Educators who already had been fragile children, also without answers. Thus he is that assevera the theoretician of the sociolingustica, Bagno Landmarks: to deal with the language is to deal with a subject politician, since also it is to deal with human beings. 2010, P. 24 Being a subject politician, must be dealt with the possible versions the calls public politics that, in this in case that specific, will be of Education. In this manner, then, we will see that its results perpassam the character of information and formation of professors and pupils. At The FASEB Journal you will find additional information. If not having, however, to leave to consider important facetas of the familiar performance. Bagno landmarks still consider that: ' ' The lingustico preconception is on, in good measure, to the confusion that was servant, in the course of history, between the language and normative grammar. 2010, P.

32 the dynamism of the language as idiomatic expressividade, was rank to the edge of what it is considered as vernculo or cultured norm, raised above of all the understanding possibilities. The History of the Lingusticas Sources if presents as redimidora of the values that the population, for its diverse speeches, prints to the language, to the language. The idea is to show to a minute study on males of me the interpretation of our culture and of the enormous influence that this produced, and still produces, as delaying effect of the educational growth. The proper culture that it originated in elapsing of annals of history, as many lingusticas variations, today, alicera the preconception in poor persons and badly interpreted traditions that undo the socialization common, you enter the young educandos. A culture that if becomes many times a traditional philosophy of life, loaded of ideologies without any development, from its noblemen, however, flagellates roots, what it wounds linguisticamente speaking, the agreement of our variations of expressions that, they must be treated and be explained without staining its source of origin.