Director SAP Research Center Karlsruhe

A study of trends and developments in the German IT market the Internet of the future is the Internet of services. Both providers and users of services share this opinion, because services will be in the future just as easy to deploy and use, as is now the case with products. The virtualization of the business world has surged particularly in the area of information technology (IT). This confirms the new study of the Fraunhofer IAO, which is based on a survey of a total of 114 German IT providers. The trend towards the provision of software over the Internet instead of a premise; goes to the investigations of the Fraunhofer IAO Software as a service “(SaS) will occupy for the German IT market in the future a high priority. Also, the IT companies surveyed expect that future customers will demand more Internet-based services.

New business models are required to withstand this increasing competitive pressure: the German IT providers must their Business models adapt to the future Internet of services “, explains Thomas Renner, head of the competence center electronic business at the Fraunhofer IAO.”Just so they can secure their competitive edge in a changing IT landscape. From the perspective of the companies, Internet-based software services offer a range of strategic benefits. In addition to the potential of SaS as a new distribution channel offer modified invoicing (ongoing payments instead of one-time installation fee) increased predictability and stability. The economic potential of the Internet of services in Germany is still underestimated. As central challenges, IT vendors see the need to convince customers of the data security of Internet-based software services to win a sufficient number to customers for corresponding offers and to bind in the long term. In order to provide successful Internet-based software services on the market, especially standardized data formats are required: in the development of the Standardization is one of the most important tasks to Internet of services, because only as a meaningful interaction between of the future services can be achieved,”explains Dr. Orestis Terzidis, Director SAP Research Center Karlsruhe.Therefore be worked out precisely such standards, about the unified service description language (USDL), for example in the framework of the THESEUS research program.

The study”business models in the Internet of services trends and developments on the German IT market in addition to trend statements to German offers in the Internet of services detailed evaluations of the implementation of SaS offerings.