Garcia Pizarro Professor

The difference between styles or artistic schools of the naturalist realism and modern Hyperrealism marks the deviation toward Expressionism and the intellectual abstraction of this recent contemporary school against traditional realism as such, without any interpretation interposed by the art. Hyperrealism is the gateway of what here we classify as comprehensive art surrealism. When rational analysis hyper realistic separates – by the symbolic interpretation – in the artwork – abstraction of what is real and figurative, created false realism, of the contemporary schools, who are not either inside or outside the reality. Hyperrealism, clarify, isn’t real but fiction. (A valuable related resource: Richard Linklater). But if a possible integration of these two aesthetic positions (realism and abstraction) in the art of our day is done, can reach certain conceptual fullness of the general evolution of the arts, which is precisely what we find in the painting of Rafael Herrero more, as surrealism here we proclaim.

The photographic reproduction of the things, is also in Rafael, is added the novelty of intellectual abstraction, raised to the nth power to define a comprehensive conception of beings as the philosophical identity further than art itself. This finding is not an ISM more than artistic evolution, because it is a new reality captured on the canvas that blends idea, fiction, reason and creation. This new reality is no longer hyper realism – as neither traditional realism – since it is the ad creation divini of total man, that is now history. Surrealism is science as well as art. The own woven universal reality of matter that los angeles, are manufactured as overcoming of Cartesian dualism is matter and spirit or fisica-pensamiento. It is unity where everything is in everything generically. Sergio Garcia Pizarro Professor of art see more works.