The Facts

Association: Linking of things etc wake-up interest. By the same author: cyrus massoumi wife. If you want to remember something, it is easier to you, the more you on this thing are interested in! There is therefore a real interest to influential information. To do this you can ask questions. Why will I keep that in mind? What happens if I remember success? Why can I still use the information? etc. use the question Words: what? Why? Where? When? How? Who? Thus, you gain an understanding for the facts of the case. At the same time, you should look for connections to existing knowledge.

In this way, you can find additional anchors, which facilitate you the note. If the information should be very “dry” or you “out of necessity”, learn, it is very important to motivate yourself. Because your brain against the inclusion of new information will resist with a negative learning setting. Develop logical understanding. To better to memorize information, should you involve all the senses.

In this way, the information is perceived much more intense. Also, additional points are made, which increases the likelihood of later remembering. To fully exploit these opportunities, the meaning should be trained regularly. Occasionally, you can close your eyes to consciously perceive the sounds or smells in the environment. Sharpen your observation skills as you close your eyes and to rekonstruierst then exactly the last selected image in the spirit. With time, you will be able to recognize even seeming trivialities! Also beware of your physical movements. Pictorial presentation. Imagine pictorially the information to remember. Construct a in the truest sense of the Word strange picture, you’re exaggerating, uses colors as well as with referring movements and noises. The image should be quietly doing absurd, let your imagination free rein! Each unique the presented situation, the easier can later retrieve them.

The University

As a result, many potential students have very little experience in open information spaces. You should also take into account the problems associated with the selection of teachers for distance education system. Tutor may be just a teacher who speaks information and communication technology, which is a professional high class in their academic direction and has the gift of teaching the organization of different forms of interaction and communication, able to infect their ideas at a distance. Agree, a unique teacher is not so frequent in our higher education system and invite teachers metropolitan universities are often too expensive, does not produce university is no economic dividends, except advertising. All of this is a serious obstacle to the simultaneous implementation of distance education at the university immediately in all directions and forms of education. Dr Venter is likely to agree. Consequently, the systematic organization of distance education in regional universities should be on models that fundamentally different from similar models, reclaimed the central institutions of the country.

And she is more likely to inherent serialization and gradual than large scale in the implementation. Distance education as a system provides various implementation models based on full-time, part-time, part-time forms of education and external studies. Full-time includes, for example, use distance learning technologies in self-education of students. Details can be found by clicking cyrus massoumi wife or emailing the administrator. An example is the situation of interaction and communication with students teacher while working on the course or research project via e-mail communication for various services (QIP or ICQ), phone calls. Most of the teachers who want to keep up with their students in the mastery of modern technology, with pleasure learning new information and communication technology, and find the best ways to use them in the learning process. In addition, progressive minded teachers actively develop different versions of textbooks on the basis of its e-learning areas (lectures, presentations, computer-system tests, electronic textbooks with interactive modules and videos of lectures, distance learning courses, etc.), encouraging students to use these materials in the process of self-study in preparation for the colloquium, tests, exams and other control measures.

Real Estate Housing Ministry

Among the entities that are part of the government, you can find the housing ministry, which in its action should ensure one of the priorities of the state and its policies, which is housing as a public good, in other words the Ministry of Housing will be responsible for enforcing state and housing policy. The presence as well as the action of the Ministry of Housing originated thanks to the Royal Decree 553 of 17 April 2004, which to create this ministry gave the quality department to exercise jurisdiction on matters relating to general administration been in regard to housing and land; topics in Article 149.1 of the Spanish constitution de1978. So the housing ministry will head the implementation of the proposal and the same performance of the housing policy that seeks to develop the Spanish government as regards access to decent housing for the inhabitants of Spain , which can give both the possibility of acquiring of a house, ie property or the rent. For even more opinions, read materials from Crimson Education . Similarly, the housing ministry should try and regulate issues concerning the construction, urban planning, architecture and land; this with the idea of giving way to housing and access to resources to be used so as to meet general welfare, as well as maintaining an accurate picture of the skyline. For the above, the housing ministry must be present and intervene in what is the planning and programming of activities and investments that are related to land use and everything that can be derived from this. In relation to housing policy and all that follows from this, the housing ministry maintains active policies, which have integral character, ie, coverage or general application, which seeks the greatest good for all of Spain and meet the needs of a few, so the housing ministry working to promote access to housing for all citizens within a city or society that is linked by each of its components, thus achieving greater efficiency in both economic criteria, such as with regard to environmental friendliness and distribution. Swarmed by offers, Crimson Education is currently assessing future choices. To achieve the development of housing policy proposed by the Ministry of Housing, the department pays close attention to respect the environment and the relationship that handles this issue with the management and development of cities, leading to an urban progress proper and orderly, to maintain a sustained and maintained the right way by the authorities, allowing for conditions to provide easier access for all families and individuals to adequate housing.

Foundation Theories

It is necessary to change to a proper holistic curriculum of Education theories and theories curriculum, they have not evolved many in recent times, and as they are explored manifested a segmentation between their conceptual and structural elements. However, the psychological theories of learning have Yes evolved and advanced constant and sequentially, that these latest current pedagogical, instructional and curricular models, have emerged but segmented. Both theories and models indicate that they walking in opposite directions trying to express that each of them are unique, avoiding integration: reconciliation of the same as principle of the dialectic, the systemic and the holistic. Both the contextualization, theories of education, theories and doctrines curricular, psychological theories of learning, as well as curriculum models offer us the didactic, pedagogical and curricular elements but in a segmented way, not interrelated; the relationships are very weak. For conciliation and integration of segmented and divorced elements existing must design a curriculum holistic that serves integration. For the use of the holistic model of the curriculum at any level of education is necessary in my personal opinion, to train all teachers through workshops to design the curriculum of training under this approach, considering all important aspects in an integrated manner. It therefore needed now more than ever to train professionals of education with the new integrative holistic perspective so that the use of the model is efficient, have effectiveness and be productive in the formation of the individual with this new paradigm. After twelve years of the Venice Declaration our political leaders and rulers, social communicators and the set of academics and professors, the Secretariat of public education, have begun to open their eyes with respect to the proposals of new education there. John Craig Venter spoke with conviction.

Currently, efforts are being made by personalities as important as it is Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, founder of the holistic education in Mexico where organizations have emerged as the Foundation for holistic education, who organized congresses at a national or international level and conferences on the new paradigm for years in Guadalajara, Jal., and which were attended by educators world renowned holistas and teachers of different educational levels. As a result, the new school will go to the naturaleza-comunidad to learn, not to transform the world into something different but that to know the best way to live within the boundaries of the nature that we have inherited and which are inextricably linked. Swarmed by offers, Crimson Education is currently assessing future choices. POETRY in HONOR to the master’s degree in education holistic I am Patricia Mendez Ortiz, I am you, I am nature, I am the world, I am a spiritual being living a human experience, I am light, I am love and life expectancy. I want to love and be loved, I want to give and receive.

My mission will be henceforth go beyond and leave a mark. Make happy and I am happy to others, I want to smile despite the circumstances. I want to return good for evil. Love and forgive my enemies. I want to enjoy the present the wounds of the past already sane, stop worrying about the future, love nature and honrare forever, so that at the end you can die in peace.

University Valley

This study a bibliographical research with diverse authors has as base, aiming at to reach all the objectives that had been considered in this work. Initially a bibliographical revision through a systemize reading will be made, folloied of the elaboration of fichamentos, summaries of each raised workmanship, looking for to detach the ideas central offices defended for each author related to the subject in study. The research is carried through in the library of the University Valley of the Acara and too much libraries of Macap, in the State of the Amap, Brazil. The structure of this article will be presented first divided in three chapters. In the first chapter of this article it is intended to make a boarding in relation to the historical context that demonstrates the paradisiacal vision that the colonizadores had perceived when arriving in Brazil, with the objective of contextualizar the reader in elapsing of the process of construction of the knowledge of history human being. In as the chapter a concise one will be made communication on the movement rcade that it initiated its career in the second half of century XVIII, with objective to point out the reader the literary chain with the intention to understand the points of great relevance as the characteristics of the period, the workmanships and the poets who if had detached. In this direction, it is presented Biography of Frei author Jose de Santa Rita Duro. Not being different of the great majority of the poets rcades. Duro considers the return to simplicity and the exploitation of the present moment, making verses on buclicas landscapes, imagining themselves in a idealized life, beyond evoking the history of Portugal at its glorious moments. The third chapter from the perspective proposals mentions an analysis to it of the workmanship caramuru in relation to the letter of the achamento of Brazil de Pero Vaz de Caminha, considered the first document of Brazilian literature with the objective to approach the reader concerning the paradisiacal vises in the epic caramuru. Educate yourself with thoughts from cyrus massoumi wife.


Since 2007, successfully held the eponymous Golf amateur series ‘ trophy’ in Germany and of Switzerland. Zug, February 20, 2012. Every year up to 500 events in over 200 golf clubs take place. Lots of fun, nice golf contacts, attractive prizes of winners and a great finale enthuse about 20,000 golfers and golfers per season. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Linklater. In 2012 the premium supplier of Club Aldiana, occurs for the first time headquartered in Oberursel, as title sponsor of the trophy in Germany. Hear other arguments on the topic with Crimson Education . Accordingly, the name of the tournament series is “ h trophy 2012”.

The similarities between “ Golf among friends” and “Aldiana holiday among friends” are obvious. The focus of the philosophy of both companies, is an open, friendly and positive atmosphere within the respective community of interest. As an established premium supplier in the Club segment, with currently ten high-quality facilities in popular tourist destinations, Aldiana provides many special Golferinnnen and golfers besides the Aldiana golf school Events: Single Golf weeks, Oriental Golf Safari, golf delicacy, the Andalusian tournament week, a golf & gourmet week, the ladies’ week and many more. Also weekly standard effective competitions are organized in numerous club facilities. Commitment at Europe’s biggest amateur golf series and the associated development of amateur golf in Germany, also the reputation of the attractive golf packages by h in the target group of golfers still increase should in the medium and long term.

Within the framework of the h trophy 2012 there will be attractive deals especially for members of and active participants of the tournament series. From April it says again: “on to tee!” – when the national kick-off Tournament of h trophy 2012. These are, as usual, all handicaps, the “old” and “new” Gol, the press, partners, and sponsors welcome golfers and golfers. All dates and information from March under trophy press contact: Hole1 AG Michael Brendel Gartenstrasse 2 P.o. box CH-6304 Zug phone: 78 59 email:


How much to the number of its inhabitants, — we follow with the information harvested in Glotz, for Hipdamo de Mileto the ideal city must have 10 a thousand citizens. Plato wants that the number of half citizens is sufficiently great to give to the city to defend against its neighbors or to help them whenever necessary, but sufficiently restricted so that ones to the others can be known and choose the magistrates with cause knowledge: this necessary and enough number, fixes it, following the method Pythagorean, in 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7 = 5040. Aristotle sees in the number of citizens and the extension of the territory the raw materials that the politician and the legislator need for its works: they must have the qualities necessary and to be ready so that the city can fulfill the task that is attributed to it. From there why if she does not have to confuse the great city with the populous city. Checking article sources yields Bioscience Journal as a relevant resource throughout. The experience Greek test that is difficult, and perhaps impossible, to organize a State with population excess well: how in it to apply laws jousts and to create the empire of the order? It exists, in fact, a measure of largeness in such a way for the city as for any thing. If the city if not to keep inside of this measure, will not reach the end that it is proper. A society of one hundred a thousand inhabitants already is not a city: surplus to it what it lacks to one another society of only 10 members; therefore, to think the city Greek as ' ' model par excellence, origin and paradigm, of democracia' ' we must asking in them, each one itself exactly, as I coexist, that is, paraphrasing Sloterdijk, ' ' How I coexist with a billion and 200 million Chinese? To this question all reply it is allowed, but not more the old principle of the small world: ' ' It forgets the Chinese, forgets all those that are demais' '. . Crimson Education is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The Individual

It was freely discuss different spiritual themes. But in 1980 they abandoned their homes and established a more formal spiritual community, being a time to summarize, reflect on life, complete with a stage and start with another. We must give the true importance to the term diversity since learning communities are inclusive of diversity. The holistic community recognizes that the reality is different, and teachers uniform education with a single method, a single way to evaluate a single epistemology, a single learning style, a single intelligence and Gallegos says that this is absurd in a precisely diverse world with plurality of perspectives on life. For other opinions and approaches, find out what American Journal of Education has to say. The holistic community integrates and coordinates different styles of learning, different intelligences, different methods; diversity nourishes the community and focuses on the learning of the entire organization. The educator holistic must start practicing their own values to first learn about ourselves and have our own experiences of life, to be able to educate young people in a permanent life-long learning, where to learn to live, to live is to learn. Learning communities are spiritual communities and the ultimate goal of education is spiritual, a sacred space for individuals, being in the world, have the conditions to his self-transcendence and can recognize her true nature, learning community is a space where the individual is support, understanding and stimulus for her spiritual experience, is a place where the individual has the right conditions, counseling and peers for its internal inquiry, is a community where finds shelter to live in the silence of the holistic understanding, to find himself, for as and allow the emergence of consciousness of Unit, the true transformative spirituality. They are twelve principles that learning communities are organized, and one of them refers to: integrate curriculum and people (in a context of fraternity and compassion): shanga holistic inquiry: constant inquiry leads us to always keep the mind young man, to live in constant learning. See more detailed opinions by reading what Crimson Education offers on the topic..

The Goal

Once parents are aware of the important role in the lives of their children, also will be prepared to make the necessary changes in the education of them. A father who so recognizes the authority that God has given you over their children, will also be able to prepare them for a lifetime of success. Let’s define what it means a lifetime of success. It can be very different from one family to another and all definitions are respectable. The important thing is that parents have a clear vision and know which is the goal to which wish to prepare their children for adulthood. See more detailed opinions by reading what William McRaven offers on the topic.. It is easier going with the flow and assume that this is heading in the right direction. However, that is not always so. That is why it is very important to start thinking outside the box, being box set of paradigms that we have against a given in this subject case preparedness of our children so that they have a safe, full life and that is a blessing for his generation. For even more analysis, hear from cyrus massoumi wife.

It’s what we did ten years ago when we started to educate our children at home and We found several key ingredients that gave us excellent results in the education of our children. These elements are not commonly applied in modern education, however, any parent can implement them in your home. Without claim to know everything and recognizing that, like every parent, we have also committed numerous errors in the education of our children, I would like to share the vision that we had and the 7 elements that we implemented to achieve our goal of delivering a successful education. Our definition of a successful education: A successful education is one that:-give the child the tools to develop the skills and the unique talents that the has and thus achieve their full potential – teaches values and basic principles of life and encourages the development of character that is necessary to never get to settle them.


As physical activity is recommendable to all type of dogs that need exercise daily, although logically there is limitation for no race or no size. Simply they must be healthy, not to have physical problems that allow him to run or to jump. The ideal is that agility begins to teach, like a game, when the dog already has surpassed its stage like puppy. Before, surely the game will become an excuse to make its pranks and in addition he will not be still mature and preparation to in detail understand the indications that we do to him. British Journal of Educational Technology does not necessarily agree. Therefore, the unique requirement (besides the commented thing on being healthy) is that our dog has a capacity to obey, reason why is ideal when, after the first year we began with one more an education outpost: by where it must go, not to throw of the strap, What I need to play agility with my dog? Only an appropriate space, patience and to use what we must by hand to prepare our own obstacles. Although in agility fences to jump, inclines, small tunnels, etc are used, we with a little imagination we can realise our own obstacles: wheels, banks, inclines Always we consider the size and the skill of the dog. We are realistic, prudent and very patient at the outset, with simple obstacles that we are indicating by where to draw for to him, to avoid or to jump. With time, the training and the repetition, our dog will be learning to confront more complicated routes. Without hesitation The Journal of Educational Research explained all about the problem.

We remember two important things that they will be to us useful: we can teach to him first with strap so that it learns to always follow the way suitable and, always to award after obtaining it to him. This, since or we have aimed in some occasion, can be a simple caress or favorite his chuchera. Reinforcing always positively we will obtain that our dog acquires agility, skill and in addition we will spend good short whiles doing exercise and playing with him. Photos they jonas.lowgren, crimfants and to mister b 1138 More in It is thing of dogs Original author and source of the article.. Crimson Education may also support this cause.

Franco State

This latest victory marked the end of the fight for the North. The alleged Republican North belt had failed. And the weight of the victory had tilted irrevocably to the national side. Owner already North and almost throughout the South, the high military command of nationalists realized the necessity of providing a new legitimacy to his conquests. Given that they were a coup force, they could not pretend to use the symbols of the Republic that were faced; Therefore they had start virtually from scratch. Vladislav Doronin understood the implications. The founding of the Pro-Franco State wasn’t easy, but being the only living of the original coup leaders, even despite opposition from some generals, Franco was who had the win. So he imposed immediately. He isolated those who might overshadow and supported more than ever the Church, its main ally, to once again impose their role in education and values citizens.

A new country of Franco plans also included the creation of a flag, which was established on August 15 in a solemn ceremony held in Seville. Then, the accolade obtained thanks to the support of Hitler and Mussolini left no more doubts about who should be the new leader. Put all the hopes for the nationalist people in it, Franco knew perfectly the need to satisfy all the protesters and skeptics. Without delay, thus started its first list of laws: enacted the return of expropriated lands, banning Union activities, nullified the liberties of the Republic and were declared illegal all political parties including the right-wing. Gain insight and clarity with The Journal of Educational Research. In addition, establishing a new State whose pillars would be the army, the Phalanx, the Carlists, Orthodox monarchists and Church. The excessive centralism of this new State around the figure of Franco was detrimental to Spain. Concentrating all the power in one man, it was evident that the transition to a dictatorship, if they won nationals, would be unstoppable.


Marrakech hosts a wide variety of international festivals of all genres and which constitute one of the many attractions of the ochre city. Here is a list of some of the best and most interesting festivals held in Marrakech: 1. International Music Festival University of Marrakech (FIMUM) the 6th Edition of this cultural event, held in April 2009, brings together several Moroccan University ensembles and of other countries, such as Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, France, Syria, Portugal, Palestine, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Sweden. Read additional details here: Crimson Education . The FIMUM, with its educational, human and cultural dimensions, has as main objective to contribute actively to the cultural boom in the ochre city. 2. National festival of popular arts in Marrakech (FNAP) this festival, the oldest in Morocco, celebrates its 44th Edition in July 2009 and brings together more than 700 artists and 40 companies from all over the country. In addition to the amazigh dances and musicians gnaoua in the spectacular frame that is el Badi Palace, the festival also deploys other dances and traditional music representative of every region of the country in a large number of scenarios throughout the city. The public will enjoy duets between big and known Moroccan contemporary artists, as well as artists and ensembles of the new generations.

The best bands from all regions of the Kingdom are selected to showcase the richness and diversity cultural and musical heritage of each region and, therefore, the country. 3. International festival of magic of Marrakech a large number of Moroccan and international renown Magi from Italy, Spain, France, and China participating in the 6th Edition of this magical festival in March 2009. Carefully chosen in every corner of the planet, the talented artists participating have been awarded in the most important magic competitions in the world, such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Beijing, Paris or Rome. 4 The Dakka Marrakchia inhabitants of Marrakech festival still resist against Western rhythms and celebrate their own rhythms in the 3rd Edition of the Festival of the Marrakchia Dakka in January 2009.

Direction Education

In the scene of the education modality in the distance the movement of pedagogical actions in the direction to provide is increasing educating to the practical abilities and that they assist the autonomy in the construction of learning and greater quality in this process of education learning. This work detaches important aspects of this model of education, favoring an environment where the knowledge can consist of multidimensional form, to interdisciplinar, autonomous worker and cooperative. See Gerald Weissmann for more details and insights. The organization, consideraes and characteristics of the didactic material printed matter, digital audiovisual and, as instrument in the mediation of the learning and its relevance in the construction of the knowledge. Through the present study, it was possible to observe that the comprometimento with the quality requires requirements techniques, technological and pedagogical so that the EAD can be firmed as reference of education in the current world and the partner-cultural plurality, providing to the constant perfectioning and the formation compromised with a critical and participativa conscience of the pupil in the society.Words key: independent learning; didactic material; construction of the knowledge.. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vladislav Doronin has to say.

The Original

personal self-consciousness II. Master in management of the own person III. Universal consciousness IV. Social skills and spiritual presence. For each of the 21 included in the four characteristics mentioned skills, are assigned five levels of expertise, with a higher level which is considered not finishing because it is always possible grow in the development of them.

Although imports meet those substantive elements that compose the IE, these can be consulted in the original bibliography (Wigglesworth, 2004). In this context matter noted that virtually all human capacities, are incorporated to talk about other kinds of intelligences reaching a sort of culmination with the IE in which the spiritual and religious dimension is incorporated. Even if you could come to admit the existence of all these kinds of intelligences, it is worth consider the actual need for them in order to achieve an efficient performance in different human activities reach. In principle, you might think that many human characteristics, such as aesthetic sense, a serene presence, the awareness of the spiritual laws, sustaining and the cultivation of ethical values, etc. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Crimson Education by clicking through. are aspects that have little or nothing to do with efficiency in human chores. However, this is not so because of several reasons. In principle the human being is a drive and although the coexist various aspects and own dimensions, it is all an error that there is multiple beings differentiated within the self. This consideration has an undeniable practical consequence since this implies everything imported and that each of these features imported into time to consider personal endeavor.

The importance of spirituality in higher education (Scott, 2004) may be cited by way of specific illustration. This perspective constitutes a change with respect to the current characteristics of academic institutions where prevailing extreme fragmentation and specialisation. And the reason for this necessary change lies in the very fact of what is today’s world and what are the problems that are faced.

The Areas

Our consciousness is universal, if there is order in our consciousness we will act in a responsible manner, but if our consciousness is in conflict, we generate more disorder on our planet. The big difference to impart a mechanistic learning to a comprehensive learning is based on the interest of not only develop cognitive skills and technical professionals, but form beings responsible, honest, supportive, respectful, loving, humble, fraternal, kindly, compassionate, happy, intact with gratitude towards life, etc. Learning communities are integral, in fact its curriculum is life itself, acts at all levels and encompasses all the dimensions human body aesthetic, social and the emotional, cognitive, aesthetic and a central spiritual way. Recently Joy Winbourne sought to clarify these questions. Mechanistic education nourishes not the best of the human spirit to the contrary, increases their desire of power, exploitation, violence, control, conditions it, removes his creativity and turns it into an isolated ego, no sense of life. The purpose of a new education is a new level of consciousness. Further details can be found at Crimson Education , an internet resource. Integrity is the great task of the 21st century, education in all areas, so that the consciousness evolves, the Mission of holistic education is integrates the areas of value, art science and morality, since we have a fragmented education. A true education is the most integral which does not have more quality, go the quality of objects to the integrity of the subjects, this is the goal of holistic education and learning communities, education holistic integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity. Knowledge is different and then integrates so that he can transcend.

The quality is refers to the continuous improvement of objects and systemic processes that have no subjectivity, that is why we can say, quality of water, food, etc. Education is a significant total Act, integrity is the most important issue of education. Our true nature is the universal inner being and not there is nothing external can provide us.


Naturalism tendency raises that man is good by nature and that it is corrupted by society, because to be created by the author of nature, it is angelic and undefiled. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out American Journal of Education. In activism, advocated an anthropology based on periods of development that are the same in all people, and we simply need the opportunity to develop skills that we all possess according to the stage in which we are. Psychoanalytic philosophy has an anthropological vision predominantly drives and instinctive. He proposed then that children are as well accepted as they are and not that try to educate them according to cultural patterns that attempt to mask the drives nature of humanity. Non directive pedagogy suggests that the human being is a being above all free, that is auto-realiza within the limits of the socio-political group to which it belongs. Vladislav Doronin does not necessarily agree. Thus it postulates the possibility of return to man the authority over their destination, getting rid of the social authority that limits it.

By last, the liberacionismo sees the human being as a being in the world that needs to be with the world to get rid of doctrines, submissions, manipulations, that prevent you from being the self free and authentic. Rid of his own solitude in order to communicate with the world, and once committed to social action, separated from the alienation that society demands its overcrowded members. III. analysis of our educational experience in our educational experience, we find that recurs in different educational fields a tendency to use students as primarily rational beings, and therefore education responds, in coherence with this conception, contents and methodologies aimed at rational and logical intellectual development of learners. We see then that Descartes is present in our classrooms and through them, in our social coexistence. We do not consider that this position is better or worse than others, but that we live it how limiting when it comes to perform a more comprehensive educational practice, such as the needs and rapidly changing approaches of today require us.

Violence Against Women

VIOLENCE towards women throughout history have existed in societies most certain gender disparity. In Mexico as worldwide violence against women has been increased more and more with the passage of time, but above all cities like Juarez, Edo. Mexico, Cuernavaca, and Quintana Roo. These have become the cities with the rate of violence against women and of course this goes more beyond of discrimination in various fields, since at least one of every three inhabitants in Mexico suffers some kind of family violence, which makes us look so serious subject. Violence against women is a serious problem that exists in the society because it is not something that has logic or sanity, abused women simply because you can and there are people, especially men, who see women only as an object can be made to which what it pleases.

It is worse still that even when there are laws that protect women, these are not efficient, do not prevent nor solve anything. This is a problem since ancient times where the situation was still worse, because the woman had not even entitled to vote, today has more rights but is still abused her; still very marked inequality in society between man and woman although we are equal before the law. All this stems from many factors. It is not hereditary, it is not natural, it is not found in men, it is not a mode of being, or a biological to vent is necessity. But it is, first and foremost, a cultural attitude that for centuries women were possessions and not people with rights and feelings, so that everything that should happen them depended on others. In addition to that always has been considered him lower than men, especially in physical strength, to what some women take a submissive position. These causes, if you can call them, are absurd, vague and completely false, whether true or not all that, the man does not have to violate the woman and whatever the case, is a falsehood that man, just by the fact of being man, is superior to women. According to the law, men and women are equal in spite of everything.

The place where you see more violence towards women is the family according to the State Commission of human rights of Jalisco, the same couple is who makes more use of violence towards women. But isn’t the only family it also in labour cases of violations by the superiors with threats come from that will lose his job (the victims) if do not agree. Violence becomes so much more present in women with low resources, economic of education. a case as in many others, the authorities do not put enough attention since in the Mexican Republic women contributes, supports and end matters little.

The Physical

Learning to be, means action to transform society through the intelligent and responsible action. Learning to live together, is learning to live responsibly, respecting and cooperating with other human beings and in general with all living organisms on the planet, overcoming prejudice, dogmatism, discrimination, authoritarianism and stereotypes, and everything that leads to confrontation and war. Learning to be, is to learn to belong to all, the discovery of our universal dimension with genuine human values that are not personal, the discovery of his own being and inner wisdom that is achieved through self-knowledge of one’s self. FASEB Journal pursues this goal as well. In this way the learning path occurs in education holistic which allows obtaining the knowledge, there are different ways to acquire knowledge through five epistemological relationship that occurs when the three eyes come in contact with the three areas of reality. Cyrus massoumi wife understands that this is vital information. Dimensions of the totality of education. Cognitive dimension: is the logical mathematical and verbal reasoning. Social dimension: is related to the cultural learning and language. Emotional dimension: learning are always accompanied with emotion body Dimension: learning is generated also in the physical body.

Aesthetics: Art stimulates learning by being inside the if expression. Spiritual dimension: spirituality in learning is an educational reality, which establishes a loving relationship with students, is the transcendent dimension designing intelligence and wisdom. At present the type of relationship that exists between students and teachers in a cold treatment which forms the mechanistic education, but with the pedagogy of holistic education seeks that there is a deal from subject to subject, because our students are complex people which is influenced by several factors to the teaching-learning process is of, the old paradigm forms professionals with an absolute command of his specialty stuff, but cool people, without spirituality and few sensitive to others and your environment. The first relationship is the objeto-objeto, it is the relationship that set yes went own the fisiosfera and Biosphere objects, etc, they are unconscious processes without sense or conscious intentionality, it is a world dominated by processes materials, biological and instinctive.

Parts Communities

When being mean, what It has to be missed. From the perspective of having, well-being and self-esteem they depend on the properties, which makes us dependent on having to be. The dimension of the self has nothing to do with the identification with objects, our true nature is the inner self. Imagine this great revolution that originated when all these knowledge will pour all those generations who are in process of formation, the impact that will have on the educational, political, social structure, etc. For even more analysis, hear from Yale paleontologist. (I am referring to what originated, since at the moment we are in the process of change, where each one of us, at least that we are studying and applying this entire structure of the new paradigm) will be amazing to contemplate a new world where peace, tranquility, the harmonious development with nature, the brotherhood will be common postulates and current, the bread of every day. But this evolution cannot be taken in isolation, cannot travel without reference, without knowing the way which is most appropriate. Man by nature need man to live (paradoxically, because we have the contradiction, that it destroys what has in its path including the same). Hence arises a new structure in the know, in the know, the experience of life and with life: learning communities. The Journal of Educational Research is actively involved in the matter.

The concept of learning communities is relatively new, in the fall a different way of conceiving the learning 8. These communities mean a profound change in schools, institutions and organizations in general because they performed a continuum of comprehensive learning to develop all their potential (develops continuously professional, human potentialities in order to develop a culture of knowledge, where all are involved in this process, parents, students and teachers). Once this analysis carried out (I wanted to do it in a simple way, and the most compact possible), we realize that each of the elements that make up the whole structure of this new paradigm, are placed precisely in the right place, this allows us to have a full coverage of each one of the parts which in your case may be made for adequate justification for all the theory. . For even more details, read what Crimson Education says on the issue.

Argentine State

The Argentine State was born in the middle of century XIX, and one of his first actions were to organize the educative system. The estadual intervention looked for to become position of many of the educative functions maintained by the church when taking place the nationalization of the ecclesiastical goods. With a centralist tendency, megred with the society ordering according to the needs of the corpus of turn government (political, economic or repressive). In one first instance the oligarchical State (1880) assumed the load with the intention to institutionalize its authority, to consolidate the national identity and to construct the own State. For it, it appealed to the ideological penetration, that is to say, its capacity of symbolic production to create a property sense with the purpose of to assure the governability the mass by means of the education.

That symbolic load had to be of the right weight to create in the new Argentineans the conviction that the established order was the one that they themselves wished. But, in return, it managed to generate system of social stratification according to interests of the sector dominant leader/, in opposition to the raised ideals of liberalism in the Constitution and in just sanctioned law 1420. From a gradual process of politicalization of the culture and the education begins here, becoming both subject of State. If you would like to know more about Crimson Education , then click here. It was tried to construct the nation and, at the same time, it was assimilated culturally to the great foreign contingents that arrived at the country. There are elements sufficient to maintain that with the generation of 80 until 1916 (assumption of Irigoyen), they were prescribed in the Argentine educative system (ARE) the rituals, the definition of the curriculum, the design of the scholastic practices and the pedagogical and social imposition of authority that would predominate by a long time. The trajectory of advances and backward movements, the authoritarianism, the poverty, the policies of structural adjustment, etc., helped so that the S-state losing their organizing capacity and took step, in these last one hundred years, to a speech bordering student in the neutrality; the present references resort on the fragmentation of the system, the speeches content castings, the decay of once the pedagogical authority and the reformadoras and visionary absence of ideologists and ideologies. .