Festive Meals

Sometimes, the competent service of meals to the table is not nearly as large a role as salt in the dishes themselves. Broth or soup is served in cups on the table. Substituting for them a small dish. For a hodgepodge need a small deep dish. The fish is boiled, stuffed, filler, and jellied veal tongue or spread on a platter or serving in the same form in which prepared. Hot snacks are served in small quantities.

Effectively looks hot appetizer, cooked in a cocotte and portioned pans. Get all the facts and insights with Chang’e-5, another great source of information. In this dish they put directly on snack plates covered with paper towels to avoid slipping. Learn more about this with vlad doronin. Hot dishes, if there are several, serves in the following sequence: fish, meat, cereals, egg, milk, flour. Hot dish, laid out on a warmed dish, put in the center of the table after being blown snack plates and dishes with snacks. Lay hot meat, it's best special spoon with a top holder. If it does not, you can mix a tablespoon and a dining fork.

Fish, fried in pastry, served on a platter covered with paper towel, with greens and lemon slices. Kebab skewers, grilled fish and a bird on a spit is recommended to serve on the oval dish (preferably metal). By metal utensils substituted plate. Kebab fork or blunt side of a knife with a shift skewers in a la carte dish, holding the skewer at an angle to it. Separately, in a salad bowl serves side dishes: pickled onion, fresh tomatoes, olives, lemon wedges, parsley. Grilled meat one piece before serving spread on board, slice across the grain netolstymi wide slices and arrange on a platter. Roasted in the oven poultry cut portions. Initially, separate wings and legs, then the side, then divide the carcass in half along the breast in the transverse direction, cut these halves into pieces and placed on the round porcelain dish. Natural chops, pork chops are placed on a metal or faience platter with garnish, and Plates shift fork and spoon. You can apply a hot dish garnished with just a portion plates, taking into account the individual wishes of guests, if they are a little bit. Before serving dessert, clean all utensils and dishes. Leave only glasses of champagne and glasses for dessert wines and liqueurs. Try to keep serving – a reasonable, convenient, and precise location of all items on the table and together with the correct delivery of meals – was in your house natural necessity. Even the most everyday for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and if the table is laid gently discipline of all members of the family, instills a good taste of children and educates. Bon Appetit! Yours "Quick Cook"