Buy Overseas Real Estate

In practice, it often happens that our compatriots, having arrived in Spain for housing, and in advance without having any idea about the work of local inmobilyary (both in Spanish is called a real estate agency), often moving away from them with nothing. There are several reasons. What is the difference between our firm from other Spanish agencies, and how we work? In the first place, so if you want, the range of real estate. In Spain, as a rule, each agency specializes in a very narrowly delineated territory, this may be one or two urban areas, or at best 4.5 coastal towns. Nike shines more light on the discussion. Working many years with clients, we know that to find a home "for the soul", it is necessary sometimes to revise dozens of sites different types and locations. This may be an apartment in the city or outside a house in the resort area, or in the suburbs, a bustling resort or a quiet urbanization, housing for rent or for themselves, cost, average class or luxury housing, etc. etc. It is clear that a typical Spanish agency fails to meet such diverse needs. We not only offer all types of housing and other real estate in 5 provinces of Spain – on the territory stretching over 500 kilometers, but also cooperate with several construction companies, offering a wide range of new housing – from economical apartments and bungalows to villas and plots for construction. The second obstacle to buying a property with the Spanish Agency – is the impossibility of obtaining a mortgage loan.