It Is Easy To Learn

Problems in education – what it is and how to overcome them Perhaps you, like I used to be experiencing probemy during training. Sometimes Are you that with the passage of some materials you have a headache, maybe even stomach hurts your eyes, sometimes even sick, you want to sleep? And besides the physical manifestations ispytyvate feeling of stupidity, inability to understand the material? What do you do in such cases. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Richard Linklater and gain more knowledge.. Drink tablets, begin to do something to unwind? Well, why not, I need you say that you lose health and time wasted. Are you all okay! You are not sick. Those symptoms that I listed above are all indicators that you do not know how to learn. Yes, it is not strange, but to be able to read does not mean to be able to study. It is a fact that I have checked many times to myself and others. Film director will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To begin, I will mention only one thing for which you are experiencing flour training – not understood a word.

Yes, that's the word you're not understanding, can not 'very well' understand and inogoda and 'know' makes you want to sleep, to feel stupid, no ponit that material which most recently read. You have no idea how strong is the impact of misunderstood words for you! Someone say, 'Yes you will think, I may have missed only one word for the whole page, so what? " In fact, people even throw only learn thanks to the misunderstood words! You can argue, and you can check and get pleasure from the feeling that you are NOT a blunt and get rid of the sleepiness, voids, etc. Take a dictionary (a good dictionary gives the definition of the word and its origin) and check yourself. Start with words that are in doubt. If, during the clarification of the word in the dictionary you met in the very definition of the word funny is another word – proyanite it, and then go back to first clarify the misunderstood word, etc. If you are in the process of clarifying the 'dug' we must find a dictionary in easier to not have to go into the jungle, trying to proyanit words that are given in a dictionary entry (entry is – a description of the word in the dictionary).

The hardest thing – to find the misunderstood word You 'just know'. There have been cases of code a person lived his veins, and did not understand the widespread expression. And then suddenly discovered it and was shocked as he could not understand it! Start the clear words. It can be very simple, known words, but if it is not understood, but it does not matter how the word is simple – it will make you dumber, rest assured. Clarification of the words have fun, feel like a growing confidence, self-esteem – You are not stupid and has nothing to do with genes. That's interesting. Good luck! For now.