Choosing Internet Hosting

Very often you can see the ads: 'professional hosting free' or 'cheap professional hosting of n dollars. In recent months, Nike has been very successful. " A lot of people do not even understand what is meant by 'hosting'. Hosting – this is allocated on the server partition a directory that stores all the information website – html-documents, graphics, video clips, scripts and so on. Hosting is free and paid. With paid hosting is more or less clear – you pay money for the use of disk space. Free hosting usually lives at the expense of advertising that you will offer to place on your site.

These can be banners, text links, advertising frames, pop-ups. Sometimes there are such free hosting that does not place any advertising at all. Now let's talk about some of the parameters differ hosting. With all the advertising is clear – to free it or is there or not, paid – no. Naturally better use hosting without ads, but also to choose a hosting service not easy. Next, sometimes important, criterion – the number of allocated disk space – on free hosting, it usually does not exceed 20-50 mb, and that are not usually allowed to keep the tastiest files like mp3, video, mnogovesyaschego software on some servers, is a direct restriction, such as maximum file size of 2.5 megabytes, and the more you upload will not give or robot automatically delete after a while.

In paid hosting spread over large foreign hosters can offer, and 500 meters for only 7 $ per month, Russian hosters are not as generous, with the lion's share in general only subhostery, that is reselling services of foreign companies. Buy web hosting provider for direct, without intermediaries, naturally better. If the choice is between our and foreign host, then you need to ask, first of all Two questions – what the audience will have your site – the whole world or most of Russia and the cis, and is important whether you support the Russian service. Further, among the selection criteria are additional features such as its own cgi-bin directory where you can run your scripts, supports php, ssi, databases, MySQL, mssql, and others. Advanced hosters besides the traditional Perl support Python and C. Without such a service can make an interactive website with a guestbook, forum, search and other useful features done. Equally important is the way to upload information, which provides Web hosting. All paid hosting support ftp (the most convenient way), and can support free download and www, but it is designed to beginners and not so preferable, though, that if injected only www, then you obviously do not see any cgi-bin, or databases. Another important value is customer service, which ideally should promptly within a few hours after request to answer your questions and give advice, fix bugs and resolve other stuff involved in making use of servers. To test the support services you can write a letter to the issues before payment of hosting, if you have not answered, then maybe you will not respond and after the purchase of hosting. Although a fairly large companies there is the priority of their clients, that is just a curious fellow, like you, give a response only after a sort out with their clients. In general, when choosing a hosting no-one scheme, but the essence is that before you give money, you need to find out how much you get for them, necessarily make inquiries from other users who use the services of the host.