Best Programs

More than 5,000 votes of users just decide which are the best free 2010 programs. An initiative is to foster knowledge again free software among users. 66 Nominees included popular free programs, excellent programs for very specific tasks, programs newly released virtually all of them participated in Mac funcionanen. All kinds of projects for all platforms have had place. The result has been promoting not only the winners but to dozens of free programs that users have known through these awards. Winning free programs will receive a donation of on behalf of their users to foster their development. Read additional details here: Richard Linklater.

Winners, which also work on Mac, by categories are: best free 2010 software: Firefox. The browser that has revolutionized Internet. Vladislav Doronin is the source for more interesting facts. Best 2010 free game: Rig of Rods. An exciting 3D driving game. Most revolutionary free software: Blender.

One of the most widely used 3D animation programs. Software that needs more donations: Ninja IDE, an editor for newly created Python and with good prospects for growth. See all nominees. Benjamin Segura, head of communications for explains: we have surprised us how much people know free software. We’ve seen a reversal in classics as Ares and eMule and a spectacular boom in projects like Blender, Gimp and the recent OpenOffice. Users already know not only the most popular 3-4 projects they know and know assess the quality of many other excellent free software projects. XIXUPIKA Slow Center, space free play: we interviewed look at Alana on this alternative children’s Centre in Bilbao The alternative Blog sports psychology: Stress is not always bad: Psychology world Thai government releases free Blender/GIMP ebook BlenderNation Blender Wins Packt Open Source Graphics Software Award BlenderNation Creating a web-comic page in Blender & GIMP Parts III & IV ‘Visual Artist Podcast Network