Designing Kitchens

When leveraging the dimensions of a kitchen, you must delimit the areas that compose it; among these are: the workflow, that of cooking, the sink and the storage. Ideal kitchens designs are those where mobility is allowed to go from the pantry to the laundry area and then to the cooking zone. Ideal distributions of kitchens is important to determine the more convenient configuration to distribute both your kitchen furniture and different areas of work, according to the space available. The most frequent types are: in parallel and the linear, the forms U and L, peninsula and island. Online layout is recommended for stays narrow, locating sink in the Center; parallel distribution, avoids unnecessary movements and placed on the same side of cooking and cleaning areas.

While the shape into L lets you leave an open space for placing tables and chairs if we receive visits. Employment of a practical and functional furniture, deploying small kitchens of walls and floors clear, and the acquisition of small appliances are some of the recommendations to take into account when planning the decoration of a small kitchen. Having good lighting in the kitchen is equally important; outbreaks of white light on the areas of work and the lights on the ceiling for a general lighting, is recommended. Intelligently storing food, accessories kitchen, crockery, cutlery and other household items that are traditionally kept in storage systems, an essential part of any kitchen project, to gain breadth and avoid the disorderly accumulation of units of work. Face the difficult decision of choosing the type of storage suitable for a small kitchen, it has to ponder whether leave visible which is stored or hide behind the drawer or a closet door. Indoor decoration experts recommend as the ideal option hidden storage. With the proper planning of your kitchen furniture you can maximize the space. The doors, by example, they serve to hang pans and pans; storage pantries with units that go up to the ceiling provide more space for objects that are underutilized, while making the lower cabinets more accessible; wall or ceiling pendants are ideal for pots, pans, spoons and other many accessories optimize for your home every inch of the kitchen can be a difficult task if we pursue a distribution useful, comfortable and aesthetic, at once. However, take common sense and abandon topics in kitchen designs can relieve this work. Original author and source of the article.