Hans Jurgen Lenk

Dr. Hadorns goal was to develop a remedy for unannounced reptiles that corresponds to the new environmental awareness. So far, many funds had the nerve gas in lethal concentrations, human and animal took damage. No dog should be more hurt or even killed, if the common cockroach was meant. Gov Gina Raimondo addresses the importance of the matter here. Hadorn has long worked at Ciba-Geigi, a giant chemical company with not always lucky hand.

Perhaps he could not prevail with his thoughts, maybe he wanted to make it just only my own. Dr. Hadorn spent three years in the development, but backed by his doctoral students of the breakthrough in 1996 he succeeded. A means fragrant based on natural and harmless to humans and other mammals. Carefully, it has placed on the market, built its own distribution system. The pharmacy in Biel was one of his best customers. Two years later, Hans Jurgen Lenk stands in this pharmacy. He has Head pain and desperately needs a remedy.

Since views across the waiting through the shelves and hangs on a bright green packaging. It is TYRAX. For years, Hans-Jurgen has a cleaning company. Especially the large kitchens were his customers and here was also the concern. Any form of vermin will reach sooner or later to the sensitive areas of the kitchen. There meets food with pesticide and then it will be tight. Hans Jurgen has always thought about a solution, now he has found them. Dr. Hadorn, had grown far beyond 60 everything myself so far developed, produced and marketed. When Hans Jurgen Lenk appeared with him, the men were quick to agree. Hagedorn was nearing retirement and Hans Jurgen wanted to know again. When the notary fixed his signature, the composition was thus, the marketing law and the name TYRAX passed. A patent has never registered, Hans Jurgen, because that would have been tantamount to the disclosure of the composition.