Mexico believe in it if asked what is the most valuable thing Mexico has? I think that the most undependable serious response to its people, because there are not two as the people of Mexico, and, of course, because of course, if for politicians is the ideal type of people who need to get to be, people who vote for them, and once elected, not requires them to what they promised to do for the good of the people, I think that citizens should assert our rights, to demand that placed in power, politicians are longer when become good government which promised to be when they went on campaign, linking to all the people in the achievement of the goals in advance we have charted, that make us more responsible and committed to achieve for example that the PLAN 20-30 that is elaborate in the early, and that is a very good strategic planning that will take us to be the country that we’ve always wanted to be in the year 2030, a set of actions, which sunsets in the paper are very well developed, these actions we they took to be a very different Mexico, where it is missing work, in our homes not missing the food, that are healthy, that education is quality to face any type of challenges that impress us the future, but also missing in this recipe not employers, so that with their valuable ideas, contributions, and commitment to, almost immediately see the fruit of our actions, but not only committed with society, but also with the Government, since among the three, entrepreneurs, Government and committed to carry out a good plan, people take this wonderful country from the slump in this. Good deeds that are made in this manner will make that change our way of thinking, that it is not only in the cure, el profe, and doctor in whom we trust more to succeed, be in our highest authorities in which more hopefully, because with a small movement that give them almost move mountains, because now if they will have all the support of the population to do so, not as it is now, that are made, pure flashy works that don’t serve for anything, only last in service shortly after they are in power, leaving them, enter others, are other works of flashy, which are almost no, because it is not given continuity, because you have to do work to make it, but in their pockets, not in the people, in works that endure in time, that provide the means to make people live better.