You did not ask why the need to unroll the dough is so thick and it is this size, why the dumplings are round, not hex – you just looked at the hand of the master, and repeated his movement! And after a while the dumplings you began to receive no worse! Say, the wrong comparison? Very appropriate! See the video, repeat phrases, using the same gestures, waving his arms, sit down, stand up, speak louder or quieter – depending on what see and hear, and you’ll understand the meaning of what is happening, even if you do not know all the words. Ways of learning a foreign language, which helps. Retry? Remember? Now try a similar situation to use these phrases. For example, you backed up the man who was indignant at the restaurant that he filed a cooled dish. Try to express what they saw and heard, their home for family dinners (even if it’s hot “with the heat, with heat”)! It seems that you will understand and not be offended Even better, if you have colleagues in learning a foreign language.

In this case, anyone can copy the behavior of any character, and then work to reproduce a situation in which each play a role. Stage 1. At the initial stage of learning a foreign language audio recordings must be of high quality and contain slowly and clearly speech speaker. Once you learn to repeat words and correctly set stress (1-2 weeks), we can move on to the video course.