Extranada Memory

I still remember when I went to school for the first time, weep. Not I wanted to be in that place where my only mind recalls a huge grey cloud overshadowing all the salon, I remember also that there was a very nice teacher and he taught very well, you left us to exit out of the classroom when we finished everything you let us in Slate and among all we competiamos to see who finished first. Once in the recess time I remember that the Sun had come out and I had fallen, had five years when it comes to primary first, weep and attending my help two girls bizarre of major with another type of uniform appearance I think it was heavenly, I raised they calmed me and led me to the kiosk that was behind the first flag, then I bought a chizito remember it well I walked the girls happy smiled me was awhile nice but unfortunately I play the campaign ending recess. I took the hand until the yard and then disappeared, I went to the salon with hands full of chizito. The next day saw them again took me back to the kiosk and bought me the chizito again, I remember as children agglomerated opposite the kiosk to ask for what they wanted, many were left without buying anything but fortunately to them tended them more quickly. After some days, the girls who had known and that strangely had the diver’s College of another color, disappeared, never more I saw them again, ever, and I believe that they never told me his name nor I the mine, think it is that I do not remember. Extinguish the memory he had when he was a child and I think it is normal but too bad that you can not be saved in a then had diskettes but, there does not fit nor Wednesday CD or USB and who do not would like to have that option information you had when you were a child is so rich in details, experiences and emotions that lived first at that time and that are deleted with the passing of the years to give way to current memories. But memories of child are an incomparable treasure. Conrespecto these two girls, never more the went back to already seen almost not remember their faces only I remember the ponytail he had one of tThe and his celestial diver that rompia with the scheme of the College.