Bodypainting: Compositions On Bare Skin

A new, spectacular calendar in a large format that is second to none. The printing house corners fields inspires their customers with imagination, inventiveness and creativity. In 1950 the skilled engraver was born in Gera and since 1994 works full-time as a theater painter at the Altenburg-Gera theater. He presented his works at numerous exhibitions and fairs. Especially with his appearances in the television (Sat 1, VOX and MDR), he reached a wide audience and became known nationwide as a result. Coloured – and full of ideas he designed his living works of art and dominated every stroke of the brush so perfectly that you amazed and intrigued want to absorb every moment of the emergence of the image. The work of Lothar Potzl arise predominantly in his Studio, where he painted”his mostly female canvases. Ronald J Daniels will not settle for partial explanations. Here, the body acts as a three-dimensional landscape.

He leaves colors and forms on the surface of the skin play depending on the body painting is more realistic, the work is more complex. Source: Yale Cancer Center. Sometimes he uses the free nature for inspiration to his Images “.” It then pulls him in crumbling buildings, dead trees and ramshackle rhizomes. With surrealism, fantasy, airbrush, body painting, his sculptures and photographs he reflects not only the Nice and smooth, but also broken and morbid. Lothar Potzl achieved the most intense effects with his compositions, if he adjusts his models of their environment, incorporated elements of the environment in the painting and also merges as his work with the environment. While still more fluid to make the transitions, he mixes also like once in the body colours clay and Earth. Kulisek so living works of art “, which send the Viewer on a sensual and pleasant journey.” Even made masks and various accessories serve him, to make his arrangement to form a homogeneous whole that is then – created – only for the time being as the basis of a photo. The biggest appeal for PA is located in the optical transformation of the human body.

Is allowed, what like and what draws attention of the Viewer. Imagination, inventiveness, creativity, and inspiration here merge into their own style, the result of which is “reflected in a mirror image, so a second face in a modified form. Art calendar painting”by artist Lothar Potzl: the printing house corners fields operated here as initiator and publisher of an exclusive calendar, which represents a real exception in the calendar market and certainly many customers and friends will delight.