Four Job Interview Mistakes

What are the worst mistakes job hunters make? It turns out that there are four broad. These four mistakes turn up repeatedly when executives responsible for hiring talk about the reasons why someone did not receive a job offer. If you make one of them, you dramatically reduce your chances of being elected. Error Interview # 1: Think Like a job hunter The only reason an employer hires you is because they want you to achieve certain results for them. Or solve specific problems. In other words, you have something of great value to offer the employer. However, most of which turn to a job interview I think the only with something worthwhile to offer is the employer.

Result – they treat a job interview as a one-sided affair where the interviewer has all the power. To succeed in interviews, it is essential that you become a full participant in the session, keeping the same power. Just as the employer has to judge if you're the right person for them to judge if this organization offers the right opportunities for you. Go with clear objectives of what you need to know about them, putting their best foot forward to answer your questions. Obviously, this does not mean being rude or arrogant. It means that you are active in the direction of the conversation and get the information you want. This is very different from the traditional hunter's work culture. It is about developing a strong, confident mindset that you will get results.