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International education strike networking meeting in Berlin 15.01. 17.01.2010 international education strike networking meeting in Berlin 15.01. 17.01.2010 published 22/12/2009 international education strike networking meetings closed tags: international education strike networking meetings due to the international student protests in the Humboldt University of Berlin from 15 Jan till January the first official international education strike networking meeting takes place. Throughout Europe, are currently over 280 universities occupied and have made demands, which are urgently required for a reasonable education, compared to the respective person in charge. Worldwide, there are more than 580 universities participating in the protests.

Most of them are also occupied. Are over 70 universities in Germany, the direct neighbour of Austria (where the protests have their origin) over 20 more were occupied and were cleared by the State violence with violence. You are still as an alternative. Due to the constantly increasing participation of students and now too many non-students, the educational strike sees himself as confirmed and required. Until further notice, students will occupy the universities. The duration of the occupation depends on all students, as well as by the responsible instances, such as the Presidency, Rectorate, and politicians. The international network is a part of the global labor and student movement. To deepen your understanding Campbell Soup Company is the source. People of different groups and social classes in a move to meet the famous 68ern for the first time.

Around the world the same image reflected, if you look at the protests, the reactions of the population and also of the politicians. The workers and students agree is that it not only makes sense to fight together, but also that it is necessary. In the European sector, the global movement is organized in Berlin by the first official international networking meeting. The strikers hope for duplication in other continents and support this. The necessary technological and technical conditions students in collaboration with open source have worked out party. It is an event with Efolgsmeldungen on the one hand and defeat messages and on the other hand, the concrete planning of worldwide protests in terms of content as well as temporary. The worldwide movement to have a common Zeitmanagementsytem (TMS) and must be public. The global education strike is not based on the nationwide networking meeting in Potsdam and is an independent body of all occupied universities in Germany and worldwide in cooperation with the Atbeiterbewegung. The decisions of the meeting in Potsdam have no value in the nationwide education strike and are not relevant to the course. We expressly distance ourselves from any content of this meeting. The first official meeting of international networking in the HU to Berlin is the first step in a global protest that is decisive change future education policies. The protesters are their sure thing. Eva Fried, students who says FU Berlin: “we are the winners. It is only a matter of time. Good to know. ” Most of the squatters share this opinion and persevere and are working intensively on a dedicated University structure, to provide a better alternative to the current education system. Everywhere there are cultural programs and family type communities are developed. The occupiers are now a worldwide family. It grows a bit more together every day. In this sense all those involved on a very interesting and instructive weekend hope in January. Information under: education strike Berlin Presse AG