Mackenzie College

The club of the hill adopted the black color of ' ' seas ignotos' ' the white band was for representing the route of Vasco of Gamma for India (to see the chapter ' ' First shirts with band diagonal' ' , in our book ' ' Of the deep one of ba' '). For its striped uniform alvinegro, Botafogo FC it searched inspiration in the Juventus de Turim (they idem). CR Botafogo, not I know where if it inhaled for its colors, but fact is that it was established accurately in the year where the Democratic ones had adopted the black person and the white, therefore I find little probable even so not impossible some linking in this. How much to the red and white, America moved for these colors for suggestion of Belfort Duarte, inspired by the colors of the AA Mackenzie College, in which it had played before if moving for the River. Already the Bangu if inhaled in the colors of the shield of Southampton FC, or in the ones of They are Jorge, padroeiro of England, whose flag is a Cross of Is Jorge (to see our article ' ' The crosses of the teamses of futebol' '). That is, nothing to see with the Fenianos. The only one of the great clubs of soccer whose combination of colors destoa of the used ones for the carnavalescos clubs is the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro. As already we said in the chapter ' ' First split, fusing, incorporation, exchange of name, colors and cidade' ' , of our book ' ' Of the deep one of ba' ' , the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro alvi-indigo was almost born, but it finished being born gray and white in 1902, moved for gren, green and white in 1904, and if cf ventured for the orange in 2001 (.