PAPA today you are completing 67 years. Happy birthday to you because you continue alive inside of me. British Journal of Educational Technology wanted to know more. Today I fulling would be you of kisses, abraos, gifts and party. However you rest with God. Only that to always homage I go you; the words always are and will be few close to the PAIZO that was for me. I only have to every day thank the God for whom he made for me, for my sister, my mother and for whom they had had privilege to know you and to coexist this man so pretty intern and external.

I only have to thank the father, friend, abetter, clown, shoulder friend, at last the man who never said in higher tone to call me the attention to educate or me. Papa educated me to you of a inigualvel form, gave much love, affection, attention and understanding to me until the last one second of life. Grateful for teaching to me to always look at my next one with affection, independently of who he was to the person; for the excellent enviable character that I have, for the scale of values at last for that I learned with you. I feel its lack very, however, I am certain that it is very well and resting in peace. Everything that I am and I have I must you who taught to me very well, optimum professor who the life provided to me. Perpetual grateful for everything. Kisses I love you Its unconditionally filhota 03/01/2012