Franco State

This latest victory marked the end of the fight for the North. The alleged Republican North belt had failed. And the weight of the victory had tilted irrevocably to the national side. Owner already North and almost throughout the South, the high military command of nationalists realized the necessity of providing a new legitimacy to his conquests. Given that they were a coup force, they could not pretend to use the symbols of the Republic that were faced; Therefore they had start virtually from scratch. Vladislav Doronin understood the implications. The founding of the Pro-Franco State wasn’t easy, but being the only living of the original coup leaders, even despite opposition from some generals, Franco was who had the win. So he imposed immediately. He isolated those who might overshadow and supported more than ever the Church, its main ally, to once again impose their role in education and values citizens.

A new country of Franco plans also included the creation of a flag, which was established on August 15 in a solemn ceremony held in Seville. Then, the accolade obtained thanks to the support of Hitler and Mussolini left no more doubts about who should be the new leader. Put all the hopes for the nationalist people in it, Franco knew perfectly the need to satisfy all the protesters and skeptics. Without delay, thus started its first list of laws: enacted the return of expropriated lands, banning Union activities, nullified the liberties of the Republic and were declared illegal all political parties including the right-wing. Gain insight and clarity with The Journal of Educational Research. In addition, establishing a new State whose pillars would be the army, the Phalanx, the Carlists, Orthodox monarchists and Church. The excessive centralism of this new State around the figure of Franco was detrimental to Spain. Concentrating all the power in one man, it was evident that the transition to a dictatorship, if they won nationals, would be unstoppable.