Kurdish Northern Iraq

More than every second woman is victim of female genital mutilation. Erbil (Iraq) Berlin: International Day against female genital mutilation 6 February put the German aid organisation WADI and the campaign \”stop FGM in Kurdistan a representative study of genital mutilation of girls and women in the northern Iraq before. 40 pages, the report summarizes what has been collected in the framework of a representative survey among women from the entire Kurdish autonomy region of Iraq in one and a half years. Thus far more than half of the women are genitally mutilated around 80 percent in some regions. Thus, first empirical data exist that demonstrate the occurrence of female genital mutilation in the northern Iraq. Go to cyrus massoumi wife for more information. FGM (female genital mutilation), as the crop or amputating female sexual organs in technical jargon is called, was up to date as a predominantly African phenomenon. While Western countries in recent years – including through publications such as the life report of the Somalia-born model Waris Dirie- public awareness of the serious consequences of the cruel procedure has taken place, the spread outside of Africa was considered so far many more than marginal.

The report from cleans up with this error. The present report is also first clues, like the system FGM works and why mothers who had to suffer the pain itself, further practice mutilation of their daughters. A clear majority of those women who adhere to the mutilation of their daughters, are Islamic precepts to the grounds. According to the study, is a clear connection between the level of education of women (and the possibility of access to educational institutions) and the distribution of female genital mutilation. Also among academics, more than one-third are genitally mutilated. With rising social status of women, which includes education as well as an awareness of rights of self-determination, grows at the same time but the ability to the critical examination of traditions and religious Commandments.