Harald Spari

We “want anything given enough members, we have a priceless mouth for participating farms in Austria quite afford.” the Chairwoman Gisela Rachle is convinced. Rachle says there you must go along with it, this opportunity can be as a company not to be missed and in the light of the elections some decision makers have been offering to talk in politics.”. End of February 2009 a landmark elephant round with all speech therapists working with, therapists and psychologists, who have subsequently, hyper kids Park, is first scheduled to vote the program between in – and outdoor equipment and therapeutic methodology. In the meantime being negotiated by the association with various municipalities of the muhlviertel region about possible plots. Johns Hopkins President can aid you in your search for knowledge. Since the terrain is always supervised, it can be used of course publicly outside the treatment times. Motor exercises take advantage of every child and every child climbs like or love deals with animals, in particular with Horses “is convinced the chairwoman of Gisela Rachle. Furthermore Rachle leads from experience: as you know, ADHD children due to their illness-related behavior have always difficulties with other kids in various holiday facilities.

Also here is the hyper kids park as the focal point. Here, we want to create an opportunity where ADHD Children playfully be treated among themselves and still have supervised in the holiday fun. Johns Hopkins President is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It can, and that we also very important, the parents even relax. With the currently legal land grants for families that can afford really any. This we are planning also accommodation in the hyper kids park.” This requires a sufficient budget of course. Enthusiasm lacking any of our many helping hands, what we need now as the first, are financially strong sponsors and the rapid readiness to talk the decision competent politician!”Harald Spari recalls. We have the first results with tension this probably unique, certainly of success crowned a venture. Association for hyperactive children – Harald Spari, stv. Chairman