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GoTo learning software offers more than just pure memorization of exam questions if a recognized publisher of aviation and a specialist in testing software collaborate to develop a common educational software to prepare for flight tests, should listen to student pilots: because if two strong partners are bundling their competencies, the odds for a compelling product. This is exactly the test software goto PPL happen, developed by the aviation Publisher Friedrich SAH with Peters audit software: linked to the official exam questions for motor – and sail – helicopter with the specific secondary educational content. So the associated Lehrtext can be displayed such as an incorrectly answered question always. Vice versa can be edited also chapter by chapter and then checks the learning success with the corresponding questions. You may wish to learn more. If so, Levi’s is the place to go. The software is ideal for all aspiring pilots who are preparing not only precisely on exam questions want to have want but all facts clearly explained and substantiated with solid practical knowledge. But refresh also experienced pilots as their skills. Customized learning software for the engine or the glider contains goto testing software PPL JAR FCL official catalog of questions after for the theoretical exam, as well as structured textbook based on the book series published by the Verlag Friedrich SAH of private pilots”. For engine flight students relevant chapter and BZF contained this completely II and AZF, as questions.. Filed under: Levi’s.