Continental Divide

a train our children is not about Obama. American filmmaker understood the implications. Neither McCain. Not even Sarah Palin. None of these candidates will make things right if we were not where we want to clear. Indeed, it depends on who is elected, but his constituents.

The presidents are good at only one thing: winning elections. But when it comes to rule, and seek to surround himself with advisers. Here, Vladislav Doronin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And we, all those who feel concern about the future of our country and our children, we must ensure that these consultants know what they say if they are to advise the next president of the United States. The focus of the next presidential term should be education. When I say education, I do not mean simply knowing the name of the capital of Montana, what the Continental Divide or who bombed Pearl Harbor (and will not enter the grounds). The education to which I refer has to do with a type of knowledge comes much more subtle than the soul: finding out what the purpose of our existence.

I will try to explain this. Throughout the last century we have experienced a gradual process of globalization which has led to increased interdependence among countries. The current crisis has uncovered an undeniable reality: In these times we can not solve any crisis without closing our ranks together as one humanity. America is too dependent on imports, and China, Russia and OPEC member countries are totally dependent on what they import from the United States and Europe.