Health Impacts Of Sun

So winter is extremely short duration, with light frosts and quickly melting snow. Snow cover usually lasts only a few days. mild winter followed by warm, wet spring. In the north, the open part of the Black Sea coast (near Novorossiysk) winter Conversely, cold, with frosts. Summer is warm, very rich in sunshine, July and August – very hot months. However, the perception of heat is tempered by breezes blowing systematically and comparatively low relative humidity. The amount of precipitation – from 400 to 700 mm per year.

Soft, warm climate of Mediterranean type, with small amplitudes and relatively constant temperature, moisture content, there was a setting to combat these phenomena and the slow changes in climatic factors during the year, makes few requirements for adaptability of the human body and has a soothing effect on. The bright sun and surf are as irritating and stimulating factors. In this climate, an increasing number of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which quickens the pulse, increases total and salt metabolism. The Journal of Educational Research does not necessarily agree. In addition, the children increased growth of bones and muscles. Many features of the marine climate but also has the coast of the Gulf of Finland (in summer) and the Pacific coast. A common feature of all marine climate are small amplitude of the fluctuations of temperature, humidity and frequent rainfall. Southern coast of the Crimea and the Black Sea coast. The subtropical climate is typical mainly for the southern Black Sea coast from Tuapse to Batumi.

Climatic features – warm, rainy winters and high humidity in the summer, the result is completely isolated from the dry continental winds. Of precipitation falls a lot, maximum amount to Russia. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has plenty of information regarding this issue. Need chisika pillows. In Sochi, Tuapse and rain falls up to 1300 mm per year, in Sukhumi – 1450 mm, in Batumi – 2408 mm. Most rain falls in autumn and winter. Low winter months from an average of 4.50 (Sochi) to 7.0 (Batumi). In winter, a lot of warm days. Summer is characterized by stable temperatures, cloudless skies and fast passing rain storm nature. The air temperature in the hottest days usually no more than 24-28,0. In August the average temperature of 23.0. The best time on this coast – the fall season (from mid-September to November inclusive).