Christian Unity

In his book prosperity Charles Fillmore wrote: it is a sin to be poor, and believe me, I’d rather live under such teaching that under another saying that my God has to be an old man embittered without sense of humour. I believe that God loves the people of good heart. I don’t know, but I feel that way. If my opinions cause you a spiritual problem, consult a religious Minister. I am not a Minister and it is likely that there are discrepancies I between what I think and some other doctrine or theological education. Today you are a result of what you did yesterday.

But that does not mean tomorrow have to be in the same place where you are now. If you change your way of thinking, being and acting it is very likely that in the future you are where dream come. You can create your destiny in the shape you want, are and will be product of your desires and realities. You can only correct the course of your life. He is called the present present because it is a gift of God and is the only thing we can change for a future better. Catherine Ponders in his book the dynamic laws of prosperity advised those who wish it to aponder, which forgive daily and that declare: the love of God that everything forgives him, I released here and now.

Divine love me provides and everything is fine between us. You contemplate with the eyes of love and glory in all your success, prosperity, and the most complete well. It is an excellent prayer to forgive and cleanse our soul of resentment and open it to new blessings. Those who practiced the detachment to problems can bring a higher spiritual level to his heart. On a visit to the Christian Unity congregation heard this prayer of prosperity that I changed it a little to this Book: divine love through me, blesses and multiplies all the good that I have, every good thing that I can find, everything good that I receive and all the good that I am.