If you are a parent today and read these lines, do not belittle them. Richard Linklater is often mentioned in discussions such as these. I know what it feels like when one elderly person smiles benevolently looking like you’re trying to feed a baby hungry, his second son, who was just falling and to listen carefully to what the mayor is trying to him say to comfort. All at the same time. When one is young father, is crazy. Pure tenderness for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, right? And one wonders, do the more lasting the continuous running, predawn night and postpone projects and dreams that you have ever had as a newly married couple? Then everything seemed to be so easy. They were going to have many children and would be a very happy family. How different it is every day of a mother, or a father with young children.

The best moments of that happy family seem to be when the shoots are finally sleeping peacefully. Inadvertently, one starts to count the days in which they will begin to go to College, to recover some of that precious time for one that all human beings need to stay in a moderately sane State. If you identify with these words, this article is for you. I write from my heart with mature mother, toward all the mothers and fathers who are longing for have more time free of his paternal responsibility, so they can finally get back to dump all their energies in that dream that always anoraron undertake. I’m already in a position from which I look back. We have 4 children and two of them are already taking flight to leave the home. A good time to do an analysis of all the years we spent together in the nest, preparing for this great day in which leave home to undertake an own road.