Expressive Language Disorder

The delay is anartrico expressive language disorder, cause functional or maturational characterized by alterations at the level of phonemes and words. Read additional details here: Arkansas Cinema Society. To Azcoaga alteration occurs in the synthesis of constituents called Phonemic and verbal stereotypes engines. Locate the functional impairment in Broca’s area (motor kinesthetic analyzer verbal). The disturbance in Broca’s area produces symptoms such as speaking slowly, agrammatism, phonemic paraphasias and in extreme cases only vocalizations. Importantly Azcoaga uses the term “delay” trying to mean a delay in the acquisition of functions but favorable prognosis.

However, the pathogenesis anartrica delay can occur in mild, moderate and severe. The latter would leave after-effects on learning. Characteristics Table. As already mentioned, the pathogenesis anartrica delay can occur in three levels: Minor: phonological disorder, dyslalias, agrammatism and deficit in the acquisition of literacy. Moderate: Phonology represented by monosyllables, agrammatism more pronounced especially in subordinate clauses, learning problems. Severe: Phonology onomatopoeia level with virtually no syntactic development, impaired learning skills. Therapeutic Approaches.

Levels should be addressed phonological, syntactic and literacy. Here are the therapeutic actions recommended from the severe to the mild pictures. ANRTRICO SEVERE DELAY At this level, begins with proprioceptive stimulation of the articulatory organs. We recommend using Myofunctional therapy and explore the prelinguistic functions. The initial goal is to produce isolated phonemes after which their synthesis will be stimulated through daily activities. You can use onomatopoeia and ambient sounds. Do not leave aside the work of hearing, through discrimination and identification tasks, and work to internalize praxis actions through motor engrams. In severe cases should be to foster the development of the phonological morphosyntactic to encourage communication. Because of this, the first thing to be achieved are the pivot structures (approach to development). This should stimulate the development of vocabulary through group activities, categorization and classification. Are you interested in this item?