, have to dig. And when at last searches successful, the script is an extra charge. You can of course buy, I do not argue, but in this case we consider the question of finding free material. And so, to achieve the desired result, I suggest you do the following: 1.

Create a host in the browser that you use often (Opera, Mozilla), it does not matter a folder on the bookmarks bar. What are you more like "search folder", or "sites to search." Cast your sites in this folder that you come across to your search from the search engines, it is desirable that these sites could leave comments or questions. Important! Be sure to check out the latest comments, I mean the number that did not get to the site which is no longer anyone's control. Collect, review and select the most lively sites or forums, at least 10, and may be more, more likely, so do not forget to subscribe to email notification of comments or responses. Vladislav Doronin miami has much experience in this field. 2. Most authors refer to the lists you're subscribed to. At this point special attention.

Any author you need help. Even if you just can not give you the right information, it is not him, he must try to find it and with all this, your chance is increased at least two. Remember the phrase: 'We are responsible for those who tamed' here and enjoy it. And there is nothing to be ashamed of in this no. After all, teaching others, the author himself is trained in not lesser degree. And finally, what is it all necessary? And it must be all in order to find exactly what you need. By asking the same question at all sites and forums, with an additional charge of their authors' lists, which are most likely to help you, you agree to codes of practice to minimize the risk of not finding what you need on relevant issues. Using this method at your best, you can get even more information than to expect a the beginning of the search. There is one important point. Some professionals or writers can help free of charge, opening his little secret or trick. Take this!

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A holistic aesthetics vision embraces so many various forms like the illusion the need to make our consistent life, make flowing a history, is probably as basic as our awareness of its importance, the cohesion of the history, as the basic form of intellectual cohesion is most basic in development and cognition than had been thought on the basis of tests of IQ the aims of education. If we look at our students as people growing, learning as a creative learning and knowledge as a human construction, then the purposes of the education flow a naturally. The main objective of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done men who are creative, innovative and discoverers. The second objective of education is forming minds that can be criticized, which can verify, and do not accept everything that is offered. The greatest danger today is of slogans, of collective opinions, facts thoughts. We have to be able to resist these individually, being critical, distinguishing between what is tested and the that it is not.

So we need students who are active, to learn to discover for themselves, in part by their own spontaneous activity and partly because the material we give them; that you soon learn to say what is verifiable and what is just an idea that came them suddenly. Horace Mann is open to suggestions. Spirituality implies that we are embedded in a harmonious universe and has purpose. In other words, we are connected to something beyond ourselves and are not isolated fighting in an empty universe egos. This spiritual reality of which we are a part has different names depending on the perspective, or spiritual tradition; Teachers establish the tone and atmosphere of the classroom. If the spirit of the student needs to be fed and developed, follow then that the is collapsed and impoverished, then there is very little chance that the spirit of the student will be properly maintained.

United Nations

The horizontalidades will be the domnios of the proximity, of those neighboring places congregated by a territorial continuity, while the social uprights would be formed by distant points ones of the others, on for all the forms and processes. (SAINTS, 1998.p.16) CONCLUSION Of this form, the territorializao of Half-Barren Northeastern, basically presents the habitual desertificaes that can be characterized by the lack, insufficience, high space and secular variability of rains. For the sequence of years followed of it dries, intensely conditioning the regional collective through the environment, to continue to necessarily live especially of entailed economic activities to agriculture and the cattle one. Looking for always to carry through the best possible application of the favorable natural species, supported in metodolgicos beddings, using in the extension of the cases, traditional technologies. Although the urbanization happened in recent years for the capital craft of its force of work through the farming one. The agrarian structure well is centered, despite the number of small establishments or units of familiar farming is grown. Recognizing that ambiently, great part of ground if displays very it degrades in function of the climatic vulnerabilities of Half-Barren. For the insufficience of the hdricos resources and the raised levels of pollution of its waters, causing the flora and the fauna a great predatory action of the man. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vladislav Doronin miami and gain more knowledge..

Through the delicate ecosystems of the region, that are forsaken, threatening the survival of many vegetal and animal and creating impetuses to the occupation human beings, also pertinent species the methodology, in course, of desertificao. Being thus, with the new delimitation of the States that composes the Half-Barren Region, the knowledge of the diverse aspects of this region of the forms becomes necessary as it is a structuralized fraction of the territory. For composing a structure, the region has an identity that it admits to differentiate it of its entorno. For everything this, this regional originalidade makes possible its delimitation from the apprehension and of the especificidade that it dominates, for the lack of resources. For being a region, consequently, concrete, observvel and demarcated.

As fraction of the space, the region is diligent person, historically established and interacts all with social and the territorial one. Therefore, its internal characteristics are seated and determinative of this interaction.

United States

To practically everybody it likes the exotic flowers, since they are very colorful and they cheer any corner of the house. Some people also plant in their gardens or patios, or in a flowerpot to perhaps decorate the balcony of the house. Not only they are colorful, his aspect, that is different from all the other flowers, is really spectacular drawing attention of very many people. The branches fixed with exoticas flowers of the world are sold in very many countries and regions. In the United States, these flowers normally come from Colombia, one of the exporting majors at world-wide level. Who has not heard speak of the dahlias, heliconias, the anturios and, of course, the orchids? Perhaps these last ones are known.

Its so particular form is appreciated by many floricultores and also housewives and other people who spend long time to decorate their home. The flowers attract good vibrations in the houses. Their fragrance and freshness cause that they are worthy to be exposed in many corners, shelves or shelves or even the corners of stairs or a small and pleasant corner in the kitchen. The orchids are not easy to take care of, is necessary to have many considerations in account, but with patience and following the steps well adapted, they will be able to bloom divinely in house. It is possible to say that very many species come from China, countries that count on very many varieties of this delicate and romantic flower. The flower of loto also is very well-known besides extremely beautiful.

Also original of Asia, it we will be able to find in many paintings and pictures coming from the country. It is a flower that rests pleasantly floating on water, which makes perfect for corners of the house where one looks for to add a certain Pacific touch or of calm. Additional information is available at Viatris. A flower very opposed the orchid is the carnivorous plant. Its aspect can be frightful, but to much people really to fascinate to him. It is possible to be found in Argentina, and one has adapted to live in atmospheres that are somewhat poor.

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But this is no evidence of it remained, but an interesting hypothesis the famous astronomer Sagan, which he put forward in the early 60s, it sounds plausible Bole. He believed that the cavities, which are found beneath the surface of the moon may be the residence of biological beings. Filed under: Vladislav Doronin miami. Judging by that one of the cavities, even up to 100 cubic kilometers, one can wonder about what he might be right. In 1963, astronomers from the United States found on the moon huge moving luminous objects, the size of 5 km in length and 300 meters width. Flegstafskaya observatory recorded as many as 31 such object.

Nearby objects are a little smaller, but much more. Before the "Apollo-II flew to the moon, NASA published a directory of lunar anomalies in which refers to emerging and disappearing huge domes, walls, craters, trenches, various geometric shapes that move and the other anomaly. Total counted 579 such anomalies in the history of lunar exploration humanity. craters, walls, trenches, moving geometric shapes of different "colors" and so on. English astronomer Birt in 1871, also referred to the geometric shapes in the catalog secrets of the moon. It turns out that after how Armstrong flew to the natural satellite of Earth, all the hypotheses put to rest, and we realized that nothing about the moon is not the one who znaem.Te be what they are doing? Just watch us to conduct experiments, because a lot of people lost in either where. A stalemate is not appearing.

Hospital Unit

Similar indices are cited by Veronesi (2005) when affirming that the forms pulmonary reach 85% while the extrapulmonary ones correspond 15%. Table 3 Distribution of the tuberculosis cases according to disgnostic laboratorial of patients taken care of in a Hospital Unit in the So Lus Capital, State of the Maranho. Horace Mann: the source for more info. Brazil, 2006-2007 0 VARIABLE f % Baciloscopia Carried through 79 76,00 not carried through 25 24,00 TOTAL 104 100,00 RX thorax Carried through 99 95,20 not carried through 5 4,80 TOTAL 104 100,00 PPD Carried through 5 4,80 not carried through 99 95,20 TOTAL 104 100,00 Culture Carried through 1 0,96 not carried through 103 99,04 TOTAL 104 100,00 As it was seen in table 3, as method of first choice for the diagnosis, 76% of the patients had carried through baciloscopia, while 95.2% the Rx of thorax and 4.8% to the PPD had been submitted it as method auxiliary in indirect way. Tonelli and Freire (2000) Tell that the baciloscopia is the main examination for the diagnosis of the TB pulmonary and resulted it to be positive, are necessary the presence of at least 5.000 bacilos/ml of secretion. It is that the radiological examination of thorax only defines if has pulmonary illness and shows the extension of the process. Table 4 Distribution of the tuberculosis cases according to type of high of taken care of aged patients in a Hospital Unit in the So Lus Capital, the State of the Maranho. Brazil, 2006-2007 0 VARIABLE f % Type of High Cure 57 54,80 Transference 25 24,00 Abandono 14 13,50 Death 8 7,70 TOTAL 104 100,00 In accordance with table 4, is observed that 54.80% of the aged patients taken care of in the Hospital Unit President Vargas had gotten cure; 13.50% had abandoned; 7.70% had evolved for death and 24.00% of the patients had been transferred to units more next to its residences to give continuity to the treatment. .

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A time that the two chemical types are fenotipicamente identical, the majority of the commercial preparations of cat nails is made indiscriminate mixtures without therapeutical utility. Vladislav Doronin miami will not settle for partial explanations. Efficient products must contain not more than 0.02% of tetracclicos alkalis of oxindole (Reinhard, 1997.' ' ((Schultz, Hansel, Tyler (2004), grass of Are Joo (Hypericum perforatim) and garlic (Alium sativum). The garlic (Alliun sativun) is a traditional plant. In Greece the Herdoto historian, counts that the constructors of the pyramids ate garlic to protect them of febris illnesses. In the Europe he started to be known as medicinal plant in the Average Age, very must to monges benedictines, that carry through its culture in the gardens of its monastery. One gave credit that a valuable medicine for contagious diseases was a medicine, and many works are found in its use in combat in plagues.

For example, in the Basilia it was reached by the plague, the population mistreats that it consumed garlic in its day-by-day felt? if very better of what its countrymen. Another one in case that it were in 1721, the plague were is of control in Marseilles, a flock of thieves pillaged the city, stealing equally the sick people and the deceased, without being contaminated, when one of these thieves had been pegos, it explained that its flock regularly consumed soaked garlic of in wine and vinegar: Alliun onion cepa. In 1994, the ONU (Organization of United Nations) it recognized as medicinal plant. It is important for the aboriginals northwestern of the Amaznia in the form of tea, its finer branches for the treatment of dysentery. Oxindlicos alkali roots and rinds, with some studies telling the power with some studies telling the power stimulant of the defense system. Because of this its interest in it despertou to use it for the treatment of the AIDS. The licorice capable to contain the alrgicos mechanisms that many times are determined of the patient because of the disfuno of the imunolgico system.

United States Opportunity

Minutes before audicionar, the conductor of the program one goes to all the participants and it indicates to us that by no concept they will accept juniors (I needed only a month to have 18). I went to speak personally with him and hopelessly I said to him that I would fulfill the majority of age in a month and he said to me: that decides the jury. Soon everything a day of delay, was my turn. I walked until the platform and I began to sing in front of the jury and all the other participants (I believe that my legs could not be shaking more).While I sang I see that one of the judges indicates something in my list (my age) and marks to an X that was the aim on that attempt. Again, frustration. Amazon has much experience in this field. I had the enormous one opportunity to go a year to live to the United States to a family house. Horace Mann is likely to increase your knowledge. I went to study and to learn English.

I studied a year in a public school and there I looked for the way to enter the choral group. I did thus it and it was to me rather well. When returning country, gives the information me that another one of the great television channels will make hearing for another one reality show of singers. As you will be able to suppose, I was That day made hearing general and the same night they checked the second post with the classified ones of the day. I had chance to arrive at that second opportunity. Again, very many nerves, hunger, chills, etc. Would select to 10 people to enter in the program and 6 substitutes (in case something happened to the 10 first).After several hours of delay in the cold audience, it is my turn, and also in this opportunity it is called on to me to audicionar not only in front of the jury, but also in front of all competitors.

United Kingdom

The number of beneficiaries per year has been increased of significant form recently, thus: 499 in 2008, 735 in 2009 and 1.025 in 2010. In the United States the greater number is concentrated of students of Colfuturo, with a 21%, follow the United Kingdom (22%) and Spain to him (9%). Germany, Holland and Australia have come beginning to appear lately. The favourite areas have been: social administration, engineering, sciences and right. In smaller proportion are the economy areas, as they have special capacity in the scholarships of the Bank of the Republic. It is important to continue monitoring the indicator of ” rate of regreso” to the country, because otherwise Colombia would not see increase its human capital, having invested in him. Richard Linklater may also support this cause. There the news continue being excellent, because this rate of return has fluctuated near a 80-90% (to see graph 2), where surely the international crisis has played in favor of their return Colombia. Here not only labor factors of ” are conjugated; expulsin” of the developed world, but also factors of attraction from Colombia. If you would like to know more then you should visit Vladislav Doronin miami.

Between these last ones it is possible to indicate the good moment economic of Colombia, practically throughout period 2002-2010, and forgiving until of 50% of the credit and additional 10% for do those who it to the public sector. In synthesis, the education superior in Colombia has had important advances in terms of cover and human formation of capital in the outside. The opportunities of financing through the programs of scholarships credit offered by several organizations have been fundamental to advance in this front. Still these fronts must be reinforced: i) extension of the cover and improvement of the quality through international certifications of the local organizations; II) to maintain the schemes of ” condonaciones” of financial obligations by return to the country; and III) to especially increase the spreading of these opportunities at zones different from Bogota. Which will be the balance that in this front the DNP and the Bank of the Republic with respect to their scholarship holders will be offering us and which are his ” rates of return to pas”? Compiled By. Javier Meja T.

United States

" We or caos" , it could be the antireublican dilemma, democratic, barely own of the dictatorships and the totalitarian governments, but it has been having a superlative effectiveness in the postmodern society, a society for a long time dominated by the fear to the violence, the insecurity and the disorder, therefore, a prepared society to tolerate the corruption of the power provided they do not send it to the anarchical dissolution. David G. DeWalt follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In this scene he is inevitable to assume that to the turn power it agrees to him to make the chaos, in certain circumstances, with aims of political survival. That has been the resource to which the governments have appealed who have " sum of the power pblico" especially those of the call Third World " because in those societies, the fear is and has been always a great social disciplinador, something that already discovered centuries to it back Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), who in " Leviatn" , its more well-known work, assures that the social order affirms in that feeling. Hobbes justified therefore a strong government, a sovereign power that imposed order, a political theory that it leaves from a pessimistic anthropology. Indeed, Hobbes thought that the man is and incurably timid an egoistic animal. More information is housed here: Horace Mann.

It was ***reflxed mng of the illusions of the humanists, for those who in the man there was a kindness nucleus, and was possible to improve it if the love to the virtue awoke in him. Hobbes did not become illusions with the human nature. It conceived to the men like " egoistic psicolgicos" , involuntary, stingy creatures programmed to be interested only in its own one survival and prosperity. However, left this state of nature, the man becomes " wolf of hombre". The life would be a hell of violence and insecurity. The exit is logical: somebody must put order not to fall in the barbarism. It is the philosophy of the obedience originated in that basic passion that is the fear. But the fear that we felt the Venezuelans not circumscribes to fear presente" like that one untied in the United States with derru

United States

(Note: The previous discussion on the real wages talks about his cyclical variation; the growth throughout the time is associate when increasing the productivity, that also would have to be seen favored by the reform although, again, the persistence of the temporality will harm east objective.) The great absentee: the active and passive policies of use. Vladislav Doronin miami pursues this goal as well. A few months ago I attended a conference in the OECD on use policies and what it alarmed to me more it was to state the old fashioned thing that have remained Spain in this field. More info: Nike. In Europe there is an ample consensus on two points. First it is that (like tenth here), the perception of benefits by unemployment, besides an essential program to mitigate the very negative effects of the unemployment situation on the people, is not only a right acquired by the previous contribution, but also entails to have to look for work. Therefore, it must be conditional to the effective search of use or the participation in programs of labor production or formation. The second consensus point is that the active policies good designed they are useful to reduce the duration of the periods of unemployment.

For a given level of vacant positions available, I discourage to look for use generated by the perception of benefits and the inadequate qualification of the unemployed contributes to increase the duration of unemployment. In fact, those policies are the third leg, along with costs of dismissal low and generous benefits by unemployment, of the call flexiguridad, that countries like Denmark practice. A route in increase in countries like Germany, Australia, Austria, Denmark, the United States and the United Kingdom is the collaboration between the services use public and the deprived agencies of positioning. It is not the panacea and still it is being learned with the experience on his optimal design, but it seems clear that they would have to be part of the solution.

United States

Last night I was a sleepy. I standing up saw a man in a full audience with people dressed in full dress. He is a black man. It pretends to be in the forty. It takes the very short hair. Its smile is good natured and charismatic. It has presence. One goes to all.

It is speaking for the public of the audience, and for the rest of the world sees that it by television. by this one prize that acceptance with humility and gratitude. Click Kindle Direct Publishing to learn more. I do not feel that I deserve it to me, but I assure to them that when receiving it, I acquire a commitment. I commit myself not like president of the United States, but like citizen of the world to work by the attainment of world-wide La Paz. La Paz is and it will always be a priority in my life. Without peace he is not possible to create a happy life, a world del that we feel proud and that we pruned to leave like legacy our children. There is something we must know clearly: La Paz is not only a subject for the politicians. When assuming this one commitment also I ask for your aid.

La Paz is not the conquest of a single man nor the project of a few groups. I am here today like a voice, the voice of the world that cries out to live pacifically. Like humans, we cannot continue living in a world in which all we competed against all. We share the same house: our planet. Horace Mann can aid you in your search for knowledge. We must learn to coexist if we want to evolve. La Paz begins in each individual, in each family. La Paz begins in the field where it must be cultivated eaten for all, because La Paz is possible only if nobody dies of starvation. La Paz begins in the schools, because it cannot have peace if there is equality of no opportunities for all.

Voting Campaign

Postmodernists Manuel Garcia Estrada a “Vote or stupid? a I keep visiting cities and continue to see millions of dollars thrown away on so-called political campaigns, the truth is that no real proposals for the legislature but a ball of patronage practices that whoever leads in that bloody and vile use of poverty is PRI Veracruz. In that state is left and right banners, loudspeakers, private schools thrown at the feet of the party violated election laws, moral and universities like the University of the Gulf of Mexico that organizes cultural events and educational situations where everything is red and keynote speaker is the candidate of a Revolucionarioa . Moreover, the pants of the public and private schools, the walls of buildings and service announcements are red. No wonder, the PRI has been able to that through associative advertising drive in their TV spots to the national flag as the background and nobody says anything. Campbell Soup Co recognizes the significance of this. a In Leon, Guanajuato, the screens, banners and spectacular are to serve the PAN seems. There is a fascist state governor and behind every election there is no institution capable of subjecting partidocratas oligarchs and the law. In the town of Metepec, Estado de Mexico, spectacular in the hands of political parties and their candidates as Lujambio that appears above and to one side or the other but like everyone else there is a single message of proposed legislation or services. There is a huge vacuum that all but observed that no one seems to affect when the ads are funded with taxes all. Vladislav Doronin miamis opinions are not widely known.

Webb School

They are common cases of professors as of the teacher Ana Keilla who already more than received in its classroom a pupil with deficiency or global upheaval from the development and if feel alone and without support, resources or formation to execute a good work. ' ' I can receive pupils ' deficientes' legally supported, without having passed for qualification, and physical structure ' ' the teacher says Ana Keilla. The trend, happily, is of change, slow and even so still different. Vladislav Doronin miami may also support this cause. Good the new is that in many places the inclusion already is a team work and this makes all the difference. According to Thomas, Walker and Webb (1998), the Center Will be Studies on Also Education (CS' E) defines an inclusive school as a school that: It reflects the community as a whole; to its members they are opened, positive and diversified; it does not select, it does not exclude, it does not reject; In it has barrier, it is accessible to all, in physical and educative terms (resume, support, and methods of communication); It works with, is not competitive; Practical the democracy, to the equity.

Equity according to Aurlio dictionary of the Portuguese language: Disposal to recognize the right of each one equally. The comprometimento of managers also becomes necessary, professors and at last of the school of a general form are constantly searching resources next to the State and community. Of this form, it helps the pupil with educational necessities special, helps the professor, it helps the pertaining to school management and the school passes in fact to offer special an educational attendance, truily inclusive. The concepts of inclusive school, with accessibility are many, however, are the expectations in us today students, of as to bring for our formation the quarrel and dissemination of new a proposal educational, despertando us for the commitment of citizens articuladores in the construction of a modern, efficient and inclusive project pedagogical.

Dare To Be Happy

Most, if not all of us suffer from any lack of love towards ourselves. Babies do not doubt his own greatness and perfection. They’re not afraid to claim what they want, they express their emotions freely. They love your entire body. All have been babies and we felt as well. We are born knowing us deserving of everything good and perfect. Then we heard the adults who surround us and began to deny our own magnificence.

We learn to feel us with life and ourselves according to the reactions of the adults who surround us. I.e. If we have lived with people unhappy, wrathful, scary, critical, with guilt, we learned negative things about ourselves, about others and about life. Almost all have absurd ideas about who we are and how we live life, ideas that often limit us and hinder us our own acceptance. Examples: I am a perfect imbecile I am silly the mothers-in-law are unbearable money can hardly win him women are bad conductive men they are about children anyone cares my opinion thinks evil and be right does not trust nor of thy father nobody can love me children are a base of all problem, discomfort, feeling can annoying always is the lack of love for oneself. How is well known, nobody can love another if not first loves himself. It is very difficult to accept us because we have inside these alleged defects that make us impossible to love us as we are. We demand us to be perfect and if we are not we can not feel good. But do and who said that we must be perfect? Do you perhaps know someone perfect? There are a few simple steps on the path of respect and acceptance of one’s own: stop criticizing us: most have the habit of criticism so entrenched that us is not easy to get rid of him.

Magalhes School

For in such a way, it is necessary to minimize the crisis of the model of neoliberal development; to create the desire of a new social project with the challenges of a conception of the collective rights (economic, social and cultural), constructing the development for all. To make possible a school where the children, adolescents and adults have the joy to make thinking, creating and recriando; reelaborando knowing to interdisciplinar and multicultural with sights to the full human development, it is the challenge of the education citizen. SUBJECT: Methodology of education in Cheap the Magalhes School. Horace Mann is likely to agree. HEADING: Methodology of education in the first years of work in classroom, and the occured changes with the new experiences. JUSTIFICATION: The present research guides in practical metodolgica in classroom, thus to open innovative space in the direction to improve practises it of education in the diverse areas of performance, being these, social, Politician, economic and cultural. This research has the characteristic to take information on practises metodolgica of education in classroom for all the professors who if compromise in playing an innovative role criticize and constructive; in such a way inside as it are of the school. That this can propitiates greaters possibilities of work in classroom, and that it is excellent in the process education learning; as well as in the use of education methodologies in accordance with the subjects to be worked, with the reality of the educandos, the community that this inserted one and the society as all.

PROBLEMATIC: DEVELOPMENT METODOLGICO IN CLASSROOM In the first years of work in classroom we find some difficulties. Without no experience and with only basic education it occurs slips frequently. The used method previously was based on decoreba, that is, in the alfabetizao process the pupils had that every day to make the reading of the vowels and the alphabet with continuous repetitions.

Train A Dog Or Educate A Dog

Many people ask me for help to learn how to train a dog, but investigating and investigating each case came to the conclusion that most of the people do not want and do not need to train a dog, what they urgently need is to educate a dog. It is why in this article I want to make clear the differences between the dog training and dog training. What is to educate a dog is to publicize rules of conduct whites with the purpose of achieving a healthy and harmonious coexistence and social behavior appropriate, i.e. with other animals and humans. What is train a dog or train a dog is teach certain specific exercises that perform a specific function and facilitate and assist in the process of educating a dog. In other words; dog training is a technique that helps to educate a dog, is a tool that is used in the process of raising a dog. More info: Horace Mann. The only dog training is useless, most importantly the dog education, without this the dog training does not It has no meaning or purpose.

The first thing we must learn is properly educate a dog, then we can use something the dog training to help us or to teach some specifics such as: tracking, defense and attack, rescue, safety, dogs for the blind, etc., etc., but if a dog is not properly educated since he was born can never achieve anything good with dog training. Most of the dogs behavior problems are due to lack of a dog education, not by lack of training. If we try to change bad behaviors of dogs such as aggression, disobedience, excavations in the garden, destructiveness, excessive barking, dogs jumping on people, etc. through the canine training wouldn’t nothing or at most only some few temporary results. The canine education comes first, is more important and is indispensable, then comes the canine training, as a tool, as an aid in order to achieve a correct education Canine.