Any different according to the roles that we play in our transit for this dimension. Some challenge to the logic, the rational mind, and do not give a reply, satisfactory explanation, for appealing any times to the spiritual mind get an answer that satisfies your evidence, backed with the teachings of religions, Eastern philosophy that help us to understand the reason for his appearance. Probably, you will have some and you haven’t found answer to the why of it, the why to you precisely and not to others. The truth that everyone experiences it and faces according to what it involves, can thus be in love, friendship, social interrelationships, education to name a few. Many times not only presents a single, but multiple, diverse and different roles, or in the same role. Connect with other leaders such as British Journal of Educational Technology here.

Interesting thing is its scope, that it involves, their effects, which are often critical, frustrating, as well as you are wonderful. Appear do so when you least expect it, and this gives way to questions that require answers like: do by that my? to that is this?. About everything when one is the main actor, where the best guarantee that we have to deal with it is to know that we know so much so that our actions are safe, so alert, awake, we are in his appearance. Not the slightest doubt, that our combined with strength to the knowledge we have of us will help us to deal with them, to succeed in everything they present to us. There are occurrences that are dramatic, crucial, catastrophic as when given an earthquake, hurricane, accidents, unexpected illnesses and that suddenly manifest themselves. There are also appearances that provide happiness, joy, how to win a prize, find a partner search, be recognized in a performance, promoted. The important thing is to point out that these surprises not planned, simply occur when you least expect it, unexpectedly, but is must confront, living, succeed in everything that it encloses.