The WAYS OF the EVALUATION That I am? Generated in the womb, and give birth in pains. What he was recorded became – aggravated pain to breathe an acknowledgment was alone, of pains That would come pra to continue the arduous exercise to conquer loves One by one since the blessings of the womb, of the breasts, the col and the uterus that aborts throughout the days, Every day Distanciando pra to free, For the exercises of the errors and the rightnesss, the steps and the tumbles To learn the spoon sounds, associate them, Dissociar them in the words, phrases, songs and to sharpen them it more the varied instruments To enchant, with them, To disturb with them, To provoke, to delude, to seduce, in the guidelines, books, the speeches, the games of the life To dominate with this if necessary will be To resist this when attemped, for in the Universe of the dictionaries, you say them, the languages and the Dominant languages, to acquire science, knowledge, dexterity, esperteza safadeza, Of the physician to the cynical one, the saint to the profane one, the altruist to the egoist, pernicious ambitious person and itself exactly, the species Creator of males, annihilator of lives and worlds. .imundo to be aborted of the dependence, the interdependence human being human inhuman insane. Go to The Journal of Educational Research for more information. I know everything, I know of everything, above all, under everything, and nothing on I myself! What am I? What am I? Who am I? Projcflor. Set. 2011. For more specific information, check out Richard Linklater.