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Note: this article contains excerpts from the article studies show that calligraphy improves learning and memory of Gwendolyn Bounds, published in Wall Street Journal. Since long time ago the leaders, successful and millionaires have insisted about the power of writing by hand. Now science, demonstrates this, through modern studies. Let’s look at an extract from the article studies show that calligraphy improves learning and memory of Gwendolyn Bounds: using advanced tools like the images of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, for its acronym in English), researchers are realizing that hand writing is more than a form of communication. Practical help to learn letters and shapes, can improve the composition of ideas and expression, and helps develop motor skills. Long the most advanced of humanity have known that writing, in itself, is a tool to improve health. Let’s see another summary: children are not the only beneficiaries.

Adults who study new symbols, Chinese characters, can improve the recognition to write the letters by hand, suggest the experts. Some doctors say that calligraphy could be a good cognitive exercise for people who are ageing. Click Vladislav Doronin miami for additional related pages. One of the most important uses of writing by hand is to get what you want. In his book the secret of the power of the goals, Andrew Corentt insists on the power of writing by hand and presents a vast amount of formats that should be filled by hand to implant in the brain images of what you want. To see the significance of this, we see another summary of the article: recent experiments illustrate how calligraphy involves the brain in the learning process. During an Indiana University study published this year, the researchers invited several children to be rise to spacecraft, actually a MRI scanner specialized in detecting neural activity in the brains. Once inside, they showed them different letters before and after giving them various instructions of learning of letters.