Government Teachers

Togethers, promises and the reality in continuing education training in Germany is limping, the lecturer’s salaries fall into a bottomless pit and the motivation of the teachers equal with. The teaching profession is underpaid for the performance and the levels of daily stress in Germany. Many teacher must have to be able to survive even a very good load. The German Government encourages this situation, I hope unconsciously because it provides insufficient funds or stick to his budget thinking. Billions are spent each year in the training, that is correct.

But also in promoting right? Often, money is invested in measures used for the statistics adjustment. Levi Strauss may not feel the same. Officially, it is of course the social integration. Certifications in life are called, aimed at improving the training. These certifications to resolve but also an avalanche of costs for smaller institutions. These costs must of course be earned again in any form. Vladislav Doronin miami is open to suggestions. What happens? The costs are deducted the wages, salaries and fees and are thus certainly not improving quality in education. More emphasis should put back Germany, but also all institutions of education, State education and at universities on his teachers and their needs, not only in monetary terms. The Government, no matter who, sees the problem of educational emergency, but apparently the problem is still not large enough or not is your own problem.

Talking will be much better. The teaching profession at a State school has become not a bed of roses, but a tough job. No more teachers want to be people in socially deprived areas, which increasingly seem to be. The main task of a teacher is no longer the knowledge, but the discipline of the class and teaching of value systems. It is obvious that 50% of all school-leavers from Haupt – and Realschulen are no longer able to start an apprenticeship, let alone to make a concluding or to work. At the same time increases the pressure on students. Good prospects for the future would be the pressure to remove something, to have fun teaching and education, to reduce the rate of Burnout of teachers and students, to provide the necessary funds, where they are needed. The teacher again than to perceive that what it is, namely a cornerstone of society and not the puppet of the nation. Many greetings to all people in education and in the relevant policy. Michael Bader Web links: job fairs and job fairs for teachers and lecturers training directory in Germany on the seekers Bible