El Mercurio Students

If it were a turbine factory or a braid I closed it, tells me about the University of Salamanca one of the few friends remaining one. Why? Because it offers a product obsolete and lacking in quality. I will not be I who take the contrary, Dios me libre, but the same could be said of the other 68 Spanish universities, apoltronadas all of them in the cantonalismo, inbreeding and a recruitment of students based on facilitating certification and not the academic requirement. That is the conclusion that emerges from the relationship of the 200 best centres of higher education in the world, of which only one is Spanish: Universidad de Barcelona. Of course, as he collected article of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, where I read the news, not there any University in Spanish language, as catalan is the official language in Barcelona. They already see that the thing is not to throw rockets.

List of yore, moreover, is not made to smoke of straw, since the reputation are weighted academic, employment generation, the publications of the faculty, the rate of students for each teacher and the international composition of the cloister. Well well. While we do not even appear in it, the first hundred universities of the world belong to 22 different countries. What kind of graduates is offering, on the other hand, Spain? With that level are going to compete in an increasingly demanding society? The specific situation of Salamanca, whose University or not even figure among the best in this country, is complicated further by the ageing of the teaching staff and its steady decline in the number of students. And since we are not able to export, say it well, something much Solera as our historical University, which other non-existent product could sell? None. So we will have to take advantage of some of the few comparative advantages of our old USAL. The largest of them, its cosmopolitanism, the being of the few centres of Spain that still receives students from the rest of the country two thirds of its students and which maintains an aura of prestige that without correspond to reality, can be used as a powerful marketing tool. Other Spanish universities, as my former prestigious alma mater of Deusto, only already hosting students from their environment. For this reason, our uni will be saved if it manages to attract students who prefer the comfort excellence and diversity to provincialism. But, to achieve this, clear, you must put the batteries. Original author and source of the article.